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  1. I honestly dont know how he split up time between skirmish and campaign but they do have a separate team from Legion. Straight from Todd's mouth.
  2. Yeah! It's by Broken Token. Its the one with 6 slots (they have one with 10, I think) and then I added dividers in 3 of them to make 6 small slots (for focus, hidden, bleed, weaken, stun), the 3 normal slots hold damage-1,3,5. Dont currently have a fancy way of holding power tokens. I made 3 small bags to hold the current 3 maps for skirmish, a smaller bag to hold dice (4 of each color) and the initiative token, and a big bag to tote everything in.
  3. I sure can. I'm on vaca but I will in a few days. Everything I have a order or custom ordered from Recreator Studios
  4. https://fao.podbean.com/e/episode-04-imperial-assault-battle-report-la-regional-part-1/ New Episode!!! Sorry for the delay, busy week for us here in sunny San Diego ? ???☀️? In this episode we cover the swiss rounds of the LA Regional, discussing our rounds and some of the challenges of TOing a tourney. Some naughty language used ?? Follow us wherever you get your pods: https://fao.podbean.com/ Check us out on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCys-h011kSG7fJbbjOp0ijA Need some awesome tokens, dice trays, or ANYTHING: http://www.recreatorstudios.com/
  5. https://fao.podbean.com/e/episode-03-imperial-assault-battle-report-san-jose-regional/ New Episode!! This week we relive the glory and heartbreak of the San Jose Regional!! Uggs, Chewie, and the dreaded Wife!!? Come listen to our struggle! Follow us wherever you get your pods: https://fao.podbean.com/ Check out our youtrube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCys-h011kSG7fJbbjOp0ijA And thanks for listening!!!!
  6. Regional Report!!! Our first crack at a Podcast! Come check us out on Podbean and iTunes!!! In our first 2 episodes we recap our matches at Uncle's Games in Redmond, Washington aka basically Seattle (shhh don't tell them I said that.) We break down our lists, their strengths and weakness, and our prayers not to be drawn against each other or the World Champ ? NOTE: Strong language here and there, BEWARE! Follow us on iTunes or wherever you get your pods: https://fao.podbean.com/ Check out our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCys-h011kSG7fJbbjOp0ijA and Thanks for listening and watching!!!
  7. May 2-6 official or we are assuming based on May the fourth?
  8. I'm going to 3! Lies!! It's all about what's next!!!!!! ?????? Lol I can hardly put together a coherent sentence.
  9. Agree completely that the games are VERY much different. Therefore give us a **** article on the next wave. If they are different they won't be competing directly, so whats the problem? Their communication is always up and down, mainly down, and this is an absurd amount of time without an article. I don't honestly think they will stop producing IA, yet this doesn't give me much hope. I know there is something in the pipeline, but why they can't share that baffles me. Obviously I don't work there so why would I? The best answer anyone can come up with is that they are waiting on Legion (thestag isnt the first to suggest this), but in the same breath say legion isn't a competition, so that isn't a good reason at all.
  10. We've had nothing of value since HotE dropped. There was a "here's an app" (neat but not skirmish related) and "here's a new tourney map." How about info on the next wave? Or a statement such as, "don't worry IA we aren't abandoning you for the newer, younger, and sexier Legion. We are still invested in your growth even though we haven't shown an interest in nearly 4 months. Much Love, FFG" Communication would be nice. Just a basic "We have things in the pipeline" would be a great start.
  11. Officer Training: use while attacking to reroll 1 attack dice. Then, if you are a Leader, draw 1 command card. My first thought, you must reroll the die in order to play the card. But I'm curious if you can choose to reroll zero dice?
  12. You guys are so close, but he asked about store champs not q2...
  13. Yes you absolutely must!! Same rules as any tournament
  14. Glad to have gotten a response on Feb 1st with a "getting it out ASAP" That being said they normally have 1 yr to get prepared for the event. This time they had a year and a half... or should've. They should've had 1 team working on November worlds and one working on May's. Now if that's not feasible then I could see them saying they had a year for Nov and 6 months for May. But you can't tell me they couldn't dabble in both at the same time. I don't want to get there Tuesday night when my events aren't till Friday. The longer we all have to wait the more the flights clost
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