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  1. This thread makes me feel that it was the right choice to not participate in any social media type stuff (I had to look up a bunch of labels used it this one, that was quite an eye opener). Have fun in Virtual-Land, I guess. Today we are going to take a group of kids to see Solo and they are very, very excited. Actually, screaming like a pack of little wookies would be more appropriate. Cheers, John
  2. Now this is a thread I can get into, thanks. It's been a few days now and it's really eerie to me to see the animosity being thrown around, kinda like the SW community after the '97 special editions, or the Prequels, or the new trilogy (weird, right?). A big bit of cognitive dissonance I see here is from folks that don't consider those of us that started out when the game was new though. We have had a long time to acquire too many extra ships/fleets when there were just a few options. Pepperidge Farm remembers the days of only a couple of waves to choose from.... mmmmmmmm, Spammy. I'm happy and excited that they fixed a bunch of stuff that needed it, it's has been a long time coming. Since I haven't played in OP events for a while it hasn't really affected me that much, although I might again once we see the new rule book. Personally, I have made 146 ships for The Clone Wars and the Rise of the Empire era without FFG's assistance and I will keep making more. A few hours with my computer and printer guy isn't a loss for me to upgrade my 1.0 stuff to 2.0 once I get the new Core. That's just me though, you gotta do you. I guess I just wish everyone has fun playing with their Star Wars stuff what ever way they like without all the hostility directed towards others opinions. Is this just the way we are now??? I hope not. Clear skies, J
  3. Out, but with a caveat. I think the new changes I have seen are good for the game but the "buy-in" is too steep for me and I feel that the Conversion Kits are just money grabs from the original/Epic/rabid players. I have worked a crap-ton of overtime to buy ships since this game started and now I will have to buy about $300 worth of Conversion Kits to make them playable at events??? Nope, not gonna happen. What I will do is make new bases and dials myself for those that have changed and I will never play an organized event again. I might have to buy some medium bases and a new core later, as I play all factions, but I will give as little of my money to Asmodee as possible now. In addition, the prices have steadily risen on their models to the point that I can get better sculpts printed for less and make the cardboard myself. I have no animosity towards the manufacturer as I understand that it is a business first for them and cash is king, but I can take my business elsewhere as a result. I wish everyone a whole lot of fun with 2.0 and...I don't know, just fly casual!
  4. I will respectfully disagree slightly but purely from an economics perspective. My personal opinion is that with Disney and Asmodee both being successful multinationals they are just going to move along prevailing economic lines that benefit them the most. While I agree that the folks at FFG are doing a great job, I think that their releases are going to be greatly influenced by the tack of Disney/LFL and the IP's differing canon sources now. It's just how a company with a popular line is going to run. I'm sure LFL (and Disney as the controller/overseer) has plans on how to take the franchise into the future and this is an excellent vehicle to move that narrative forward. They get to merge two popular communities, the gamer and fan-base, into revenue streams that profit the company exponentially. I don't deny that FFG has a great deal of input, but at this point I believe that creative control is going to model after the other Disney take-overs (i.e Marvel and such). This is all imho too. I am not a great business guy but I think it might be best to assume Disney isn't going to change their model much when it is working so well for them (and us too).
  5. Greetings and welcome! There are many ways to play this game without ever going near the 100/6 death match/tournament form. As others have mentioned there is a narrative co/op campaign in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (HotAC) that is my personal favorite way to play. It can be run solo as well, so there is that option too. You should really check that out immediately. There are also missions contained in the core sets and large base ship boxes; while the Epic ships contain small campaigns. In addition, check out the Mission Control on FFG's web site for many other excellent player-made missions. Finally, you really really should listen to an episode or two of "The Shuttle Tyderium" podcast, it's totally casual play and has reinvigorated my love for this game. (Get ready, I have invoked Heychadwick and Babaganoosh...they WILL appear soon) This game is a true joy in these non-tourney formats, I hope you decide to have fun too.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't every release since Asmodee took over been straight from Disney era canon??? I don't think that there will be anything not direct from canon released again. It doesn't fit the marketing model for everything being a tie-in to the original IP. That doesn't bug me though, I can make any ship I want to.
  7. Copier + Dial Upgrade kit = any dial you want. To the OP - Go for it. I did the same when R1 came out and all the ships were gone in a day. Have fun!!!
  8. I just came across this article today and thought folks might like to take a look at how Disney and FFG developed the new ships from Rogue One. It's a little lean on info but gives a nice peek into how things get done. http://www.starwars.com/news/tabletop-rebellion-rogue-one-comes-to-ffgs-x-wing-miniatures-game
  9. Here is an interesting article from Star Wars.com about how they go about adding ships to X-Wing and how the U-Wing and Striker were developed. http://www.starwars.com/news/tabletop-rebellion-rogue-one-comes-to-ffgs-x-wing-miniatures-game That being said, let's go to the numbers. Wookiepedia lists the U as 24.98 meters in length with wings folded in front and that comes out to 3.64246 inches long and 0.48 inches tall. I am not lucky enough to have one yet so someone else will have to provide the actual model length and depth, but physically they seem close enough to me. My bailiwick is modding though, I can't comment on the game play balance stuff.
  10. My biases lead me to believe that Rogue One was one of the best Star Wars movies, imho. Also, I am very biased towards breakfast meats, sausage in particular. One point I would like to add is that the modern marketing model now with Star Wars is to add a lot of the filler/fluff of background stories in Disney's alternate media forms. Rogue One has tie-ins in books, comics, cartoons, web releases, etc. It's almost required now to have to participate in all the platforms to get the full story. A bit sneaky and fun yet profitable, no? This might help some if you feel like reading a bit... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases
  11. (in an attempt to derail this topic from the get-go) Source needed. A-wing, arc 170, k-wing, U-wing, ghost, rebel transport, YV-666. Uh... Those aren't sources. That's a list of ships. Here ya go, it's an older list but it checks out. Data is beautiful! http://www.rebelscale.com/scale-lists/fantasy-flight/
  12. I can almost guarantee that I am "higher" than you, man. That might not be that great though as I just knocked over the gaming table chasing a cat...I think it was a cat...pretty sure. Good excuse, that cat. Hehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe
  13. The only thing I will add to that great post of Stoneface's is....Thank you, man!! Wonderful advice and you just saved me a ton of money in Tamiya powders too. I have a bunch of pastels and I never, ever thought of that.
  14. I'm sorry, which of these are you implying happens? (1) An X-Wing player rushes naked onto the Bespin mat, ranting about a missed rule? (2) Spectators at soccer games don't scream when players are breaking rules? You seem to be implying either or both of those in your (really, really bad) analogy, so I'm just curious which. Because, of course, neither actually happens. (Thank Christ) Thanks for the bad analogy compliment, man. I tried to come up with some that were as silly as the train of thought that "I am an expert on Xwing and you're doing it wrong...listen to me me me, you're doing it WRONG!" (overheard at a tourney a few months ago from a spectator to player, extra me's for my emphasis) I'm just a very laissez faire kinda guy, different strokes and all though, whatever gets you through the day. I am certainly no expert on rules or at Xwing, the only thing I seem to do ok in this game is paint stuff. It's just, like, my opinion, man. Myth-quote of the day- "I hope you have fun at your Black Squadron party" - Forrest Gump
  15. Now I have this overwhelming urge to magnetize stuff, thanks guys.
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