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  1. I could really use some help figuring out clues for the PCs to find this guy. Right now, Maz points them to the right part of slum-town, but how they ID him, and how they gain his trust, I’m having serious writers block. A little help from my GM friends?
  2. BLUF: I’m trying to find interesting obstacles for my PCs while they track down a Batman-esque ex-Jedi on Nar Shaddaa, who is intended as their future mentor/benefactor. I’ve fleshed out this character pretty well, thanks in large part to Disciples of Harmony and the Order 66 podcast with @KRKappel. He was a newly-minted Knight on his first mission on the edge of Hutt Space at the end of the Clone Wars. Due to the stealthy nature of his mission, he was away from troopers when Order 66 came down. He used his evasion skills to hide away in the depths of Nar Shaddaa and reinvented himself. He now runs a small business in the slums, along with some white-hat smuggling via connections to the Black Bhalir. So his day-identity is less Bruce Wayne and more Jean Valjean (when he was the mayor). By night, he uses his growing Force abilities to protect the poor, unfortunate souls who eke out a life on the Smugglers Moon. This ex-Jedi occasionally ventures out beyond Nar Shaddaa to track down rumors of remaining Jedi knowledge and artifacts, to continue his own training and maybe, just maybe, preserve for the future. This is how the PCs get drawn in, as he “recovers” a holocron from Dok Ondar that the PCs left with him on Batuu. The party tracked him from Black Spire Outpost to Takodana, where they pick up more clues from Maz Kanata (after earning her trust). Maz points the group to Nar Shaddaa, with a clue or two. This is where you all come in. I’d love to brainstorm what clues they get from Maz, what challenges they have on Nar Shaddaa, and how they might gain the trust of this ex-Jedi. The PCs are not “good guys” per se, but they tend toward the light-gray of Edge of the Empire. Two of six PCs are Force-sensitive, but the whole group can gain smuggling jobs from him. Any thoughts, suggestions, off-the-wall craziness? What say you?
  3. whafrog is correct, as usual. I haven’t done it much, but making the ratio 5:1 seems a little more realistic. I’ve heard of others using that as a house rule as well. ymmv.
  4. A few of my PCs are recently Force Sensitive (originally EOTE characters who bought into FS Exile spec), and they are on an adventure which will eventually end up netting them a holocron. They both are interested in lightsabers, but I’m concerned forcing them to spend 40xp on a lightsaber spec, plus another 15 for the “Form” talent is a high tax to do anything with the weapon. Especially since that bumps their next spec to 50xp. So I was thinking of making the holocron give Lightsaber as a career skill, and then instead of another career skill, let them take the “Renegade Form” talent for 15 or 20 xp. Does that sound balanced, or crazy OP?
  5. I’m sorry, I know Conflict/Morality discussions have been done almost to death, but I’m using it for the first time (usually my table sticks to Edge), and I’m a little confused. Just to set the tone, I’m looking to interpret RAW, not house rules. Another clarification: I’m of the opinion that the Force determines light/dark, not the character’s or the player’s sense of right/wrong. My PCs are going through Mask of the Pirate Queen, and last session was the assault on the Vault. They broke in, tied up some sleeping sentries, interrogated them, then went through and blasted nearly everyone in the place. Only 2 of the 6 are Force-sensitive, so only they have Morality. Those 2 never shot first, even though they were intentionally invading the pirate base to capture the Queen. Those 2 let the others coerce the tied-up guards and the one caught in the bathroom with his pants down. It seems like RAW, they shouldn’t gain Conflict, but they were going in ready for combat. Just because they technically didn’t shoot first doesn’t seem like they should get off scott-free. On the other hand, one of them did coerce the pirate queen to come woth them after they dispatched her guards instead of shooting her. This seems like the better path, with a threat rather than a blaster bolt, but it seems RAW that gains Conflict where returning the queen’s blaster fire doesn’t. So my question, is what counts as “defensive combat” rather than “aggression” for the purpose of Conflict? Does it matter whether you’re attacking a bounty’s pirates, or an Imperial base, or a Sith fortress, or a bunch of droids? Also, how do you handle letting non-FS PC’s handle the “dirty work” of coercion? Oh, and they took pirate loot after they killed everyone. Does that count as stealing for Conflict? Thanks!
  6. I’m getting back in the game and rubbing off some rust, so forgive me if I’ve overlooked the simple answer. My players are passing out from strain with an unusual frequency, and they asked if there’s an equivalent of a stimpack for strain. My general thought was no, because strain can easily be decreased with advantage, at the end of an encounter, completely wiped with a good night sleep, etc. And medical checks can heal strain for advantage. However, the team Doctor has several ranks of Surgeon to increase her wounds healed, but not strain. My biggest concern is when a PC is out cold from strain and can’t get stimmed up, so they’re stuck for the rest of the encounter at least. Any thoughts or suggestions? Help me FFG forums, you’re my only hope!
  7. I ran through a similar homebrew last session with my group. The golem/crystal fight at the end was great. My Indiana-Jones-wannabe ensnares the golem, which really hindered his damage output. I put the crystals up on the wall, and while most of the group shot at them, one had the broght idea to climb up and dislodge it with Athletics. Triumpant check with several threat had it shatter on the ground, but he landed right next to the golem! As a preliminary room, I had the PCs solve a puzzle of mirrors reflecting light to the proper places. I wanted to emulate the tropish puzzles you often find in games like the Zelda series or MMOs, so I used a Skill Challenge (as described by Order 66 Podcast) and my players loved it! They used Education to figure out the angles, Athletics to climb to the higher ones, etc. Anyone else try something similar?
  8. I think he’s looking for the captive player to have something to do instead of just sitting at the table waiting for the other player’s PCs to get to their cell. A few ideas to beat such boredom: - Let the other PCs get in quickly and easily, only to find that it was a trap and they have a very hard time getting out. This way, the reunion happens quickly and the captive gets involved, but it doesn’t break suspension of disbelief. - Make up other captives the PC can talk to. Maybe she can gain knowledge from them or recruit their help on a breakout. - Let the captive try to escape on their own. Ask the player, “would your character just wait around to be rescued or tortured? what would they be trying right now?” And have at least something prepared so there is some way to make an attempt. If they fail, they fail and have to wait, but at least they got a chance. - Have another group (e.g. Rebels, criminals) assault the base at the same time, either to destroy it or to free another prisoner. Lots of fun complications and new NPC relationships to be made there. - The Imperials are going to transport the captive, so the rescue becomes a chase, too. Maybe it’s just a chase theough the prison, or maybe the PCs have to free them from a transport instead. Just some ideas off the cuff. Let us know how it goes!
  9. My google-fu and forum search skills are failing me. Where are the rules for “social combat”, using strain in place of wounds and social checks instead of weapon rolls? Also, do the RAW contain things like equivalents for “weapon” base damage (maybe using the relevant characteristic), Willpower as Soak, etc.? Any good houserules that fill in gaps in RAW?
  10. I think the adventure from the EotE Beta book, “Crate of Krayts”, ends up with a big shoot-out and a dead Hutt. Might not fit to a T, but food for thought. You can pretty easily find the pdf online.
  11. Yeah, I don’t plan on undoing the benefit of the mask directly. Like in the OP, I was thinking of interesting narrative ways to neutralize them. The idea of one getting blasted in a combat check or knocked off from Athletics or something is interesting.
  12. My PCs are on their way to bring medicines to an epidemic. They have breathmasks, which I think generally filter out infections, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to make Resilience checks, as it’s such an under-utilized skill. Maybe there’s a cultural stigma to wearing them in front of the nobles of the planet? Maybe a DP flip makes one of theirs malfunction? Other thoughts? Also, any suggestions for adjudicating difficulties and results for such checks?
  13. I’m working on the next adventure for my group, who just picked up a bunch of meds to deliver to an epidemic-stricken planet. They’ll arrive on planet, and shortly after delivery, the local nobles throw a feast to celebrate the supplies and forthcoming healing. At the feast, one PC spots someone from his background, who works as a lieutenant for the BBEG’s slaver ring. What the PCs eventually find out is that one of the not-so-noble houses is selling its peasants to the slavers for medicines (the PC shipment is just one of several needed for planet-wide healing). I’m reviewing the new Investigation rules from No Disintegrations, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the PCs could go from a single spotting across a crowded room, to a shootout freeing the slaves about to be shipped out and toppling the corrupt noble. The PCs are pretty new to roleplaying, so I want to strike a good balance of keeping the plot moving and having them actually solve the mystery/puzzle. Only other thing to note is the lieutenant is supposed to be a long-term adversary and so should escape the planet. Thoughts/suggestions?
  14. After playing a dozen or so games, I think the game is slightly (repeat: slightly) skewed toward the Empire. A little over half the games have been close calls, where either the Rebels pull off an objective just in time, or the Imperials crush the base with 1-2 spaces between the Time and Reputation markers. The rest have been pretty decisive Imperial victories. Anyone else come to similar conclusions? If you disagree, why? If you agree, fortunately there seems to be a fairly easy way to give the Rebellion a "handicap", if you will. We're now starting with the Rebel's Reputation marker at 13 instead of 14. If that still seems off, we might move it to 12, but I think even the one-point change will be enough to rebalance the mechanics. Anyone else tried this? Or have another balance suggestion?
  15. It can be played at the end of each combat round. So if you have any fighters left, you can attempt the card. If you fail, the next round of combat begins. If you have any fighters left, you can attempt the card again. Repeat as long as the conditions apply. Yeah, the Rebel player in ANH had to play it 3 times (1 with Y-wings, 2 with X-wings) before they got a Direct Hit!
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