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  1. If you want to beat clone balls, I recommend a boot to the crutch area.
  2. Who thought space truck was a good thing to keep people interested in the gcw. The tie copter is okay, but surely there's cooler stuff to pick from.
  3. Except those games were 20 odd years old at their respective shut downs. Legion is only a few years old and hasn't reached as massive a following yet. Their release schedule and choices of releases also hamper growth/interest. But that doesn't mean the game will die. Maybe it will stagnate.
  4. Well, guess we won't be able to enjoy Khobai's complaining anymore. What a **** shame.
  5. Man, if they release more heavies for the OT before giving the PT more stuff, I'm done with this game.
  6. Would look cool in a 10mm or less scale mass battle game I reckon. Back on topic, but, of all the vehicles they could make, why make this fugly rebel brick transport?
  7. That terrain is really nice, but honestly still a little too open. While map 1 has some really great big pieces, a lot of the board is still very open, and the terrain is placed in a way that allows big diagonal firing lanes. Which makes it hard to hide. Map 2 has more medium terrain, but there's windows and holes in all of the buildings, so there's very few places to hide. Both tables need more medium sized terrain in the middle-ish sections of the boards to allow units to move up.
  9. Feed it. My sad life needs some entertainment! 😆
  10. Vader is an outlier. Most characters are speed 2. Hiding a melee character until the opportune moment can win games. Most games require you to move towards some part of the battlefield. If you cannot assault that part of the field, it is hard to get that objective, unless your terrain is very open.
  11. How is this happening? Do your players stand their characters out in the open at the start of the game. Jedi should be hiding till the right time to strike. Terrain can heavily affect games as well, so it would be interesting to see what sort of tables you play on.
  12. Droids without HQ Uplink? Heresy!
  13. How much time do you usually spend on each mini?
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