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  1. Clan Blaster

    printed modles

    Perhaps 0000 steel wool? Its as fine as human hair.
  2. Wow....umm...nice but way out of sync. I wouldn't allow it.
  3. ? My buddy just got 3 X-wing expansions this week.
  4. Gamer Funk....said no physical laborer ever.
  5. Clan Blaster

    wot is it?

    Even though I don't care for 40k/FB's rules, and the way GW runs stuff. I love their fluff. One part I get a huge kick out of is that for Orc's, is that if enough of them believe something to be true, it becomes true. So in 40k you get a extra inch of movment on orc truks if you take the red goes faster upgrade. Of course any selfrespectnig orc player will paint them red as well. Their fluff is very good. I developed most of my writing style based on their fluff. A lot of my fiction writing can see bits and pieces of their published fluff in it and I think it has made me a better writer overall. I love the 40K backstory fluff even though its derivative of just about everything that came before it.
  6. Paint squadron colors on your ships. Finish the asteroids. Myself, I am working on destroyed ship hull debris in place of the standard asteroids. Just some glued together bits painted and put on flying stands to sit on top of obstacle tiles. Kidnap someone for your x-wing dungeon to play whenever you feel like. (We all have dungeons right? That just me? )
  7. Clan Blaster

    wot is it?

    Righ' wot we got ere is wot we boyz call a tie drone dat da puny humie emperor wot back frum da dead sent his world devastata's to smash dem rowdy fish 'eads on der soggin wet planet. Dem world devestata's would go about gobblin all da 'ard bits up and spit out dem tie dronez. Az fer rulez I'd say nuffin different from an ol' tie fighta fresh outta da academy. Waaaaagh!
  8. Oh very nice. Though I have to ask...you are keeping them up with their lightsaber techniques correct?
  9. Ok, so we have a group of about 5 players and we're routinely playing 300 pt multiplayer games on a too small table (3 x 5 ft atm) but we have a good time and have no problems other than running into each other. (Had a three player and five ship pile up the other night) Right now another player and I have the largest number of ships and we just let other player use them, everyone owns something of their own however, and a good bit of the table is taken up with cards. Anyway I figure there are other big game players out there. So how do you go about organizing your cards? Any tricks? Hints? Personal set ups? Keeping everything on the same surface or other smaller tables? Suggested table size for 3-5 player games?
  10. I've been out of painting since I sold that last of my GW stuff some years ago. I thought their citadel range was supposed to be new and improved and all fancy yet the nuln oil did not flow and I ended up with a dirty grey A-Wing. I'm thinking I didn't shake it ENOUGH?
  11. Yes, are these things not based?
  12. I used it as well and it did not act as expected.
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