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  1. Arkham.... I was totally thinkin about it! I'm really torn about TI3 tho... it's just that most my friends are kinda hesitant about an 8 hour day around the table. So I'm all like "...and you call yourself a friend ..."
  2. Look, I'm as excited about Battlelore for Christmas as the next guy, but what I really want for Christmas is RUNEBOUND 3RD EDITION!! SERIOUSLY..C'MON!... just.....c'mon, guys....please... Battlelore looks great tho. Something just for 2players. Other games that I own like say, Descent or Talisman/Relic don't really shine in that 2player spot. I don't always feel like having a hootinanny square dance get together koolaid n'all when I wanna geek out. So yeah. Battlelore.. totally!
  3. Those mostly seem like colors. Is "ethnicity" like some special word that crayola made up?
  4. UNLIKE runebound which I missed out on. I got into board gaming in time to snag all the 2nd edition descent boxes so far and I look forward to this one as well! Now even though I haven't played it yet I know the day is coming soon!! Technically I'm kinda trying to finish Rise of the RuneLords Adventure Card Game with my buddies but I'm really thinking of you, Descent...
  5. Unfortunately I decided to check out board gaming as a hobby a little too late to hop on the Runebound wagon... but I feel that Talisman and Descent will be fun!! Looking forward to Battlelore 2nd ed. and I also got my eye on Twilight Imperium. But back to the topic at hand, what the .... is up with board games becoming "collector's items" and being sold for "collector's" prices in less than 5 years most of the time. Seems like the business to be in if I wanna be an Amazon/eBay jerk..
  6. I was thinking Pathfinder pawns might have some good substitutions if ya got some!
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