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  1. Looking for stats for sd-k4 assassin droid.
  2. Does any one now what colors to use for Bossk skin?
  3. It is a open vehicle and the driver is exposed = weak armour. Thanks Kwatchi for not flaging me as a troll!! It has 6 wounds for 55 points and the occupier tank is 4x times as large and only has 8 wounds!! Only my thought!!
  4. Hi I think that the AT-RT should have weak armour and that its to cheap.
  5. Hi If a weapon have breach its takes away 10 soak right? So a jedi with 3 brawn and 2 soak armour will not benefit if he is struck by a weapon with breach... but what happens if he has parry 3 parry talent? the total soak now is 10 but breach take away 10 soak!? As I see it he will not benefit from brawn and armor but parry will help him deflect 5 damage from the weapon Right!? Best Regard Desidious.
  6. But can you heal bout strain and wounds if I have bout control upgrades? and pay 1 dark force pip?
  7. Heal/Harm Control to do more damage with medicine and controll to heal wounds and control to give opponent a critical hit.
  8. If you have more than 1 control upgrade on your force power tree can you use all of the control powers at once??
  9. Any free Info/Aventure on Ilum?
  10. Hi One of my players in my group is a Smuggler/Soundrel and after he buy´ Force-sensitive emergent, can he then buy into the Force and Destiny talent trees?
  11. Soo if I understand this correctly, I can start as a Guardian/ Soresu Defender and just pay 20 exp from the start to take the Padawan Survivor Specialisation. The I just dont put my exp into the Soresu Defender tree and only put my exp into the Padawan Survivor Tree!? But now I have the possibility to be a Soresu Defender later when im done with the Padawan Survivor tree.... Right!?
  12. Is it possible to be a guardian as profession and talent tree padawan survivor? ?
  13. What force power do you use to do a classic force push like in the movies?
  14. Hi with the new book Dawn of Rebelion will we get new card decks for the new talent trees?
  15. Whats comes to my mind is... Lots of Assault missiles
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