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  1. The may reason that Makashi Duelist is so good is the 5 point talent Resist Disarm which saves any weapon being destroyed, damage or disarmed ( But not having your arm cut off ), but it does cost 2 strain.
  2. I would treat Solitaire as a advance career proberly Ascensions level, I would look at Incubus Initiate in The Soul Reaver;https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fd/5c/fd5c6159-dd76-4165-a726-5a44a82342a4/the_dark_kin_wq.pdf for ideas
  3. Is there any plans to update the sheet with the Dark Eldar and careers?
  4. Well for slicing and also cybernetics rules I would get Special Modifications.
  5. Sounds like a great character idea and you have Obligation Family as they are trying to get you back
  6. Here's a couple of suggestions, you could use the Knight level in Force and Destiny or like in the game I'm in, you can have the cybernetics but there's a problem, ie; it's malfunctioning (doesn't give any stat bonus), poor quality or wrong size ( gives set back dice or increase difficulty when it in use). Also there is a chance it may short out and would need a mechanical check to get it back online. All these can be fixed when the character has enough credits to "buy" them, this is the cost of the parts.
  7. Good soak value to shoot for? Don't get hit or be in the area where there is vehicle or higher class weapons in use
  8. Can not wait for Nexus of Power to come out
  9. Don't forget that you can get a Hired Gun's ability LAST ONE STANDING easy in 190xp and that murders minions and rivals (just had too ) With the 1 Crit Vibro weapons, sunder and ranged is the bane to these types of weapons. Just remember with the right equipment in the right hands can be deadly
  10. Star Wars: Rebels also shows how evil Tarkin is to Imperials, executing Imperial Officers failing to capture the rebels and forcing a Imperial Governer to defect and blowing her up. With Luke getting darkside points for blowing up the Death Star is counted by all the lives he saved because of that action. Hopeful FFG will publish the other Force traditions, like Witches of Dathomir.
  11. Here's some more designs; Phase 1 Phase 2 From http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26764
  12. Just look at it a diffierant angle, the "Power Gamer" has become a specialist while the "Role-player" has become a Jack-of-all. Now if you where talking about a "Real Power Gamer" they would be choosing a race that gives them the best advange as well.
  13. I thought they are a litte more human looking. Or maybe a short furry version of the Defiance's Omec;
  14. My Marauder/doctor has 4 Str and 4 Int, he once was a MagnaGuard and now running around in a Pit Droid mending injured meatbags, trying to redeem himshelf from the Clone Wars.
  15. Working fine with me, just installed it older the old version.
  16. What power for Force Choke, Harm or Unleash? Unleash has the incapacitating (Ensnare) and damage over time (Burn) ability, but this is Force Lightning. While Harm has no incapacitating or damage over time / maintaining abilities. With the current Force powers there is no way to recreate the scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader uses Force Choke to kill Admiral Ozzel. At the time Vader is in his meditation chamber while Ozzel and Needa are presumably on the bridge of the Executor. https://youtu.be/7O1Qd_FNgfM
  17. Just watchTESB it has plenty of astrogation failures. Here's another example; Admiral Ozzel: [appearing onscreen with Captain Piett] Lord Vader, the fleet has moved out of lightspeed and we're preparing to... [Ozzel stops, and suddenly begins to choke, clutching at his throat] Darth Vader: You have failed me for the last time, Admiral! Captain Piett? Captain Piett: Yes, my lord? Darth Vader: Make ready to land our troops beyond their energy field, and deploy the fleet, so that nothing gets off the system. [beside Piett, Admiral Ozzel utters one last strangled gasp, and falls over dead]
  18. Got my today from http://www.bookdepository.com/ and only took 8 days to arrive to Australia
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