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  1. Announcing Call of Cthulhu LCG 2015 Regionals Event! May 23rd! Heroes Haven is proud to be hosting the Call of Cthulhu LCG 2015 Regionals! Where- Heroes Haven Games & Collectibles 1277 Lexington Ave Mansfield OH 44907 We are the building ON TOP of the Post Office, in the same parking lot as Marco’s Pizza. When- Saturday, May 23rd, Registration from Noon-1:30pm Event Begins at 2:00pm Event sign up will be $10, and comes with a Full Bleed Alternate Art Uroborus Card! Top 16 will receive Green Acrylic Wound Tokens Top 8 will receive Regional exclusive playmats Top 4 will receive Wood Domain Tokens 1st Place will receive a 2015 Regionals Trophy along with a card granting a 1st Round bye at Nationals! Please note FFG’s Tournament rules and Scoring System has recently changed, and we will be using their new system for the event. Please familiarize yourselves with it, would hate for someone to be caught off guard not knowing the new rules If you have any questions, can make it but may be late, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 419-709-8919 http://heroeshavenmansfield.net/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroes-Haven-Games-Collectibles/264820141624 Or Contact Justin the TO at anywhere you saw this posting! Hope to see everyone there!
  2. Hello, Looking to trade for the following Any Cthulhu Game Mats that predate 2013 Season 1 (The Terror in Venice Mat) Alt Art Joe Pechon Alt Art Deep One Assault Alt Art Nyarlathotep Alt Art 70 Steps Shub Card from CCG with the amazing art (same card as Core Shub, but way way better art, used in Elder Signs) Have all game night kit alt arts commons and rares for trade Few game boxes and playmats Black Acyrlic Wound Tokens Few random Netrunner things from last years Store Championship Thanks kindly!
  3. Still actively and aggressively looking for a S2 kit. Local gaming group needs badly!
  4. Looking for a complete Season 2 2013 Game Night Kit if possible. If not, willing to buy or trade for basic components of one (Game Mat, 2 Glakki's, 3+ Eldritch Nexus) Hoping to find a complete kit somewhere for extra prizes for my newer members at my local game store, if anyone has a lead on one or an extra lying around let me know Also, any mega rare alternate art cards no one has for trade I'd like too but yaknow =p Thanks kindly!
  5. We're doing our best, believe me! The Core sale is hurting a bit but, if it gets folks hooked, everyone wins. We've been able to see 5 Core Set + Shifting Sands bundles so far, and another order in the mail, and first game this Tues, so hoping for some fun turn out.
  6. Announcing a 2 month long LCG and Call of Cthulhu Sale and Event, finishing with a Store Championship! WHERE: Heroes Haven Games & Collectibles 1277 Lexington Ave Mansfield OH 44905 Next to Marco’s Pizza, above the Post Office 419-709-8919 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroes-Haven-Games-Collectibles In an effort to bring Call of Cthulhu to a wider audience and bring fellow fans in Central Ohio together, we are making Call of Cthulhu our Game of the Month (Standard monthly event with sales, tournaments etc) however since we are having several LCG events, this will be a 2 month event (March 1st through May 1st) of sales and games, with Call of Cthulhu being the Jewel in our LCG Crown, as we will be having a weekly game night for it every Wed from here on out. Our Events are as follows Game of the Month Night - Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game: Demo / Casual Event Tournament Tues March 4th, 11th and 18th Starting Time 6-7pm $5 Entry Fee; includes one 75 cent drink/snack item of choice Tournament will be best 2 out of 3 elimination. Winners of their games will compete in single elimination until 1 winner is chosen 1st Place = Promo Card and 10% off Coupon on any LCG product If we have 6 or more players, 1st Place will receive an Asylum Pack and a Promo Card! So bring your friends! 2nd Place will receive a Promo Card and a 10% off Coupon on any LCG Product! (10% off Coupon combines with Game of the Month sales, but no additional sales, discounts, or offers) Decks will be available to borrow from Justin the Events Coordinator / Judge for new players without their own cards or decks If you are a new player and would like help constructing a deck with your new cards, Justin will be on hand to assist you. Call the store or contact me via Facebook or this forum to arrange a date and time. Game of the Month Finals! Tues March 25th Start Time 6-7pm $10 Entry Fee; includes one 75 cent drink/snack item of choice Tournament will be Swiss, 50 minute Games (Official FFG Tournament Scoring) 1st Place wins a Call of Cthulhu Core Set or Deluxe Expansion of their choice, Y’Golonac Promo Card, and a Terror in Venice Custom Playmat! 2nd wins an Asylum Pack of choice and Promo Card 3rd wins 10% off Coupon on any LCG product & Promo Card (Requires 5 players minimum, prizes may be adjusted with less attendance) Call of Cthulhu Official Game Night! Every Wed! Special Prizes and Sales Events March 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th $10 Entry Fee; includes one 75 cent drink/snack item of choice and Promo Card! Tournament will be Swiss, 50 minute Games (Official FFG Tournament Scoring) 1st Place wins Asylum Pack of Choice If we have 6+ players 1st Place wins a Deluxe Expansion of Choice! 2nd Place wins Asylum Pack of Choice! Now of course, the biggy! Call of Cthulhu LCG OFFICIAL STORE CHAMPIONSHIP! WHEN: Saturday, March 29th - Registration begins at 12pm – Tournament begins at 2pm $15 ($10)**** Entry Fee; includes one 75 cent drink/snack item of choice and 1 Darkness Promo Card! Tournament will be Swiss, 50 minute Games (Official FFG Tournament Scoring) 1st Place wins a Store Championship Trophy, Custom Deck Box (Choice of Syndicate or Yog-Sothoth ), Denizens of the Underworld Playmat, and a Winner’s Certificate for a 1st Round Bye at 1 Regional Championship! 2nd Place wins a Custom Deck Box and Denizens of the Underworld Playmat 3rd and 4th Place win a Denizens of the Underworld Playmat Possible other prizes and additional promo cards may be available as well! ***Entry fee may be modified by attendance. Our goal is $10, but we need 6+ people to cover the championship kit. More the merrier! I am currently attempting to collect promo cards from various sources and packs, and may have some custom domain cards to add to the various prizes, so these are all subject to change (in a good way!) If anyone has any extra promo cards or goodies available for sale or trade please let me know! As most folks here will be new players, and beginning any new card game can be a daunting task, and often an expensive one, we're offering the following sales, to go along with our events and prizes Call of Cthulhu Core Set - $35 ($5 Savings) TOURNAMENT BUNDLE SALE! If you pre-order or pay in advance for a Core Set of Call of Cthulhu AND sign up and prepay for any of our LCG events you will receive the following! -Shifting Sands Asylum Pack FREE! (This contains the current tournament legal story cards! A must have for ALL Call of Cthulhu players, and it's yours free just for purchasing the Core Game and Signing up!) AND A $5 Credit toward any entry fee for any of our Game of the Month LCG Game Night Events! If you sign up for a Tues $5 Demo Tournament, then your Entry to that is free along with your Core Set and Bonus Asylum Pack! (Limit 1 free asylum pack and entry fee credit per person) Deluxe Expansions – 10% off! Asylum Packs – 15% off! Buy 5 Asylum Packs, GET 1 Free! (Must prepay 50% down for custom orders if not in stock; remember every Asylum Block is 6 packs!) Our Store also has a Membership Program which grants additional savings and bonuses, please contact store for details. Sorry for the sales pitch and long post, just excited for the event and chance to get folks interested! If you have any questions, please contact the Shop or myself Thanks kindly folks, hope to see ya there! -Justin
  7. Few pictures from "The Happy Birthday Talisman!" event I ran at our local game store Heroes Haven. Had 1 vet and all new players, I basically "DM'ed" the event as it were. Along with hilarious combat descriptions. Here is our setup pic and my "DM" area Here is after the chaos and horrid rampant death Here is the group picture (I'm taking it so I'm missing, and some had to go, as it was a long game. Note our winner Pete on his victory throne holding his mighty Valkyrie card triumphanty. Was his first game ever too. He managed to absorb 4 enemy spells alive, get drained down to 1 HP from the Vampire Tower, and defeat a Teleporting on his head full health angry Minotaur right at the end. Was an epic victory! Oh I wish this was an official FFG supported Tournament product heh.
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