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  1. If you're wasting Elrond's stats, you're doing it wrong. yes that's probably true. I understand why people like him, but for me his 13 threat is not worth it
  2. AZ- Éowyn- she wins this one for me against the king of wasted stats BA-Galadriel- go team Silvan
  3. AV- Éowyn- no doubt, she is only hero with 4 willpower who can use it without any other cards AW- Beregond- Elrond has too many wasted stats for me and Beregond is amazing tank AX- Galadriel- so unique, so useful and still not broken unlike Gandalf AY- Celeborn- such a well designed leader of his faction. Dain should learn from him
  4. AN- Eowyn- tough choice, both are good at what they do. But there a lot of good attackers, so point for Éowyn AO-Elrohir- I just like to keep my threat low. Elrohir is good, but... this is still the weakest duel in top 16 AP-Boromir- I don't like when a hero has all stats good like Elrond, but you can't use them and it makes sky-high threat cost. On the other hand Boromir has no wasted stats. AQ- Beregond- as I said before, the fact you can have 6 DEF and spear of the citadel on 1st round for free is crazy. AR- Sam Gamgee- Gandalf is kind of broken. For example his ability+ Elrond's vilya. I prefer OHaUH Gandalf. AS- Haldir of Lorien- before you vote for Galadriel build a two-handed deck with Haldir and give him some toys. AT- Glorfindel- hardest decision this round. But Glorfindel is so universal and lets you make some decks that wouldn't be possible without him. AU- Éomer- probably the best attacker in the game at the moment, with badass artwork and 10 threat? Yes please. Seriously, before you make your votes, build a two-handed deck with Haldir and many weapons. He is crazily good and fun to play. edited, but did not change any votes
  5. X- Legolas- simply Legolas. That attack, that threat, that ability. And also useful traits. Y- Eowyn- Even in fight Bard vs. Brand I voted against Bard, so this was clear choice. Z- Elrohir- the stronger twin. AA- Frodo- Aragorn(L) does not work for me AB- Elrond- Elrond is Elrond... AC- Boromir (T)- Boromir has just crazy ability. AD- Beregond- I like Imrahil, but Beregond is best defender in the game. He can get on 6 def on 1st turn without spending resources. AE- Bifur- Bifur is the best splash for lore. AF- Sam Gamgee- Hard choice, but Sam is the best hobbit. AG- Merry- I like hobbits AH- Haldir- I will vote for Haldir against anyone, he is my favourite at the moment. AI- Galadriel AJ- Glorfindel (s)- I am not hipster enough to vote for Mablung. AK- Celeborn- The hardest decision for me. I will be ok if Gimli will win this battle. AL- Aragorn (Lo)- Aragorn has all those toys that benefit him, so that made him win this duel for me. AM- Éomer- he is just epic
  6. Haldir is amazing, probably my fav hero in the game at the moment. He is very good for solo, but he is crazily good for multiplater/two-handed, because even if there are enemies you would engage, other players engage as often as possible. Then Haldir can attack before enemy attacks. You can bring him to crazy attack stats of 8 or 9 (2 weapons + some dunedain signals). Nice line-up: deck 1: Haldir, Mirlonde,random Merry; deck 2: Celeborn, Galadriel, Spirfindel
  7. While you control less than 5 dwarf characters and dain is ready, each dwarf character you control gains +1 attack and +1 willpower. I think this would balance dain a little. He would give you the start boost, and when you have 5 dwarfs, you dont need it so much anymore, as dwarfs gain those OP effects "while you control at least 5 dwarfs..."
  8. A: Théoden- I am on fan of Theoden, but he is better than Nori. And I believe that Theodens day will once come and he will become stronger. B: Bard- He is less bad C: Eowyn- Eowyn is here since the core set, and she has always been one of the most used heroes. It is just a useful quester. D: Elrohir- As I said I am not fan of dwarves. And twins decks are very interesting. E: Frodo- Easy decision. F: Ori- The few games I played Ori, he was fun to play. Shame he is dependent on dwarves so much. G: Boromir (T)- Caldara just does not work for me. H: Balin- His ability is getting more and more useful with each expansion. His biggest advantage is, that he is the only hero that can skip shadow effects. I: Prince Imrahil- Always useful readying ability. J: Denethor- I used him a lot in core set. Very good for solo games. K: Bifur- good ability, low threat. It is like he gives lore resource icon to one another hero, but better. L: Pippin (L)- this guy is amazing. Not only in hobbit decks, but also outside of it for his low threat and ability. M: Dunhere- Hard decision, but I just love direct damaging and staging area attacks. N: Gandalf- Bombur has useless ability, for my playstyle. O: Haldir of Lorien- of course Haldir! One of my absolutely favourite heroes. He is amazing, well balanced stats and ability. P: [Leadership hero]-amazing ability Q: Beorn- very unique hero. Sometimes you dont care about combos and tactics and you just run Beorn and kill everything. R: Mablung- I dont like Theodred S: Celeborn- I love Silvan decks T: Gimli- the whole idea of his ability is amazing. And it is also useful. U: Hama- You can make amazing interesting decks with Hama. Not that Grimas ability is not unique, but Hama is better. V: Dain Ironfoot- I know that everyone will vote for Pippin, cos noone uses Dain, but for me Dain is quite OK hero, he is not that bad. W: Eomer- Amazing hero
  9. Maybe Khazad Dum will be a good purchase, if you dont want to invest too much money to this game.
  10. It was not an epic moment, it was more like a biggest plot twist in the history of my LOTR LCG playing. I was trying out my new two cooperative decks (Eowyn, Glorfindel, Sam and Haldir, Beregond) on Road to Rivendell. Everyrthing went ok although there was one sleeping sentry in very bad moment, but I did it to the stage 3. Staging area was clear and I had questing power of 15 (many allies died for sleeping sentry and other nasty treacheries). I ned 7 points for the quest card+ active location. I also had 1 secret paths in my hand. I did not send Arwen for quest cos she had 1 damage. 1st card: sleeping sentry. Ok, good that I did not send her. But 1 ally died and everyone is exhausted. Luckily I am gonna win the game this round so I wont need them... 2nd card: Orc Ambush. There were no orc enemies in the staging area so I had to return all orcs in discard pile. I RETURNED 16 ORC ENEMIES TO THE STAGING AREA!!! I was laughing like I was crazy when returning orcs 1 by 1 to the staging area. 3rd card (cos of surge) was some location. Both decks raised threat by 20 or something. They crushed me in the same round. 14 attacks went undefended.
  11. Thedoen would be ok with 10 or 11 threat instead of 12
  12. How do we know, that hero from Antlered Crown will be Rohan?
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