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  1. They are definately available on amazon and even ebay has them aswell.
  2. also bought a tool box to store all the pieces in aswell saves lugging around all the boxes. got a few of the multi slot boxes to store all the monsters and tokens minus the large monsters. just need to find something for the cards
  3. found out why it was so hard our ol aparently mis-read were his re-enrorcements went so that would be why it got so cluttered so fast down in that corner my ranting on the exit blocking is now over thanks for all the info input into the issue.
  4. Well our ol spawned them on the rocky path so ill need to check if that is were they spawn or not im just saying that as par for a game that both sides are tryibg to win both should be equally allowed to use blocking tactics then aswell people that we are playing with are more used to arkham im only asking as off the annoying fb messages I keep getting asking if the ol cheated but its done with now ol has won so thats that and thanks for clearing up the confusion.
  5. I havent actually messaged anyone about anything I have no problem with blocking im over it now was more pissed off at the time and I did start this at 3:40 in the morning. Yea after getting other peoples point of view it wasnt an illegal move and after all its supposed to be fun but with a table off people that had no fun and put the game away and didnt want to ever play it again I thought id ask spent alot of money on it and it seems lame that they specifically ruled you cant block the ol from spawing but he can stop you from moving to quest objectives. my point is there has to be a bit off fairness for both sides. In a misson were the ol could get reinforcements on the exit you should be able to block him off from getting those bit you cant that should be a viable tactic for heros to I get what you guys are saying but none of you seem to see the contradictions the rules make between themselves both sides should have the ability to run interference on the others ability to re-enforce or make it to the objective if you thonk standing on the exit tile is fair to the heros playing it. When I played ol I had no problem winning almost every encounter without resorting to standing on exits why I dont see it as being a fair tactic if your on the exit for more than one turn you should be off the board as ot is the exit. Im over it now anyways we lost and the game has been shelfed as no one wants to play with the current ol so yea thankd for the clarification but probably wont need it as no one will play now anyways.
  6. Yea I know this but ypu actually need to kill the 3 pw to het to the first exit sqaure and you have to double move to get down the lenhth of the tile peice its so then youd have no attack so you cant blunt force even the heros with monster mobe thrpugh abilities xouldnt get through as there is no free space for them to end in I just dont see standing on the exit is a fair move on this quest.
  7. Blocking is allowed every ol does it the point I was making is if the ol dashes half his monsters onto the exit tile to stop the heros getting onto it then were is the fun in that as you have 6 turns to find the combination to the lock in honor amongst theives and half off you searchable tokens are volcrix reavers and as soon as you unvover one it attacks you so my point was if you pile monsters on the exit then they should be taken off the board as they are on the exit I have no problem being blocked from getting somewere just not on the exit tile. That may just be me and try playing it with the plauge worms as theytake away your stamina by burrowing under you so you pretty much lose your ability to stamina move. W W PWPW PWPWPW W W PW thats the exit tile and corner of tile 20A ol's out there think that this set up is fair in a 6 turn game when you have to turn over other tokens to find the code to the lock that the ol decides and half these tokens are volcrix reavers that get to attack imediately upon reveal.
  8. Yea played both sides and I still find that one game a cheap victory for the ol I agree there is places were the heros cake walk it but its still going to cause many arguments I would have had no complaints if it was block the exit not standing on it.
  9. House ruling is always the possible way to go think that play testing would have found these problems out and had some sort of ruling on the problem of just slowing the game down to a pointless waste of playing becauseyou cant win. I dont mind the blocking as sometimes it cant be avoided my main gripe with our ol was him standing his monsters on the exit tile to prevent any heros standing on it in honor amonga thief's quest just standing on the exit from the start is a bit to cheap.
  10. Yea couldnt rember if stun had the arrow or not but you would presumably test for your curse at the start of your turn and if you pass the check then your free to remove the stun. It also helps to have the apothecary or disciple to heal conditions to
  11. Dont have cards in front off me but I think being stuned just takes away your first action. Even if you arrboth stunned and cursed you would roll for the curse check before doing anything else pretty sure though that you could move with your second action or attack stun dosent remove your whole turn just the first action.
  12. there are some missions out there with a limited number of turns in labrynth of ruin and if the ol parks his monsters on the exit the heros cant win the game because you get six turns and have to find tokens to reveal the code chosen by the overlord and to be able to guess the code you need to be on the exit tile plus inbetween searchin for the codes you are turning over tokens that could be volcrix reavers so if you happen to be unlucky enough to find one of those you imediately get attacked and it brings the game to a halt with the heros not being bothered to play anymore because its no fun and there is no way off winning. for the race quests i dont think just simple going out and blocking off the heros is a good way to play it if you want any longevity out off the game. especially with all the e3xpansions descent puts out there should be some sort off rule pout in to fix that abuse off the game or only allow smaller monster groups to be played in the race quest just my opinion and i have played it as ol and hero playing it to just completely gank the heros is no fun to play.
  13. your still not guaranteed two hit kills with anyone its a luck based dice roll plus you have to have a spiritspeaker and rune master to do that and you need the exploding rune in which time from the starting quest to honor amognst theifs you are not likely to have. Due to the fact that was the first act played after the start mission. Nvm ill send the question to ffg seen as no one seems to know about ot.
  14. just got through playin honor amongst theifs first act. is it a legal move for the ol just to pile his open group which was the new plauge worms and two withcers on the exit tile to prevent any heros standing on the exit to guess the code. seems like to me that its a cheap move to make and really ruins the idea of having an enjoyable game asits hard enough to find the pecies for the code lock with volcrix reavers popping out aswell. any input you guys have is much appreciated
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