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  1. Disregard. My question has been answered.
  2. The Ice that are based off of Zodiac signs have listed in their trace subroutine's that if the trace strength is 5 or greater, an additional effect happens. I've had players tell me that even if the subroutine is broken, if the trace strength is 5 or greater, the additional effect still happens. Is this right? Since this additional effect is part of the subroutine, and not an encounter effect (like Tollbooth), if the subroutine is broken shouldn't it not take effect? Thanks
  3. Firstly, you have too many programs. Crypsis is very slow and weak unless you bump it up with Personal Touch. Atman can be both good and bad depending on the ice your opponent runs. Also Inti and Pipeline aren’t that effective as they both require two credits for +1 strength. I would free up some influence to grab ice breakers from other factions. Corroder is one of the best barrier breakers. Also with so many programs you going to become memory starved quickly. I would also find room for Self-Modifying Code to help you grab programs quicker or find room for Special Order from Criminals. I would drop Borrowed Satellite (one is not really going to help you much), the Crypsis’es (?) and the one Medium (again it is only one and the Maker’s Eye will be enough threat to R&D).
  4. I feel that you will want more ICE. It’s recommended that you have 17 to 20 for a 45 card deck and your two Data Mines are only one shot’s. I would ditch a few of your traps. Having a lot of traps can work but they have two problems. They do nothing if the runner encounters them in R&D and they cost money and clicks to power up. Jinteki can be strained for cash, especially with just Core cards. Melange is a great money card, but it takes your entire turn to use. If you are taking your entire turn to make credits, you will not be able to place and power your traps. I would ditch at least one of every trap (not the Snares!) if not more and grab more ice and more cards that gain credits.
  5. If you are playing with Private Security Force I would recommend more ways to give the runner tags. More Hunters and I would recommend splashing Data Raven. Also Ghost Branch is a great trap card, with low influence and cost zero to kick off the effect. Also don’t be afraid to splash one Scorched Earth. It can really take the runner by surprise. I would recommend ditching Shipment from Kaguya. The second Jintiki identity plays better at laying several cards down and bluffing the runner and I don’t feel you will get much use out of it with this deck. Same for Akitaro Watanabe. You only have three expensive ice (Heimdall and Wall of Thorns) and he won’t provide much otherwise. I would recommend switching some of your barriers out for a cheaper barrier like Wall of Static or Bastion. Also you may want to up your deck size to 49. You won’t have to grab more agenda’s and it provides four more cards as a buffer for the runner to get through in R&D. It also allows you grab more ice and economy cards.
  6. I disagree with Commissar on Underworld Contacts. Since Reina starts with one link, all it takes is one Dyson (or link card of your preference) and you can start receiving the benefits. It can take some set up time as you may have UWC but not the link or vice versa. I’ve used it and have gotten millage out of it most of the time. Try it out and see if you like it. I agree with the rest of the advice. Go for Armitage or Kati for funds but make sure to keep some way of retrieving your cards from your heap. Heavy ice corps will just start trashing ice with Caissa cards without even rezzing them. This may cost you more in the long run than them. I like Emergency Shutdown better than FAO. FAO may get rid of the ice and if they rezz it you have information on what it is, but ES will make them pay dearly to rezz it again. If you want to try something different I run with Cortez chips with my Reina deck. Stacked with Rook and Xanadu that’s an extra six credits to rez an ice.
  7. Can Khopesh of the Abyss be used by a character with Invulnerability? Since they can't be given wounds doesn't this mean they cannot meet the card requirements? Also how many times can a character use Khopesh in a turn? Since it does not exhaust can it be used multiple times? How is the story card “A new Challenge Resolved”? If I won it, could I take the success stories from the other stories and then put the all the success tokens on my side or must they be distributed equally? What happens when a character with toughness that has wounds has toughness removed from a card effect? Would they immediately die? If Carl Stafford sacrifices multiple Cultists in a turn would he gain he more Skull and Tome icons for each Cultist sacrificed? Thanks.
  8. Just picked up Terror in Venice and I actually really dig the theme. Makes me wish they made more theme based expansions. I was curious about Conspiracy’s. How many people play them in their decks? How effective are they? They don't seem that awesome to me, but I'm still new. For an interesting game idea I was thinking about just using the cards from Terror in Venice and some from the core to make decks and then use the Conspiracy cards like they were story cards. How do you think that will change the game?
  9. There is also a group that plays at Total Escape Games in Broomfield on Wednesdays. We start around 6:30.
  10. Good to know. Thank you for the response.
  11. I just picked up the game and have been playing casually. I was playing last night and I played a Yog-Sothoth spell (sorry, don’t have my cards in front of me) on my turn that forced my opponent to sacrifice a character. In response he played a Hastur card that took control of one of my characters and then sacrificed it to fulfill my spell. It seems legit but I wanted to double check to make sure we were playing that interaction right. Thanks.
  12. Good luck with the testing. Might I recommend swapping some of your agendas to try and squeeze in Nisei MK II. I have won (and lost) several times to its ability. I’ve also noticed if scored early many runners forget about it and you can really hurt them with it later.
  13. I started this thread on the general form so that more people may see it. Due to negative feedback, FFG is stating that it is highly unlikely they will do something like the tour again. This is very unfortunate as the tour brought a lot to the community. It helped promote the game and brought some attention to a local game store. It was a blast to meet the creators and voting for a runner allowed the players to actually affect the world somewhat. I understand some people were upset that it didn't come near their area. If the tour was promoted however it might expand to more locations. Now it may never come again. If you want to see something like the tour again or you are thankful to FFG for game, please post in the Plugged in Tour thread letter of thanks.
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