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  1. TopHatGorilla

    Monsterpocalypse Review

    Do the buildings have to be the official ones or will any small scale building work if it fits the map?
  2. TopHatGorilla

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Do you prefer Frost?
  3. TopHatGorilla

    The First Thing I Thought Off

    It didn't work out well.
  4. TopHatGorilla

    Game Over man, Game Over!

    Restringuntus should be errataed to allow discarding cards from the chosen house.
  5. TopHatGorilla

    Always Two There Are

    That rap battle is going to get ugly. Vader has the sickest burns.
  6. TopHatGorilla

    What is hyperspace format?

    The pills are not on the open market yet, but tests on mice and one mentally disabled janitor seem promising.
  7. TopHatGorilla

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    I think they actually said bye.
  8. TopHatGorilla

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    I'll be damned, it worked.
  9. TopHatGorilla

    Enough players around for V2?

    Most of the locals here converted, and 2.0 even brought several back who had left.
  10. TopHatGorilla

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    That seems a little fishy to me. Back on topic; I have always found Italian dressings overpowered, but I usually run generic salad with no upgrades except crouton torpedoes.
  11. TopHatGorilla

    Is the jamming action better than people think?

    Yes, I think it is better than people give it credit for. Limiting your opponent's options is always good, in some cases even better than scoring damage (of course, I favor defensive play, anyway).
  12. TopHatGorilla

    Did FFG actually learn from v1?

    I honestly think that this is one major reason for hyperspace existing, so that there is a much smaller pool to balance things in and ffg can change what needs to be changed with card reprints when they have a full release.
  13. Oh, good. I was beginning to think the poor guy had a stroke and was just confused by everything.
  14. TopHatGorilla

    Smack Talks Watches... The Star Wars Christmas Special

    Trashing the Christmas special is like getting in a fistfight with a toddler. Amusing, but unfulfilling.