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  1. thank you for the info :-) Btw, according to the german publishers webpage, the original draft packs will come out in Q1 2014, while the translated ones will follow soon after these. Here are the news pages: Corp: http://www.heidelbaer.de/dyn/products/detail?ArtNr=FFG0716 Runner: http://www.heidelbaer.de/dyn/products/detail?ArtNr=FFG0717 Draft Starter: http://www.heidelbaer.de/dyn/products/detail?ArtNr=FFG0715
  2. Could someone explain to a newbie what exactly all that stuff means? Draft pack? Print on demand? huh?
  3. Personally, I use the UltraPro protectors in red and blue for runner and corporation: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B005421L5W/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 To store and sort the factions and decks in the box, I use the wooden insert from BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/152772/uk-based-card-storage-game-components That guy ships from the UK, so it's probably cheap for you. It fits perfectly well into the default EU base game box and can (in my situation) for now hold: 2x base game + all 9 available data packs + C&C expansion set + 4 decks + all tokens. All sleeved with the protectors linked above. Pictures: Picture 1 Picture 2
  4. So, now it's official: Honor & Profit, featuring Jinteki and Criminal http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=222&esem=1&epmi=s What do you think?
  5. Expert Schedule Analyzer looks nifty. Quite interesting cards Btw, is there a release date already? Somehow I wondered it did not come out this month, or did they skip a month?
  6. Yeah but keep the balancing in mind. Every faction needs its strengths and weaknesses. That's why we need to choose factions. One of Jintekis weaknesses is the ICE power, which is balanced out by the very good traps. If you power up Jintekis ICE too much, it will be overpowered. Btw did anyone think about neutral identities already? Could be cool especially for the runner side. A neutral runner who can use all neutral cards plus -say 50- influence. That could give us some cool cross-faction effects and unexpected deck types, which we only touch with the current 15 influence in a faction deck. Not sure about this idea myself though, whether to like it or not. It's just a thought.
  7. So, a weaker Matrix Analyser? I say weaker because Matrix Analyser in on encounter, not a subroutine, and so can't be broken (but can be bypassed). It's certainly possible, as C&C gave us baby Tollbooth and baby Government Contracts (Datapike and Gila Hands, respectively). Exactly, though I'd not necessarily consider it weaker, because you could drop the "pay 1 credit" condition and increase the strength value. I don't think it needs to be something brand new for every new card, slight alternatives of existing ones are often nice to tweak your deck strategy in detail. The main thought of my post was to have something that empowers trap/advancing strategies though, which is very Jinteki-like.
  8. Sounds interesting! So assuming this will be a Jinteki/Criminal box, what do you guys expect to be in there? Jinteki is obviously the "trap" faction. So I think there will be some really cool new traps and assets which can be advanced and therefore look like an Agenda. Maybe there'll be some ICE which have sort of "corp may place an advancement token on a card in this system" subroutine? Criminal could get some cards which are more into what a criminal does: stealing things. Maybe there's some new card to directly steal money from the corp? Or something else? What do you guys think?
  9. Where do those rumours come from? Is there a post or a leak of pictures somewhere? :-) Personally I prefer to play Anarch and Weyland, so I'm always happy about more cards for those two factions, but I'm fine with the others too. It's not only fun to have new cards for your decks but also to retune your deck to deal with the new cards in the opponents decks.
  10. It's a question of balance I think. The subroutines of Bioroid ICE are quite strong and if there wasn't a disadvantage on the card, it would need a lot higher install costs. Of course there ARE ICEs with high install costs, but who wants to rez a 15-cred ICE in the early game? This is a good compromise for balancing I think. Not too expensive, you can rez it, but the runner still suffers from it. A lost click for the Runner is worth a credit, an installation, a damage point resp. card on hand, or even a tag, without the appropriate cards (which again would cost something for the runner)
  11. I got my 2nd core set yesterday and found it really useful to complete the collection. After having bought the 2nd, you'll have 3 copies of most cards. Precisely, there are just 11 cards, which are one-off in a single core set, so you only have them twice then, but that's not a big deal considering there are hundreds of card types. As someone said earlier you can use the duplicate triples to run multiple decks at the same time with minor switching. So in my opinion a 2nd core set is worth buying, a 3rd one is quite useless. Completing by ebay is not a good idea either though, considering the guys there sell the cards for like 7$ EACH.
  12. Yeah I've got the german version, but if I have a look at the "organized play" section of the forum, it looks quite hopeless. Not wanting to go too much off-topic here though
  13. Okay, thanks for the replies, guys. Now it's quite clear. Really loving that game (found it rather accidentially on the Essen fair 2013), so does my girlfriend. Unfortunately it seems to be way more popular in the US than in Europe, which makes it hard to find people to play against.
  14. A question related to this topic: When I approach an unrezzed ice and the corp decides to rezz it, am I still able to jack out, or am I automatically encountering it already?
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