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  1. Hello, I browsed through the first few pages but I couldnt find an answer to my question, so I'm starting this thread. Currently I'm playing a Lanni HyperKneel deck - THIS is my current deck build. It works nicely against most of the decs I've come across, but I have a particularly hard game against Stark decks and their wretched Bear Island location. I was thinking about using Devious Intentions but that would save only 1-3 characters and I'm never certain I would draw it. So my question is this: is there another way to counter Bear Island? Apart from filling my deck with attachments, of course. Like some kneel-to-kneel-location effect or something like that. One other thing - we currently have a limit of Expansions to use to build our decks - only first 3 (King's Landing), soon 4th available as well (Defenders of the North). So any suggestions? And ignoring the expansions limit - what other options do I have. Thank you for your reply.
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