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  1. You forgot WW3 starting when China takes military action against the UK for sheltering their refugees.
  2. If you had any luck, you'd be watching a better movie.
  3. Why is it news that Rise of Skywalker is poorly written? Did anyone really expect the book to be better?
  4. I think this was a little overboard, but it's totally okay to be disappointed in Rise of Skywalker. It was just a bad movie.
  5. I'd bet you wish you had a permanent copy of some type.
  6. They also list the Bebop's name as Jet... so, nice poster if you ignore the text.
  7. There are more than three. Most of them just aren't very good.
  8. No more Hitchcock for you. It's gone to your head.
  9. I will never forgive star wars if I do not get to see the child in mandalorian armor by the end of the series.
  10. You could try asking a mod via pm.
  11. It wasn't amazing. It wasn't amazingly bad. It was just disappointing.
  12. I would just change fencing out for a more historically accurate version.
  13. 1. None of those scenes are relevant. My response was to Captain Lackwit saying that he thought the pose was one of the best parts of the movie. 2. 10 seconds from when they first drop in to when they start running. I found it a little jarring. 3. If someone had said that a "heroes together and not doing anything" shot had been the best part of any of these movies, people would have disagreed with that, too.
  14. I never said it was the worst offense, or that the rest of the movie had no pacing issues. So you seem to agree that having characters stand still for the camera in the middle of a race to the finish takes away from the urgency of the race.
  15. I honestly think that the pose broke up the pacing and removed a good bit of tension from the situation, and that just showing the sequence after that would have been better. Thanks for the answer, though.
  16. Just for clarity, are you referring to the moment when all the women stop fighting and go to the same place to pose for the camera, or the fighting that they do afterward?
  17. The Jedi took a vow of celibacy. Just like their fathers before them.
  18. Kylo is a Skywalker. I am thinking that they will play him as the villain through the majority of the movie and then have him flip at the end in an out-of-nowhere redemption for a happy ending.
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