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  1. +1 for solo. FFG don't make me pass on this game ...
  2. I noticed the same problem. Insert is too narrow on the bottom so it squeeze FFG sleeves there. It is big disappointment and another piece of garbage to The Earth. 😕
  3. Hopefully they're updating the app and it will show up again in Play Store. Otherwise it will leave big question mark on all FFG/Asmodee games run on app.
  4. c08

    Drugs and addiction

    Rulebook sais that survivor can use items from theirs inventory.
  5. c08

    Single player

    Thanks, this helped a lot : ) Btw, I asked about single player cause there are many topics about multi and I could not found any info about single.
  6. Does this game include single player mode? If so, is opponent AI satisfying, or is it too easy?
  7. Interesting. If game mechanics will be different than Lord of the Rings LCG it will be tempting to buy.
  8. Any words if it there will release for Windows?
  9. I'm waiting only for game in Android world with solitaire rules. I would really like to buy titles that FFG released but I rarely have opportunity to play with group and so solitaire rules are not optional for me.
  10. Any chance this game will have solitaire rules?
  11. Is it possible to set custom keyboard shortcuts? Pause on Space would be more useful as well as Done on Enter or UFO Prediction by holding ALT (which I think is not included at all).
  12. Then why do even reply to this thread? The intention was to make a point so FFG see that LotR community is not a secondary LCG. But if all players agree to stay at low profile I won't make any more complains. Sorry I this thread had offended anyone.
  13. World Championship I put my glasses on but I don't see Lord of the Rings LCG.
  14. Marvelous. One of two things I was missing in LOTR was the use of "Ranged" characters in solo play which obviously is supported in this expansion pack. Second thing is "Sentinel" keyword which I hope also will be supported in solo play.
  15. Is it me or card art is slightly worse? (hobbit alike).
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