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  1. Okay...... 1. Activation count topping at 10 (only for tournament play) won't ruin the game. What it does is set a new standard for activation limits, so players can know going into a tournament that there won't be massive swings in activation counts. They'll know that if they want to run a 7/8 count list, they won't be butting heads with someone with 12-14 count lists. 1-3 activation difference is manageable. 2. Please explain to me how low activation is supported by the new cards. Because high activation still comes with 1/2 heavy hitters. The high actions let me get those heavy hitters in advantageous positions to smash your units one at a time. Eventually I'd still get the win. 3. Having to arbitrarily keep your point count low ruins the game, because it forces a race to the bottom. 4. High activation is overpowered. They keep winning tournaments. AKA fake worlds. 5. Shoretroopers and mortars are still the meta. lol
  2. Limiting tournament games to 10 activations max would make the meta change for the better. Fake worlds was won by activation spam. Activation spam actually lets you get more health points on the board. The main metric for winning the game is getting the most unit leaders on an objective. There's no guarantee less units gives more durability. The only thing bigger/more powerful units get, is being able to get past cover effects more easily.
  3. Blue player determined by total unit count, not by points.
  4. Exhaust weapons/abilities need a re-design. Some action abilities (e.g. quick thinking, immobilize etc.) need to be free actions. Losing a whole action is too much in this game, players tend to avoid anything that will make them lose actions in the competitive landscape. High cost units probably need a slight point reduction. B1's are too cheap. Ignoring suppression is HUGE for 6 points a pop! People still don't take ION because they are usually exhaust or only apply in specific situations/against specific factions. I'd like some extra element of chance mitigation in attack/save rolls - but I get that's just my personal taste.
  5. That's some 22nd century stuff right there mate.
  6. I wont be playing CIS til they get a >100pt commander.
  7. A single MERC faction would be easiest. And it would let FFG get a lot of the small factions in under a single umbrella. Maybe introduce a special rule so certain commanders work best with certain sub-factions. Like free surge tokens to face up units of their sub-faction or something. ... I still think First Order and Resistance should just be sub factions of Imps/Rebs. Because there would have been a time where imps/rebs transformed into FO/res. Where they would have had a mix of the two eras. Especially resistance, who still use rebellion era stuff.
  8. I can definitely see it being made for an apocalypse sized game. Would love to see the gunship as the next heavy though. That would fly off the shelves so fast!
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