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  1. Can the Creuss use both wormhole tokens or just one? I can't find anything that says they are limited to one, and the fact that there are two tokens instead of a double-sided one (like the ones in SE) leads me to believe they can place both, they just need two rounds to do so. Can anyone confirm?
  2. How does the Documenting Research political card from the Shards of the Throne expansion interact with the Technology II SC, since you can get 2 techs with the primary? Can you get either one for free? Also, does the Jol-Nar racial ability (which lets them activate the primary when they activate the secondary) mean you can get the tech the Jol-Nar get from the primary for free as well? I couldn't find any info on it in either the manuals or the FAQ, and even a google search turned up nothing.
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