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  1. Hammerhead with Garel's Honor, every time.
  2. I like Sato with this list, bit I do think you want Tycho in there somewhere. His ability to avoid engagement is invaluable to maximizing Sato's ability IMO.
  3. I've been thinking I need to stop by TEG some time. I usually just play with a few friends (got a co-worker into it and now we play every 2 weeks at the office), but if there's a regular group it might be fun to play with some strangers. Good luck to everyone at regionals!
  4. If you are on a limited budget (aren't we all) and you have some friends that want to play, you can do what we did and each person buys into their favorite faction (e.g. Rebel/Imperial). Kind of limiting for tournament play, but for casual you can always just proxy in upgrades. As for the models, they are really high quality. (The only one I've ever had a problem with is the Victory Star Destroyer: that little antenna on the top is easily broken.) You'll want to display them somewhere because they are so **** pretty. It's tough to answer fleet building questions long-term, but I think it really depends on what you want to get out of the game. If you really want to be competitive and dive into the tournament scene, I agree with @Blail Blerg you'll need a good assortment of squadrons, some flotillas, and some big ships. But if you just want to play for fun and maybe do the Corellian Conflict campaign with some friends, just buy whatever looks cool!
  5. MC75 WAB EWS HIE Ordnance Pods (OP?) But mostly it's the MC75. I love rebels and large ships, so I am so excited to see what that ship can do!
  6. Well, I already have a portion of my paycheck set up for direct-deposit to FFG.
  7. I personally like running 3 Hammerheads with TFA. I think 2 is a little too fragile, and 4 starts to get hard to manage (at least for me). I agree the price is steep for the HH models, but it is what it is.
  8. For rebels, I am always a fan of the Assault Frigate Mk II. It's a good all-around ship that isn't too expensive, and is surprisingly durable. MC30 is also a great ship that punches way above it's weight. I'd also pick up the Rebel Squadron pack to get some B-wings and A-wings For Imperials I would also get a Gladiator if you want to get something for both sides. Dangerous ship with a lot of punch. You already mentioned the Imperial Light Cruiser, and I agree that its a fun ship to play with that is a little different than that ISD or VSD.
  9. Debris field says any one hull zone as well.
  10. But it has to suffer all damage on one hull zone since the damage does not specify a hull zone. 1 shield + 3 hull = dead flotilla.
  11. This list looks fun! I may to give it a spin. Been looking for something new and fairly squadron-light after running a Sato list in my Corellian campaign. Never done Leia either! I also love Hammerheads, but I agree that they are hard to use correctly. I lost quite a few during the campaign due to bad planning.
  12. I've got the PVC (vinyl) one from Deep Cut Studios. Great mat with really awesome artwork. I have this one: http://www.deepcutstudio.com/product/wargames-terrain-mat-deep-space/
  13. I can definitely vouch for the Hammerhead ACM/OE/TFA swarm with Sato. I used 3 in my Corellian Campaign and in the last match was able to put down 20+ damage on an ISD in one turn. It did not last long after that.
  14. Yes, this is the concept I had in my head with Sato. I tend to like the durability of X-wings over A-wings and I don't usually use them as bombers, so BCC only makes sense to me if I am taking a fleet of Y-wings or B-wings. I never seem to get my X-wings to do anything other than kill enemy squads, but maybe that's just me. For this list I think dropping one of the GR-75s and using those points to make your squads have a little more punch since you are a bit light on the activations. BTW, one of the best things with Sato is seeing the look on your you opponent's face as you start swapping around red dice for black.
  15. I agree with keeping Norra and swapping the Y-wing for Gold Squadron. Would dropping the GR-75s for a 3rd Hammerhead be a good move? I am thinking about doing this for my CC fleet as I haven't found the GR-75 with BCC to be very effective, and I wouldn't mind having 3 Hammerheads with TFA. I feel like Sato is just better with more attack ships.
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