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  1. MY group pretty much uses these rules: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110225-herbalism-and-pharmacy-rules/
  2. The stats for the verminlords have been posted online somewhere. I'll try find them if yu like. From what I've read, people don't seem to be too excited by the stats on them but I rarely game so can't really comment. The Stormvermin(I think thats their name) are apparently very solid though. But I'm not fond of the models.. (Might just be the ultramarine paint job!) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kjCq5iYagVw/VLBhaVcmO6I/AAAAAAAAmDc/uN0_LQfYgqc/s1600/giant-rat-monster.png
  3. Yeah. The changes listed above are primarily for the WFB wargame, rather than the WFRP game. It's hard to say how WFB changes will impact WFRP until the setting and fluff is unveiled. I'd be surprised if they changed the grimdark nature of it - but who knows. I dislike Space Marines too! but the sell well and I rather GW kept making fantasy than giving up on it. I play undead (6000 points) and skaven(400 points) and just this Christmas started a Dark Elf Army. So I can definitly understand the need to shake up the game and reduce model count. (So many clanrats!) The statcards make sense. Especially if you are younger/poor. It means they can release new models without having to print a new book with the stats (the updated spirit host models for example!) - using White Dwarf is problematic as it means that once WD sells out - you'll have to get the rules elsewhere. Putting them in the box is elegant. I'm cautiously optimistic for WFB - but worried all the same. I wonder if this is why there's no news of 4th ed for WFRP though..
  4. Further rumours.: http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/important-information-about-changes-to.html
  5. Yeah. I've picked up the End Times books, and will be getting the Skaven one this week. I mostly paint rather than play these days - but this stil has taken me by surprise although I guess the reasons for it may be valid.. In relation to WFRP, I can really see this being the reason it wasn't renewed. If this setting is being pushed 200 years into the future with such dramatic changes it completely changes the nature of the world and removes a lot of the gritty low fantasy elements. It's possible it will see a new type of WFRP once the dust settles - but for obvious reasons (primarily GW's lack of communication with its audience), releasing the new WFRP and associated fluff before the Wargamers have transitioned would be deeply problematic.
  6. For those who don't know Darnok is a very reliable rumour monger. So this post may shed some light on what has been happening with WFRP. The post is geared towards WFB and what is coming up in 9th. Original Thread Here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?404065-Warhammer-And-Now-For-Something-Completely-Different
  7. Thanks for that. I'll have a flick through before I run the game this Sunday. (postponed again) I need to work on converting some of the loot/monsters to 3rd stats. Any easy guidelines for that? I wa mostly just going to wing it - as I suspect the monsters aren't the real threat.
  8. Having read through Lure of the Liche Lord. I think I'll be modifying it slightly to run. My party have had very limited experience with traps so far (At least in WFRP), so I doubt they'll be expecting too much that way. At least at first...
  9. I like the excel file :| Looks complicated though! I like the idea of lichemaster though. But I've already blown my gaming budget for the month! (Dnd 5th and a Paizo sale :|). So I've been flicking through some of the stuff I have for 2nd and 3rd;nothing is really striking me just yet. But gotta get a move on. Game is this Sunday :|
  10. I love the sound of Lure.. Roughly how long does it take to run ?
  11. I don't have Lure of the Lichlord. :< I've googled Terror of the Lichmaster - a quick glace suggests its [old] WFB? I'll give it a real read over tomorrow to see if it's suitable. But yes: The "You must not read from the book!" line definitly seems like it needs to be used!
  12. So my party (against all odds!) have succeeded in finding the resting place of a book of Nagash. Little do they know it is in the Badlands, residing in the (un)resting place of Kemmler and Krell. This session (should last about 6-7 hours all told) will be the last we run with the current characters - before starting a new campaign. As such I'd like it to be memorable (and probably very deadly). I don't want to make it a simple: dungeon crawl and would like it to be more... intricate. Anyone any suggestions? - As before I have access to a bunch of 2nd ed, and almost all 3rd ed (waiting on arrival of Hero's Call) - so even a pre-made encounter which can be tailored would be useful!
  13. I had a system where we had built a dice pool for groups of NPC's (Normally 4 blue, and 1-2 white) and versus target DEF of skeletons. I had the players roll for individual Dwarves/NPC henchmen group. Two successful rolls was necessary to take out a skeleton- but 2 failed was enough to kill the NPC. On hindsight it was far far too easy - the player controlling the NPC's enjoyed it as he was creating the distraction and taking out the large group of Skeletons so that the other 3 party members could sneak in elsewhere. The other 3 had a real tough time fghting a few mobs. He had it really easy. In future, I think I'll use a more complex system - I was aiming for simplicity (due to time constraints) with this one - but it resulted in his choices being rather limited and dull. They all seemed to enjoy themselves which is what counts in the end.
  14. Picking up the extra NPC's took several hours of work with a few novel enocunters along the way! We ran with an abstracted combat system for the dwarves and in my view - it was far far too easy for the players. That said, they split the party up and almost lost 2 of them - Gaze of Nagash hits hard! But the NPC's were far too beefy and the abstraction far too lax to make it much of a challenge. The players enjoyed themselves, which is what counts - but for the next time this type of scenario occurs - the lesson has definitly been learned. (I thought it bad form to change how the game is played mid way through the encounter : Consistency is best imo) Next and final stage of the encounter is meeting Henrich Kemmler and Krell: Which should kill off just about everyone (except the now- new Dwarven Thane - who has retired from adventuring) in the party in time for us to start a new scenario. Anyone any ideas where I can find stats for those two?
  15. There's 4 in the party, 2 roleplayers and 2 who enjoy smashing things -so the party works reasonably well. I'll think I'll sketch out the area and plan out a map and groups of undead as suggested and let the players figure out what they're going to do -and allow them to direct the NPC's. Thanks for the help!
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