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  1. I think he’s looking for the captive player to have something to do instead of just sitting at the table waiting for the other player’s PCs to get to their cell. A few ideas to beat such boredom: - Let the other PCs get in quickly and easily, only to find that it was a trap and they have a very hard time getting out. This way, the reunion happens quickly and the captive gets involved, but it doesn’t break suspension of disbelief. - Make up other captives the PC can talk to. Maybe she can gain knowledge from them or recruit their help on a breakout. - Let the captive try to escape on their own. Ask the player, “would your character just wait around to be rescued or tortured? what would they be trying right now?” And have at least something prepared so there is some way to make an attempt. If they fail, they fail and have to wait, but at least they got a chance. - Have another group (e.g. Rebels, criminals) assault the base at the same time, either to destroy it or to free another prisoner. Lots of fun complications and new NPC relationships to be made there. - The Imperials are going to transport the captive, so the rescue becomes a chase, too. Maybe it’s just a chase theough the prison, or maybe the PCs have to free them from a transport instead. Just some ideas off the cuff. Let us know how it goes!
  2. My google-fu and forum search skills are failing me. Where are the rules for “social combat”, using strain in place of wounds and social checks instead of weapon rolls? Also, do the RAW contain things like equivalents for “weapon” base damage (maybe using the relevant characteristic), Willpower as Soak, etc.? Any good houserules that fill in gaps in RAW?
  3. I think the adventure from the EotE Beta book, “Crate of Krayts”, ends up with a big shoot-out and a dead Hutt. Might not fit to a T, but food for thought. You can pretty easily find the pdf online.
  4. Yeah, I don’t plan on undoing the benefit of the mask directly. Like in the OP, I was thinking of interesting narrative ways to neutralize them. The idea of one getting blasted in a combat check or knocked off from Athletics or something is interesting.
  5. My PCs are on their way to bring medicines to an epidemic. They have breathmasks, which I think generally filter out infections, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to make Resilience checks, as it’s such an under-utilized skill. Maybe there’s a cultural stigma to wearing them in front of the nobles of the planet? Maybe a DP flip makes one of theirs malfunction? Other thoughts? Also, any suggestions for adjudicating difficulties and results for such checks?
  6. I’m working on the next adventure for my group, who just picked up a bunch of meds to deliver to an epidemic-stricken planet. They’ll arrive on planet, and shortly after delivery, the local nobles throw a feast to celebrate the supplies and forthcoming healing. At the feast, one PC spots someone from his background, who works as a lieutenant for the BBEG’s slaver ring. What the PCs eventually find out is that one of the not-so-noble houses is selling its peasants to the slavers for medicines (the PC shipment is just one of several needed for planet-wide healing). I’m reviewing the new Investigation rules from No Disintegrations, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the PCs could go from a single spotting across a crowded room, to a shootout freeing the slaves about to be shipped out and toppling the corrupt noble. The PCs are pretty new to roleplaying, so I want to strike a good balance of keeping the plot moving and having them actually solve the mystery/puzzle. Only other thing to note is the lieutenant is supposed to be a long-term adversary and so should escape the planet. Thoughts/suggestions?
  7. After playing a dozen or so games, I think the game is slightly (repeat: slightly) skewed toward the Empire. A little over half the games have been close calls, where either the Rebels pull off an objective just in time, or the Imperials crush the base with 1-2 spaces between the Time and Reputation markers. The rest have been pretty decisive Imperial victories. Anyone else come to similar conclusions? If you disagree, why? If you agree, fortunately there seems to be a fairly easy way to give the Rebellion a "handicap", if you will. We're now starting with the Rebel's Reputation marker at 13 instead of 14. If that still seems off, we might move it to 12, but I think even the one-point change will be enough to rebalance the mechanics. Anyone else tried this? Or have another balance suggestion?
  8. It can be played at the end of each combat round. So if you have any fighters left, you can attempt the card. If you fail, the next round of combat begins. If you have any fighters left, you can attempt the card again. Repeat as long as the conditions apply. Yeah, the Rebel player in ANH had to play it 3 times (1 with Y-wings, 2 with X-wings) before they got a Direct Hit!
  9. Q: If the Imperial player succeeds with "Lure of the Dark Side", does the converted leader's action card switch players also? Or does it return to the box? Maybe I missed something in the RR, but I couldn't find it.
  10. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I'd say whatever agreement works between the two players. I'd also say that a good sport would allow such a memory aide. Part of the fun of Rebellion is playing mind-games with your opponent, but winning because of their bad memory isn't much fun. I always want to play my opponent at their best.
  11. More people should be able to do this, both in gaming and in life. I read something, it contradicted my original thought, so I changed my mind. Sorry, don't mean to be patronizing, but I deal way too much with people not willing to consider the facts.
  12. It might help to think conceptually about what the two represent: 1) Subjugation is military occupation, with troops forcing the populace to work for the Empire. 2) Loyalty (Rebel or Imperial) is the mood of the populace, working for either side of their own will.
  13. Bluffing a mission Is interesting, though that's pretty expensive considering the limited number of leaders/actions per round.
  14. The card says "destroy up to 4-health worth of units of your choice on the build queue." As the DSUC is never on the build queue, and the DS on the build queue does not have a health value, this doesn't work.
  15. Capturing is damaging, but it's also a cost to the Imps of a leader (generally using up either Vader or Fett, or more) and locking down the system (since the starting mission requires Imp units in-system). It's also balanced by only being able to capture one at a time. The only exception is if you complete either of the one-shot, 3-icon missions (carbon-freezing / lure of the dark side), which you have to time before the rebels can mount a rescue. So is capturing damaging for the Rebels? Yes, and it should be. Is it unbalanced? I don't think so.
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