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  1. I love threads with titles "Am I the only one....". It's the internet. I do not care what you like or do not like. It is impossible for you to be the only one. EVER. Just sayin'. As to the subject: I have no opinion.
  2. Why are there Interceptor wings on a Star Destroyer? It looks like bad fan fiction.
  3. Joe Boss! Invite me over for a game of breakfast sometime. That gravy looks epic!
  4. A+ for ingenuity. F- for aesthetic.
  5. I would never fly the Falcon but I had to own it just for the sheer nostalgia and beauty of it. X-Wings are Star Wars to me and even though I have never flown a rebel list I had to have several of these. Interceptors are just cool. I think they may be the coolest star fighters ever designed, IMHO.
  6. Horray for the death of ships with turrets!
  7. I just popped in to say, "Hell yeah!". That is all.
  8. I think the Decimator is gorgeous and I can't wait to get one or three depending on the playability and tactics. It is a must buy for sure. I don't care for the poor man's falcon but I never played Shadows of the Empire.
  9. I purchased a Cutlass and a Constellation. I can not wait to fly those bad mothers!
  10. Scimitar and that is it.
  11. I'm sure the lists are all solid but it just seems odd after watching Return of the Jedi and then playing this giant school bus in a dog fighting game. Just weird. I mean, one, sure. But three or four? Strange looking.
  12. So do you fly all 5 of these bombers in a single formation? How does that work? I am interested in trying this out. I have 3 bombers right now but I wouldn't care to pick up a couple more and I have yet to fly a single bomber.
  13. I try not to think such petty thoughts about people, though I know it exsists. I don't think it has anything to do with pretending to have been anywhere or done anything. Some people are just passionate about the hobby that they chose and have the money to spend. By the way, I saw a set of those translucent dice go for over $350! I don't have that kind of money to spend but if I did I would certainly love to have a set of those rare dice. Because I love this game and they look very cool.
  14. What everyone else said! I ended up with 3 core sets. Go buy a core set before this thread gets any longer!
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