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  1. I was delayed by an order of magnets arriving, allowing for the AT-RT to be finalized. So here's Echo Base Han, and the core Rebels finally painted. The AT-RT
  2. AllDeadDave

    1.4FD turret endor style

    I really like the grime on that dish, and the way that the fire arcs are noticeable, but your attention is not immediately drawn to them. Great job.
  3. Ironically that action figure is one of the best sources of reference for the outfit. The stills from the film are mostly distance shot.
  4. Starting on a Hoth based Rebel force for Legion, but needed to work on how the commanders are going to look. Luke was easy, I just needed to convert him to a Rebel pilot outfit (now mostly painted), but I was unsure of what to do for Han Solo. His standard Hoth outfit would take a lot of conversion work for the current mini, and I wondered if there was a midway point between his ESB outfit and his Echo Base uniform. Fortunately there is one scene where he appears to be wearing the hooded jacket while repairing the Falcon (Chewie is in the cockpit, and Han is welding before the repairs blow up), so I went with that. It should work. Will update when painted. (Please forgive the poor photo fu)
  5. AllDeadDave

    Showcase: YT-1300

    Picking up X-Wing again after a break. Here's my old YT 1300. (Complete with Version 1 base 😅 )
  6. AllDeadDave

    2019 Wish List

    I've just started painting up my Rebels, but for me it's Echo Base troopers and Tauntaun riders that would be top of the list. Any of the Rogue One, Rebels, or remaining trilogy cast as leaders or support. Rebels don't seem to have a lot of heavy equipment to bring to bear, but can probably make it up through heroic characters. Dewbacks for my Imperial brethren, and maybe the Reconnaissance Troop Transport.
  7. AllDeadDave

    More paint splatters (This time a YT-1300)

    Thanks LordByron. I will need to finish up my YT 2400 and post some pics. Just to complete the pancake theme.
  8. AllDeadDave

    Raider got painted!

    That's weird, I don't remember GnR ever doing a cover of Poison. You are correct sir, obviously my faulty memory of giant hair is not.
  9. AllDeadDave

    Raider got painted!

    To paraphrase G'nR ; Every Rose has its Thrawn.
  10. AllDeadDave


    Dirtied up YT 1300.
  11. AllDeadDave

    More paint splatters (This time a YT-1300)

    Finally weathered up the basic YT1300 Ended up being a lot more work than it looks, but happy with the results.
  12. AllDeadDave

    Finished Relic Busts.

    I uploaded to Photobucket and linked the image from there. (using "copy image location" and pasting the link to the "image" command here)
  13. AllDeadDave

    YT 3700

    Try PTL and Nein Nunb then, and turtle with a focus and an evade. . True the doughnut is unfriendly, but a barrel roll will normally see you with something in range. Still I get your point, the mangler is far more forgiving, and makes it a better ship in the endgame.
  14. AllDeadDave

    Portable Wooden Gaming Table

    Seconded. I've painted a number of similar tables for X-wing, and it is surprisingly easy. Took me a little longer, maybe an hour all up, but that is mostly drying time. A closer look at some of the planets Worth giving a shot if you are so inclined, all done with canned spray paint. Inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDvPpmnX-Qw