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  1. foretell cancels a battle ability. what is a battle ability? does the card have to have th e bold Battle or is it just an ability that happens during a battle?
  2. Came across this weird scenario with both plots out my opponent and I didn't know what do to can anyone help? Both these plots out do they cancel each other out or does it mean no one can attack?
  3. Squadron redeployment says "exhaust an army unit with 1or more attachments to move it to a planet of your choice". Can I choose one of my opponents army units with attachments?
  4. If I use harrenhal to cancel an effect can I then use retreat to bring that character back to my hand?
  5. Does anyone know where and how to get the octgn images for the cards for warhammer 40k
  6. Does anyone know where I can find the core rules PDF. I watch the demo at gencon on youtube but that was not enough.
  7. I came across this scenario well playing... I win an intrigue challenge and play condemned by the council, my opponent plays they shall not cross, I cancel it with harrenhal, then my opponent plays an other they shall not cross to save the location. So my question is do u get multiple chances to save/cancel something or do u get just one chance?
  8. Does men of pride blank ambush from non-unique characters in my hand?
  9. I just read a thread on card gamedb about the differences between passive effect and constant effects. ( and now my head hurts) is threat from the north a passive or a constant? From my limited understanding it seems to be a passive (working the moment it is flipped) so when it is flipped 1str characters are discarded before anything else like valar or at the palace of sorrow. Is this true? Maybe someone can try to simplify it for me
  10. I know you use ambush like an any phase effect. But can brienne still stop you from using ambush or is ambush immune because it's a game effect?
  11. When you play an effect that targets a character or location do you have to target the character or location before your opponent gets the chance to cancel? For example I bring a black cells out of shadows, do I have to announce the character I want to target first, then my opponent chooses to cancel. Or does my opponent have to cancel it first before I choose?
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