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  1. Interesting topic this one. Personally, having not played any of the P.C games, or other such, my limited knowledge comes from the films and the odd book. However, having a good look through the interwebs, I must admit a Virgil really would fit rather nicely. Would be a grand counter to the Blockade runner, looks very imperial and not so large and ''uber power'' that it would break the game. To break thought for a moment, say they do add a Star destroyer to the game, pray tell, what the hell is going to counter it. Not much fun facing one of those and getting wiped off the board. If all that you want is a ''Star Destroyer'' then I feel something is amiss. A scaled down version would in effect be a Virgil. Still, I doubt anything that has been said shall sway you, so please, continue your one man crusade, rather good reading over my coffee. Final food for thought, looking at the current production run of FFG games, I highly doubt they will release a ship in multiple parts for the end user to assemble. Just highly unlikely.
  2. Just a heads up there is an all resin 1/288 Firefly out there for $99.99. http://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/594/1288-firefly-class-spacecraft.cfm Not going to lie, ever so tempted to add that to the stash.
  3. Light blue all the way, these I must say look fantastic.
  4. Huh, seems a tad underhand. thought it was only allowed as a pure lateral movement to the side. With no gain in either forward or rear momentum. Learn something new every day. Cheers.
  5. How are you able to barrel roll backwards? Or have I missed something here.
  6. Are there any other campaign type rules such as this out there. Would love to see them.
  7. A wing dial....jeez. I would of thought shuttle dial would be more accurate. Other than that sounds like a hoot.
  8. Von Moofles

    Imp My Ride!

    Wiring diagram would also be pretty handy, along with what ever rules you have devised. Like many I have plans on adding this beast. Where did you get the main guns and missile launchers from?
  9. I buy for cinematic campaigns. So I try and keep evefyt6hing to a relative level.
  10. Pretty epic stuff being shown here, looking forward to the update.
  11. OOooooo, now that idea about a modification is a good one. Either way if someone would be ever so kind to tell me the dimensions of the smaller cards so I can print it off and use it in my own in house games that would be ace. That is under the assumption Starkiller gives the permission for use and what not.
  12. Rodent that isa hell of a scratch build job, how did you get the panel effect on the wing. Incredibly impressed. I like the look of the ship, knowing nothing about it, is it Rebel, or Empire?
  13. I'm seeing some really fun squads being listed here. Might have to try a few, cheers for the input chaps.
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