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  1. Before anyone says "B-Wings aren't viable" you're not really considering the enormous factors that differentiate B's from Y's. Ion weapons work totally differently now, B's have Barrel Roll as a white action and three red dice natively, and that's not even getting into the variances between astromechs and sensors. If they really need their cost to be adjusted then the app will do that at some point.
  2. Rebels: Overused: Millenium Falcon. I got so sick of seeing it and hearing about it, especially with C-3P0 (how many of you bought a Tantive IV specifically for one card? C'mon, be honest) not to mention until Autothrusters came in it made playing against it with arc dodgers an absolute nightmare. It's still going to be a contender in 2nd but at least it doesn't seem to be the same gauge of monster. Honorable mention to K-Wing for the same reasons. Underused: E-Wings, the other forgotten ship from 4th Wave. I really, REALLY wanted to like this ship but the cost to slam it down on the board was never justifiable aside from pimping out Corran Horn, and the singular game I used Etahn A'baht in an Epic match. Knaves and Moons just never appeared, ever, and even my small local meta never made use of them and I can't blame them. Imperials: Overused: TIE Phantoms. Broken from the moment they were put into the game. Too cheap for 4 attack dice, high pilot skill, good dial, stealth technology was just unbelievably good, Sensor upgrades were really powerful for a really long time and arguably still are for a very reasonable amount of points in addition to Echo and Whisper being nightmares. As much as they're relatively delicate you never had people complaining about them to the level of TIE Interceptors due to their shielding and hella punchy red dice. Underused: TIE Advanced Prototype. Okay maybe this is a local meta thing, and I certainly liked it, I found overall the ship was kinda slept on. Aside from The Inquisitor basically having 3 attack at all times, which is... quant, I really liked Valen Rudor and thought he could use some more love. It just had the disadvantage of being a 2 dice attack ship with okay defence stats and only rocking a missile slot. It's dial is FUN though and it's fun for the odd time I actually play Imperials. Scum: Overused: Toilet seats. 'Nuff said. Underused: M3-A's: Again, might be a local meta thing but being overpriced out of the gate with mediocre stats in nearly every way didn't justify them as being the Scum Academy Pilot they needed when Z-95's had Binayre Pirates right there and ready to go. Sure, they were given a much needed boost but it was SO late into this games' lifespan that it still wasn't getting love. There were, and still are boxes of them in my local game store when everything else flies off the shelves and I can't help but feel bad for the little guys... until I field them and I get reminded why I don't use them. Special mention to all the Epic ships. I liked Epic, but they just weren't given the love and stats to back up their deployment cost, though a naked Rebel Medium Transport was cheap at 30 points and a personal favorite of mine, but rarely utilized by others.
  3. I have several starting boxes. Going to be packing them in there. Maybe some rubber bands, but part of me doesn't really care if it's disorganized. I was tempted to use one of my card boxes I won a couple years back but I can use that going forward, so there's little point in doing that.
  4. TLT and OG Phantoms have just stifled my fun in this game many a time but were already mentioned. So for that reason I say C-3P0 or The Emperor.
  5. I'm hoping for revised versions of Ibtisam and Tycho, since they were my favorites back when I started with Wave III. Wes and Hobbie for sure, Zev would be a nice option... I haven't tried either of the new Starviper pilots and I hope they come back! Their abilities seemed fun and I'd love utilizing them in the new game.
  6. The HWK, because you know they wouldn't screw it again. Also the StarViper out of pure love for it, and A-Wings and Y-Wings!
  7. I actually really like the idea of various droid units or commanders. K-3P0 was the one who came to mind after goldenrod, since he was decorated at Hoth and an actual commander.
  8. The Firespray even though I personally consider it to be solid, and A-Wings even with their somewhat wimpy firepower. I'd say StarViper, but now it's absolutely worth it. :3
  9. I have to think so. 4 points is justifiably a lot and having that extra oomph to make the Focus dependant attack work would probably give it just the right amount of tooth. Conversely, is it still better than the cheaper, more free but weaker Dorsal? Probably not, but it would help by a considerable margin.
  10. Nah, not at all. I always found painting daunting, and the repainting I do is pretty unambitious and only because of the sake of variety, or are just minor additions or changes. I'm lazy, and the paintjobs are GOOD which is why the game felt so much more accessible and approachable when I first started.
  11. Many people on the forum bring up the point you're raising: 2 attack ships are not especially threatening unless they have a gimmick and/or attack en masse. This is typically why many people are hesitant about using the A-Wing, Z-95, both versions of the TIE Advanced (minus Vader and the Inquisitor), Bomber, turretless Y-Wings and especially the M3-A. Oftentimes unless they are filling a role of cheap filler or again, a gimmick role, they aren't really what people would justify as strong ships because of their lacking sustained fire. Now are the ships I just mentioned bad because of these reasons? Not really, they just happen to have a weakpoint that has a tricky time working out in 100 point games unless flown spectacularly or the red dice they have are exceptionally lucky. When it comes to these ships they really have to take advantage of either great positioning, lucky green dice, somewhat expensive ordnance attacks (the latter two items being highly luck based) or a combination of all of those. So hopefully that gives you a somewhat better idea of the hesitation people have with them! Ultimately play the game to have fun, and don't always listen to us on the forums, knowledgeable as some of us are. :3
  12. Really tough question... I really like Cracken for his action creation for the team, even if his ship isn't so great. Janson is also really good and I like him a lot, even with the same issue. Though Poe is also a thing. :3 Vader is just in a meh ship, but his ability and PS are too goddamned good. Otherwise... Tetran Cowell, even though nobody else likes him on the forum. Maybe if he were on a different ship people would reconsider him. As for Scum, almost any of the unique HWK pilots or Mist Hunter uniques. 4-Lom and Zuckuss are neat and I love debuffing~
  13. When attacking a small ship base increase your attack by 1. When attacked by a large ship increase your agility by 1. 6 points, unique. A little too general I realize, but flexible and different at the very least while also providing different benefits against various opponents.
  14. T-70 is arguably a pretty good one with Boost and TR as options. They're not a pinnacle example, but the toughness and versitility they have makes them sexy anyway.
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