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  1. Thanks phillos, I guess we'll play The Forgotten Age next then. :)
  2. Hi all, I love this game! I own all the products released so far and play in the following manner: I'll play a campaign together with my girlfriend and we'll construct decks choosing from all the player cards (minus the ones costing experience, obviously) that were included in the full cycle and every cycle before it. So by the time we played Path to Carcosa, we chose cards from the complete card pool of the Core set, Dunwich Legacy and the Path to Carcosa. We've played the Core, Dunwich Legacy and Path to Carcosa. Now moving forward, I was thinking about playing releases in this order: - Return to the Night of the Zealot - The Labyrinths of Lunacy (standalone) - The Forgotten Age - Return to the Dunwich Legacy - The Circle Undone - Return to the Path of Carcosa This way I think we closely match the order of release and have quite a bit of variation. Does this sound like a good order for playing? We like a challenge, but also like to make it through the entire campaign and then win (or at least not fail miserably). Path to Carcosa has been quite hard for us, though we did manage it, barely, in the end. Is this order a good order for making things progressively more difficult? In other words, how would you rate the difficulty of Return to the Night of the Zealot, compared to The Labyrinths of Lunacy and The Forgotten Age?
  3. Hello all, I am playing this game 'progression style', so I'm only using the player cards from the scenarios I've played thus far. I also play chronologically by order of release. The nightmare quests are an exception to this, since I've skipped playing them until now. The reason for this is that while I do enjoy a challenge, I don't enjoy losing over and over again (looking at you, Into Ithilien and Morgul Vale). Therefore I thought that by playing these quests later, once I've collected more cards from newer expansions, I'd be better able to handle the nightmare quests. The question then is: when do I start with them? I am currently in the Angmar Awakened cycle, so 2015 in year of release. Can I just play all the regular quests first, or will the oldest Nightmare quests then become too easy? I enjoy fine-tuning my deck, but don't like to build a complete new deck specifically tailored for a certain scenario. Thanks for all the help.
  4. My local game store is clearing up their Imperial Assault stock, you can buy three IA packs and get the cheapest one free. I think it's just to make shelf space and doesn't have anything to do with FFG's upcoming plans. With the lack of new releases I totally understand why they are doing it though. I'm hoping for new physical content and more digital app content, fingers crossed.
  5. We know Epic mode is coming later. But do you know if the large epic models will also be getting resculpts?
  6. I would definitely recommend this game to you! I would start by buying just 1 Core set and then perhaps start playing the first scenario solo. Just so you get to know the rules and understand deckbuilding a bit. Then if you feel confident enough you might ask to have your wife play with you, where you build both decks. If she enjoys it you can move on. Beware that the second quest can already be quite hard, though there are some great tips on deckbuilding online (that's how I managed to beat it). The third quest can also be brutal, though hopefully by then you'll understand the game and deckbuilding better to come up with some good strategies. Even if your wife doesn't enjoy the game, you can still play it solo. That's how I play most of my LotR LCG games. I enjoy playing solo dual-handed more than just with one deck. It's more to manage and takes longer, but also makes for a much more fun and diverse experience. As for expansions, the quests in the first cycle (Mirkwood) are a bit bland, however there are some decent player cards and personally I really enjoyed playing everything in order of release, adding the new player cards to the card pool only when I actually get to a certain expansion. The first Deluxe expansion, Khazad-dûm I really enjoyed! It's really thematic and not overly complex yet. The corresponding Dwarrowdelf cycle is also good though the first few quests I didn't really enjoy. The second deluxe expansion Heirs of Numenor is fun, but impossibly hard without enough player cards. It has a really good cycle, Against the Shadow, as well. After that the Deluxe expansions and cycles start to differ more and more from the core formula. This is fun because by then you'll want to play in new and interesting ways, however I would save these expansions for later after you've played the earlier ones.
  7. It is mentioned that the Aces expansions won't be reprinted. Does this include Heroes of the Resistance?
  8. In order for the conversion kits to exist, all current ships need to have been redesigned for the second edition at the same time (at least their cards / stats). My question is if this means that all future re-releases of these ships will contain these specific cards or if there will be additional new cards that are still in development (or in future development) that will be exclusive to these packs? Also, will the game still be played on 3 ft x 3 ft / 90 cm x 90 cm playmats?
  9. I would guess that we'll either get a new app-campaign or an announcement of a new app-campaign on May 1st, during Fantasy Flight's Star Wars upcoming products presentation: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/17/the-star-wars-hyperspace-report/ It would be perfect timing and I think the fact they already announced the new physical expansions means they probably have some other IA announcement for that presentation (most likely to do with the app). This is just speculation of course but I think it's quite likely. Less likely but still possible, May the 4th is Star Wars Day so perhaps we'll see something then if we don't see it at Worlds.
  10. Thanks a lot! That's really helpful! I'll probably start the campaign once I've painted the core set and the expansions that would make the most sense for appearances as well as the ones that seem the coolest. Very much looking forward to starting Imperial Assault for the first time! (after the tutorial)
  11. Hello all, I've only played the tutorial mission on the app so far and would love to soon start playing the campaign (solo). I have only recently started painting the miniatures as I think that would give the best player experience. Therefore I'm starting with painting the core set and the first wave of expansions. Before starting the campaign, I was wondering if the Flight of the Freedom Fighter is centred around the core and the first wave or if the additional expansions also make sense to have enabled for this campaign? I understand that with the latest update allies and villains from later expansions can also appear in the campaign if you enable them, I am just wondering if it makes sense thematically to have them there. If that is the case, what would you recommend? Just start playing the campaign or wait until I've painted the miniatures from the other expansions I own as well?
  12. I'd strongly suggest giving the game a chance before voicing such a strong opinion. To me it was an exciting announcement, if they did a digital copy of the physical game then that would render my physical collection almost obsolete. The reduced hassle of drawing and set-up time would be a great benefit for me. I love that these will be two different games, it suits different playstyles. This way I will keep collecting the physical game and hopefully also expand the digital game if I like it. To me it sounds similar to how the new Star Wars Imperial Assault app introduces a new way to play the game rather than replace the existing game. Honestly I'm very much looking forward to trying out this digital version.
  13. Found a location in the Netherlands that hosts this 2017 Fellowship event, on Monday December 11 from 19:00 till 23:00 https://www.subcultures.nl/event/lotr-lcg-fellowship-2017/ Added it to the map though I'm not sure how to add it to the December 11 layer.
  14. I seem to have the same problem. Logged quite a lot of quests these past few weeks, but today it doesn't show my quests (it does show statistics and I am able to log new quests, but I can't see them any longer) Using Firefox I also got an error message saying the website is configured improperly, maybe that is what is causing the problem?
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