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  1. Yes, I think it is better than people give it credit for. Limiting your opponent's options is always good, in some cases even better than scoring damage (of course, I favor defensive play, anyway).
  2. I honestly think that this is one major reason for hyperspace existing, so that there is a much smaller pool to balance things in and ffg can change what needs to be changed with card reprints when they have a full release.
  3. Trashing the Christmas special is like getting in a fistfight with a toddler. Amusing, but unfulfilling.
  4. How do you know it doesn't taste like lime, too? It could be both.
  5. Lackwit, They were insulting anyone who did not like the movie. By stating that these insults were justified because those people insulted an actress on twitter, you are insinuating that anyone who did not like the movie was taking part in that action, especially after doubling down with that "if the shoe fits," comment. That may not have been your intention, but that is how your comment reads.
  6. Resistance needs someone or something named Stitch as soon as possible.
  7. That first one happens to lots of guys. Not me, but lots of guys.
  8. He drank so much at a party that he lost his memory. He was awakened by the authorities a few days later on a completely different planet. When they asked him his name, he checked the cup he was still somehow holding to see if he'd written his name on it... And the rest is history.
  9. Well, if that isn't a "I've just killed millions of hard working people," face, I don't know what is.
  10. I think it's too soon to rule out the rockers.
  11. No, that was designed around having a pilot. The A-wing added a pilot as an afterthought.
  12. Stan Lee may be dead, but as long as his name is spoken and his works are remembered he will never be gone.
  13. Injection molding costs and card printing costs are publicly available. The average for two cavity molds manufactured in China is roughly 10,000 USD each and many would be needed for global distribution. This does not figure in the costs of the plastic, cardboard, shipping, etc. Whether you personally play in tournaments or not is irrelevant. It still must be considered from a sales standpoint. It really sounds like you just need to find a store or gaming club that is equipped to host miniatures games. On a side note, why do you need to play on a 3'x3' space if you don't play in tournaments (just curious)?
  14. Nothing with a round plastic tip counts as a dart. It's just a ball with a tail at that point (no pun intended).
  15. ...Call me when they bring back lawn darts.
  16. Without condoning or condemning (or even having read it), here is the article for those who do not wish to follow a link to a link to the article. Before we get to Emily’s post, I (Dan) wanted to give her a bit of an introduction. Shortly after I began posting blogs, Emily contacted me and asked if I would want someone to go through my posts before I published to correct my typos, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, spelling errors, and punctuation mistakes. Because I am not a complete fool, I quickly agreed to give her that responsibility. Since then, she has been working patiently and without complaint to ensure that I embarrass myself as little as possible. She and her husband, Clint, have been fixtures in the St. Louis X-Wing scene for the past year, and it has been a real joy to get to know them. And now to Emily: Gaming is seen, rightly, as a domain of the social minority. And within every minority, there’s another sub-minority. In the case of X-Wing, we’re a minority made up of white males, and our largest sub-minority is women. It’s not that only men play X-Wing. There are a few female X-Wing players here in St. Louis, enough that you might get one or two per tournament. I skimmed through all 30-ish tournaments on List Fortress, and found six names that appeared not to be male. You can’t always tell by names of course, but to me, six in a pool of a couple hundred feels about right. And how does it feel to be a female X-Wing player? I can only speak to my own experience, but personally I often feel like an awkwardness wrapped inside an awkwardness stuffed with awkward. So probably not much different than any other socially backward Star Wars nerd, regardless of gender! Being non-male only adds an extra layer to the onion of social barriers we have to peel through in order to have fun. I think a lot of us have other barriers in common; at an open play, it’s harder to ask for games when we are shy, or when we are more casual players who don’t entirely feel like part of the dedicated in-group, or when we just don’t know how to form and execute non-awkward sentences on the fly like a “normal” human being (guilty on all counts!). Then add to that the out-of-place feeling of being the only person of your gender present. It’s human nature to feel less confident when you’re in a group of people who are all noticeably and obviously different from you, even if it’s a difference that shouldn’t matter. The good news is that my personal experience shows that it doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of X-Wing, at least no more than any other social barrier. I rarely win games, but that’s because I don’t practice as much as I should, I play Rebels in Second Edition, and I prefer to build my own lists rather than follow the meta; not because I’m female. I’m only a casual player, but that’s because I have many other interests in life to consume my time and brain power; it’s not because I’m female. So if it doesn’t matter, then why don’t more women play X-Wing? It’s a really similar question to “why aren’t there more women working in IT?” (another sub-minority that I personally live in) and I won’t diverge into that topic, but I think this question has some overlapping answers. For X-Wing, the culture of Star Wars, from which the game draws its theme, is one reason. Up until the more recent movies, Star Wars was written primarily for a male audience and featured mostly white male protagonists, and therefore has historically attracted a white male fan base. Leia and Padme, our most notable female leads in Episodes 1 through 6, were both portrayed as independent and capable, but the movies hadn’t given us any major force-using, lightsaber-wielding female characters until Rey (we can at least say of Disney that it has done better on the diversity front). It was the Force and the Jedi that so strongly captured the imagination of the audience and made Star Wars such a cultural phenomenon. When all the main Jedi heroes and Sith villains have been men up until recently, it only makes sense that the movies drew more male fans, on the whole. And to bring this back to X-Wing, if, for social and cultural reasons, there are more white male Star Wars fans on average, then of course there are more white male X-Wing players on average. But even that doesn’t account for a 30 to 1 disparity in numbers. I know there are a lot of female Star Wars fans. Why don’t they play X-Wing at the same rates that male fans do? Think about why you started playing X-Wing. Was it because a friend who played it suggested it to you? Not only are men more likely to be Star Wars fans, they’re also more likely to be friends with men. The social networks that draw people into games can easily follow gender lines; even if you are friends with a non-male Star Wars fan, your subconscious assumptions may cause you to overlook the idea that they might like to be invited to play, in the same way that it might not occur to me to ask a male friend if he’d like to join a yoga class. Additionally, before you start something new, you have to be able to imagine yourself doing and enjoying it. Otherwise, why start? So once the trend has been set, there’s a cycle of self-perpetuation. Men are primarily seen playing miniatures games; therefore it’s easier for men to imagine themselves doing the activity, because they have a model for it. The X-Wing community as a whole doesn’t model much diversity of any kind; gender, ethnicity, or otherwise. Thankfully, however, the cycle goes the other way too. If we collectively put in a little extra work on the front end to include the minority, that investment will eventually perpetuate of its own accord, as non-white-male people encounter more and more models and social network touch points to inspire them. And now the call to action: it’s pretty simple. I would like to ask X-Wing players of all genders to make a quick bias check. Are there some members of your network with whom you haven’t yet thought to share the joy of X-Wing? St. Louis (and everywhere else in the X-Wing world) has to have some potential left untapped – people who could be having some great fun playing X-Wing and aren’t, and not all of them are male or homogeneous. Let’s find them! And speaking of finding people, if you are in the St. Louis area or coming to visit, reach out to Arch Alliance X-Wing on Facebook to find out where we are playing on any given night. I promise you’ll be welcomed.
  17. Hippie's wife needed the table, so they moved to the floor, a smaller play area would not have solved this problem. A folding table might, though. Making the same product in a different size would double the cost for production, and would not increase sales. With only a 33% reduction in size, people would not likely be buying both, and people who have trouble finding 3'x3' gaming space would also have trouble finding enough space for a 2'x2' playing area in most cases. This would also see a split in the tournament circuit since it would require separate events for the two different sizes. This is why it would be a negative for FFG. FFG expanded into the tabletop gaming market years ago and has had one of the top grossing tabletop miniatures games in the world for several years. You would be better off with ForgottenLore's idea and making a travel sized x-wing with an 8-12" play area. At least then the games would have something different to offer and could have separate marketing space.
  18. My family. They've been ffg's hostages for years and they just keep making me buy games to talk to them.
  19. Take the payments and invest 60% annually. I don't play the lottery either, but that only makes it slightly less likely that I would win.
  20. Squadrons that rely on range 1 synergies and joust in big blocks. Pretty much as WAAAAAGH!!!!! as it gets I also kind of agree with the Bruce Lee GIF. Swarms should be without form[ation].
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