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  1. Going through the rulebook, the only source of Challenge dice I can see is Story point or Opposed checks. This means effect like Despair seems to be extremely rare. Am I missing something or this is as intended?
  2. Bobba is not Imperial. Good mirror would be Agent Kallus or Agent Blaise and ISB Operatives.
  3. If You will get outmaneuvered, You got outmaneuvered and this is Your fail or his success. Your squad will be wiped because it was outmaneuvered, not because of bad positioning of troopers. This is what I mentioned a few post before. A maneuver is a key and blob/leader-centric gameplay supports that kind of gameplay ;). Of course, they are not tokens. But if placed right, they will not play the game and to place them right will be easy most of the times. Of course, mistakes can be made, like in every game. Point is, troopers cannot do anything good to You. They can only be exploited by the enemy. So You will do Your best to keep them out of play. And in a vast majority of cases, it will be easy.
  4. There are special or elite slot in army composition. I would assume this is the place for named characters or units...
  5. OK. Let me rephrase this. Why would You ever position Your troops like Your right squad and give Your opponent clear advantage??
  6. This is precisely what I said: "There is no advantage to put them in front of the leader, so You'll ALWAYS put them behind. Problem solved." Puting any trooper in front of the leader is just basic mistake like turning Your back to the enemy in a game when facing matters. You just do not do it. Ever.
  7. There is no advantage to put them in front of the leader, so You'll ALWAYS put them behind. Problem solved. You can invent 100 situations that maybe will happen sometimes. But usually, they will not. This is the design choice. In this game, a unit is one body and operates as one body with a leader as the reference point. This lets the game flow faster and lets us players focus on maneuvers and dice economy instead of single miniatures and threat ranges. There might be a minimal influence of squad members positioning. I would call it room for mistake in positioning. But the majority of the game will be elsewhere.
  8. I don't know 40k, but in Warmahordes it does not function in the same way. Not even a bit. If You have 12 models of enemy unit spread around 15 inches of the table, every single one of them is a threat You have to consider. Every single one of them has different threat vector. And if the unit is good enough, 3 of them can kill Your Caster and end the game. Also, in the turn that matters, You do measure from every single one and also often precisely track their movement in case some free strikes. In Legion, the threat comes from the unit leader only. So You have 1 threat vector to consider, instead of 12. Yes, their position matters in case of targeting, but You can place them anywhere, so You'll always place them in cover if there is any and always far from the enemy, because why not. Soo OP said "Theme aside" and I said, "Fluff aside". I'm not a native speaker but is it that much different to make a fuss about it?
  9. I believe You have been deceived ;). As OP said, fluff aside, rules only. Trooper unit consists of 1 model that matters and 4-6 fluffy looking tokens indicating unit firepower and HP. You measure movement from the leader, You measure range from the leader, leader caps objective point etc. Rest of the squad is here to look good. This is why Legion will not play like other 30 minis game. In eg. Warmachine, every single model in a unit have its own attack, You need to measure the range, LOS, You have to choose target for every model. This is 30+ models in play. I love Warmachine, but that game has very steep learning curve. I believe Devs aim to make Legion classic easy to learn, hard to master because this sells better. And 10 miniatures is a good size for a game. Then, they added a visual layer with 30+ miniatures on the table, because 10 models games make much less profit in comparison to 30+ models games.
  10. My guess the closest game might be Company of Iron (warmachine scaled down to 6-10 miniatures), with some taste of Armada. CoI because of scale (land, terrain, 6-10 pieces on board, dynamics of move-move or move-fire) and armada because ov movement templates, special dice, and cards.
  11. In wookiepedia everything imperial is also elite. This makes me wonder if elite slots will be elite units or elite individuals not leaders (Chewbacca)?
  12. In Legion we have facing, armour and armour penetration. This works at certain level of engagement. ATST is a levelup. I guess we will see him and I'm not sure how. ATAT is another level up. It would be full of rule exceptions and special rules. And snowspeeder with special rule saying that he can destroy ATAT by making 3 circles around him is a joke. Everything is possible, but it would not be healthy for the game.
  13. You are right, I kind of assume there is no such rules. But still i think it would be foolish to include them. Overcomplication is never good.
  14. True. But Bolt action is infantry vs tank game and have spotting rules that let this infantry play cat and mouse with tanks. In BA You can outsmart Your opponnent to avoid Tiger. No such rules in Legion and complicating entire ruleset for the sake of one model would be foolish. If You really want to play tank game, You play FoW, not BA. In this scale, tanks can shine. Also keep in mind Legion seems to be objective game. And Your prototype looks to be quite week in objective capture.
  15. I cannot comment the fun You can't explain, so I'll leave it to Your taste. But stop putting words in my mouth. I don't like to sit at the long side and I don't mind asymmetrical combat. Quite the opposite. And 1 foot long minis are soo cool. This is why everyone plays epic format in X-wing...
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