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  1. Wow, nicely done Hexis Didn't know that was a thing XD
  2. Yeah I was going to use: "Get in there you big furry oaf...I don't care WHAT you smell!"
  3. Yes.. at least... this is the render that made me change my dislike of the Avenger to abject lust.... I want 8 of them.
  4. This ship on the cover of the Jedi search novel is a YT 1300.... Not sure what you're referring to.
  5. This looks nothing like the Ship on the Book Cover of the Jedi Search Series. Where'd you get this? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sun_Crusher
  6. Sadly BSG would have what, like 7 fighters? Viper, MkII, MkIII, Raptor and Original Cylon Raider, New Raider and the Heavy Raider. My vote would be for Robotech. I haven't played Dust but I imagine that it's ground warfare rules would have to be incorporated into the game... assuming the ground and air components are even compatible.
  7. I always thought that if older era ships were to become part of the game, they would have less impressive stats.... Why bother with r&d cycle costs without any notable improvement in performance? PS -? Weap - 2 Agi - 2 Hull - 2 (maybe 3 - Obi and Ani did crash-land them on that genosian cruiser without much damage) Shield - 0 TIE fighter maneuver dial Focus, BR, Evade Astromech, Missile No idea what to charge for points... I cringe at making them cost less than a TIE At 10 points that's 20 red dice on a TIE fighter maneuver dial coming at you across the table...
  8. It looks like a suppository, and I think that's where the author should have stuck it....
  9. Suncrusher I.. I just don't get it.... Aesthetically, it's just awful As a plot device, it's just awful As a mini, and considering it's relative power level, it's just awful Seriously?
  10. HazardPay

    2 HWKs

    I think so, at 15$ a ship, they aren't terribly expensive, and once you have your initial investment (which for me was definitely a binge spending spree ) you don't have to buy any more unless a new wave comes out.
  11. HazardPay

    2 HWKs

    It's fun to crunch numbers and min-max yours ship lists, but there's something to be said for flying a squadron that is assembled purely on your whimsy. If you have fun flying it, whether you win or lose, the game has done it's job.
  12. Sub-Forum : Pilots and Squadrons by Region /sign
  13. I'd like to do the magnet mod on my B-wings so that I can swivel the cockpit, as well as other mods. Are you cutting these with an exacto, or some other tool? Before I start cutting on my birds, I wanted to check with you folks who have experience.
  14. Yes but mutants like Rodent Mastermind, Viceroy Bolda, Millenium Falsehood, and Zombie Hedgehog set the bar pretty **** high. I suspect they aren't actually humans but escaped experiments, from the secret Lucasarts bio engineering labs. My painting is subpar.. I got one Interceptor that I re-trimmed with a "Sharpie" It doesn't look half as bad as you would expect, but yeah it still isn't something I'd field proudly. It has a date with some "Simple Green" later this week.
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