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  1. I'd definitely suggest practicing keeping him in formation. Biggs is a terribly important part of the Rebel fleet, because he can soak up damage that would otherwise hit his wingmates. You do need to keep him at Range 1, but with enough practice this can be done quite easily. I have been using a Wedge+Luke+Biggs, and I wouldn't dream of going without Biggs. Wedge+Ibtisam+Biggs is just as viable. Range 1? You want him at Range 3, so he'll not die as quickly.I believe he meant range 1 of the friendly ships so that his ability activates. Properly flying Biggs you want him at range 1 of friendly ships and range 3 of enemy ships. But keeping him at range 1 of the friendly ships is probably the most important and the easier of the 2 things to control.
  2. Thanks for everything Mu0n. I finally got it all working today. Everything looks great and updating squads is pretty painless. Again thanks for all the hard work.
  3. Is this required to play? Do I have to remake all squads in order to properly use the new firing arcs, etc. Or do I just lose some of the new features? Specifically, will I be violating any of the rules for Theorist's latest HiLo vassal tourney if I use squads made with the old module?
  4. I played against this the other day. A true bomber swarm. Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics Scimitar Squad Pilot x 5 100 pts 33 total hull 13 total evade dice 12 total attack dice It's a beast of a swarm, but not as maneuverable as the classic. I got demolished by it if you're wondering.
  5. Let me know what he says. I would be interested.
  6. I am definitely interested in playing in the Cincinnati area. Dayton might be too long for me to do weekly but maybe for some tournaments. Let me know if anything has been organized at Eastside.
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