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  1. Was it a staff member or was it a person that was a TO as well? as if they fall under the Spectator role as the rules have outlined, they are to not interfere with a game in progress. A spectator is any individual at a tournament not actively engaging in another role. Spectators must not disturb an ongoing game, and cannot provide any input or assistance to players during their games. just my 3 cents
  2. At Worlds it as announced during the set of the first game, that if you call a TO over and its a call you did not agree with, you could call for another judge or Marshal to make a ruling. So while they want the TOs to have control, they also know they might make a bad call.
  3. I have had fun wiht my Denny and the Jets list with him in it. IN arc you are taking the Denny return shot, AND the Droid too. probably the droid first to have a chance at weakening the sheilds, then Denny. Plus the bugg zappers. It was fun zapping a ghost out of the game
  4. I hope you get to play and can get the game, but saying you had a large turnout of 80 people for a national, is not many really - our local store championship had 87 players. I guess we might have it good here, with about 5 store championships in a 20 mile radius at least. Hopefully you can get official stuff going again!
  5. I am on the fence with this one. I run 99% of the xwing at my LGS. Space is limited due to the building (about 20 spots if we lock the place down). I have thought about this a couple times, with the explosion in new players (which is great), its harder to serve everyone that would want to play. Reasons I am for at least some form of loyalty to your weekly players: Why not support the people that support you? Its a "Store" championship, so somewhat says that it should be the best of the "store", and I would say that is the best of those that are at the store most of the time. Reasons I am against locking it down to just the everyday player Gets more people in the building buying food, products. new players have a chance to get in to the store. So I guess what I am saying is I get it, but as long as there is some sort of balance (say local sign up for a night, then open to all if you have to worry on space) I don't know, as I said, on the fence, and as I am not the owner of the game store, I don't have much of a horse in the race. At my LGS and a couple others, space is limited. So they are having a cap on who can get in. One of them had sold out in like a day, my local sold out in an hour. I am working to see if we can't get more tables in to help get our total up. I can see some sort of suggested prelims or something to cut down the rush for this ever growing game.
  6. I have taken out a list I like "Epsilon Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 19 Ship Total: 19 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Push the Limit 3 Ship Total: 20 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Push the Limit 3 Ship Total: 20 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Push the Limit 3 Ship Total: 20 "Howlrunner" — TIE Fighter 18 Push the Limit 3 Ship Total: 21 it did some nice work and as a block is tough, do you shoot howl or Leader? keeps the others up longer and once the expansions are out I can drop howl and add another omega
  7. as some as said, paint only for a tourney to be safe, as the Mouse that oversees the game could get mad if you were to have it on a primer table in play. I have a kick butt HWK that is mod, and still looks like a HWK, but I would imagine that if it were on the table and videod I would be asked to change it, which sucks, as it was done before the change in rules.
  8. as this was posted preFAQ update, I didnt think it had much at first, now I really dont think its got much to run on
  9. has anyone taken 88C, Mandalorian Merc, and a Slaver out for a spin together? Its a ton of hull and all firing 3 reds. My thought it would die off after one is shot out, as the Slaver has to come all the way back round, 88 can run some, the Merc probably has the best chance to be a pain with the rear .
  10. I painted mine like a Black Widow , a metalic dark grey over the hull, a red cockpit, some red highlights and the red hourglass mark on rear.
  11. I cant wait to pull the lose a secondary crit with this, that always makes me SO happy.
  12. nope. 100pts is where it is at. No need to change it just because some ships cost alot. thats the whole point to the point limit. Make it fit.
  13. Remember, a noob blew up the death star. If this happened in a match [tournament] (which it does) I would allow them it this time, and gently remind them that they need to declare prior the reveal. Then if it happens again I would be like sorry, you can't. I thinks some of the leway comes from how they act, if I had that guy I would be more unforgiving, if they realize the mistake and seem flustered, I may let them do it one more time. Had it happen actually this weekend, playing a new player and I reminded him of his actions at times, after 3 in a row I didn't. He didn't take an action, even after I asked if he was all set, he said yes, and I did my move. That exchange got his Echo blasted out the sky. In talking after the match I asked why he didnt take an action and he said he just forgot. It happens, but he was nice about it and not getting all worked up on it. as for the anger, maybe he/she has forgot about it alot and is more mad at themslves, but maybe they are just trying to work the system. You never know.
  14. Could the HWK get some love? Sure. Does it need it? I don't think so. Roark is a BEAST should not be left alone to often. I have him at 25 points(ion turret, Numb in shotgun) in a list and he can help tear it up. Shooting at 12 is huge locally, as alot of the meta is about getting the best PS. 12 makes sure you pop your shot before they drop you. I don't know if more turrets will come out, but each time it does help both the HWK and Y. IF you can fly the brick you can really do some work out there.
  15. As long as it doesnt go to a big money system to get tickets, I don't know if it would be an issue. As for sponsorships, if someone whats to pay me to go to it and wear their shirt, then sure, I will do it. DO I see that happen, like a 3% chance. If a store wants to put their name on me as I play, I will support my store, as it can really only do good, as long as I dont start punching people in the face while wearing it.
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