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  1. I'm not disagreeing with you on how this should work. Merely pointing out that RAW both of these are absolutely within the rules. Sure I'd stop playing someone if they tried pulling them on me because of it but they wouldn't be wrong.
  2. Crimson Specialist Ability reads - "When placing a bomb token you dropped after revealing your maneuver dial, you may place the bomb token anywhere on the play area touching your ship." Questions have already been raised as to whether this covers Action: bombs? Since those bombs are dropped after you revealed your manoeuvre dial. That's a question for a different post. More to the point can you place the bomb token anywhere? Is the restriction "anywhere on (the play area touching your ship)" or "anywhere on (the play area) AND (touching your ship)"? In the first case "the play area touching your ship" is the one the ship is sitting on (as opposed to any other play area in the world). In the second (and far more sensible reading) the token has to touch the ship. What do people think?
  3. Also worth pointing out that every game matters. Ordering is by team wins, then team MoV. So fighting for extra points of MoV is always worth it. You can lose the round and still come out on top with an improved MoV!
  4. It doesn't take up a "secondary weapon upgrade slot". There is no such thing. It takes up a Missile slot. You determine whether an upgrade is a secondary weapon based on whether it has an "Attack:" effect on it. The icon (torpedo/bomb/etc.) doesn't actually matter. Fixed
  5. #Error Rebel Captive gives stress when you declare the target. So you couldn't use Opportunist on the first attack as you would already be stressed. You could use it on the second attack.
  6. Below from page 12 of the latest FAQ. Darth Vader A ship equipped with Darth Vader can use this ability if it has at least 1 hull remaining. If a ship equipped with Darth Vader can attack twice in one round (such as a ship equipped with Gunner or Cluster Missiles), it can use Darth Vader after the first attack and after the second attack. If Darth Vader destroys the ship to which he is equipped, it can still perform its second attack. If Vader is used twice, it must be in this order: Attack, Vader, Attack, Vader
  7. Derp - no. If Vader kills the ship he is riding, you may gunner but may not Vader after the second attack.
  8. Yes. It should be remembered that you still attack when you have blinded pilot. You could then activate Accuracy Corrector, add a {KABOOM} with Advanced Targeting Computer, automatically miss and activate Gunner/IG-88B, perform an attack that Hits with Blount (including dealing a face up damage card with Advanced Homing Missiles, Ion and Damage with Ion Pulse Missiles, deal 1 damage to everything at range 1 of the target with Assault missiles, strip a Stealth Device), use Vader Crew to cause the target to suffer 1 {KABOOM}.
  9. From the FAQ. Page 12. Feedback Array Feedback Array is resolved during the Combat phase in normal pilot skill order (using initiative to break ties) instead of resolving combat steps 1–7 (see core rules page 10). If a ship equipped with Feedback Array destroys an enemy ship of equal pilot skill that has not attacked yet, that ship may still perform an attack (or use Feedback Array) before it is removed, following the simultaneous attack rule (see core rules page 16). Using Feedback Array does not count as an attack, and can be used against ships you are touching, while you are overlapping an asteroid, and while you have the Blinded Pilot Damage card assigned to your ship.
  10. I'm not sure even that is right. Seems to me that triggering calculation and the opportunity to spend focus tokens normally are 2 different opportunities, even if they are very close together. FAQ clearly says can only use Calculation once per attack. So? No one has suggested otherwise. Was just confirming what had been surmised by treybert.
  11. I'm not sure even that is right. Seems to me that triggering calculation and the opportunity to spend focus tokens normally are 2 different opportunities, even if they are very close together. FAQ clearly says can only use Calculation once per attack.
  12. I didn't realise that the card had been changed under errata. I just started flying A-wings and used DD last nite. After thinking about it,you're correct it doesn't matter. After doing some research on this I think 'always' may have been added for ships that either don't have the hard one or if they do it's red, as a clarification. It always bothers me (pun intended) when absolutes are added to clarify something. The two questions that immediately come to mind are 'why was it added?' and 'what does it affect ?'. Now I know. I don't understand why you are talking about ships having a hard 1 turn. Whether they have it, and whatever colour it is if they do is completely irrelevant to Daredevil. The Errata'd card tells you what to do. Execute a White 1 Turn manoeuvre. Then gain a stress.token.
  13. I would say they changed it to make it such that Damaged Engine does not change the manoeuvre to red. That being the whole point of the FAQ update,
  14. correct me if im wrong, but rhymer has heavy, which means you cant lock him down by engaging him. he isn't affected by that status. Heavy means Rhymer cannot lock down other squadrons. Not that he can't be locked down.
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