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  1. Just posted the results of the Game HQ Store Championship held on 3/22/15 in Oklahoma City, OK into the X-wing List Juggler. Here are the top four and their builds: 1st Place - Casey Malone Omicron Group Pilot + Darth Vader Whisper + Gunner + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Autothrusters 2nd Place - Tim Bunn Whisper + Gunner + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Academy Pilot 3rd Place - Ryan Gainey Gold Squadron Pilot + BTL-A4 Y-Wing + R3-A2 + Ion Cannon Turret Gold Squadron Pilot + BTL-A4 Y-Wing + Bomb Loadout + Ion Cannon Turret + Proximity Mines Corran Horn + R2-D2 + Advanced Sensors + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade 4th Place - Trent Holt Ibtisam + Sensor Jammer + Push the Limit + C-3PO Wedge Antilles Wes Janson + R3-A2 + Veteran Instincts The score of the final round is incorrect, it was very close between Casey and Tim. I was checking to see if the program added MoV from the final rounds (it doesn't) and didn't record the actual score. As I recall, there was one ship (Soontir Fel) left on the map at the end.
  2. This Sat. at DZ Comics and Gaming! Hope the weather co-operates!!
  3. It's getting close to the first of two store championships in the Oklahoma City metro area. The first will be held on Sat. Feb. 28th at DZ Comics and Gaming, located at 625 N. Moore Ave., Moore OK(a new location as of today!!!). Registration starts at 1pm and the event starts at 2pm. $10 entry. Phone # for the store is 405-735-3994. The second store championship will be held on Sun. Mar. 22nd at Game HQ, located at 9118 S. Western, Oklahoma City OK(a new-ish location, since late last year). Registration starts at 12pm and the event starts at 1pm. Phone # for the store is 405-691-0509. Hope to see people there! I'm playing in one tournament and running the other.
  4. I acknowledge that my terminology was incorrect. What I would love FFG to clarify is if agility value is less than zero that it rounds up back to zero before additional defense dice are added. I realize that a negative amount of dice can't be rolled, but if I'm in the hole and more dirt shows up shouldn't I need to fill up the hole before I continue? If FFG has clarified this fact someone please point me to it.
  5. Ok, I've got to disagree with dvor's post and here's my reasoning: In the core rulebook the roll defense dice step is as follows. 4. Roll Defense Dice During this step, the defender calculates how many defense dice to use and then rolls the dice. The defender rolls a number of defense dice equal to the ship’s agility value (the green number shown on its Ship card and ship token). The defender resolves any card abilities that allow him to roll additional (or fewer) dice. Also, if he is targeted at Range 3 by the attacker’s primary weapon, he rolls 1 additional defense die. After calculating the number of defense dice, the defender takes that number of green defense dice and rolls them. So by that calculation a printed 0 agility ship using expose is at -1 dice. Now you add the 1 additional die that range gives you and you're at zero. The clarification of increasing and decreasing value in the FAQ shows going down to a negative and then then back up to zero. Increasing and Reducing Values When multiple card effects or abilities increase or reduce a value, such as agility, ignore any “to a minimum of 0” restrictions until the calculation is complete. For example, if a ship with a printed agility value of “0” and the “Structural Damage” card uses “Countermeasures,” its agility is “0.” However, I might be misinterpreting this and so I will be asking FFG this as a rules question to verify.
  6. Getting a Shield Bag during Battlefoam's sale this weekend. Sent an e-mail to the production guys at Battlefoam and they responded that they could do a Tantive IV on a Shield tray.
  7. I was thinking about this topic yesterday when no other X-wing players showed up for a game night and decided I would try Chewie Falcon w/ gunner and millennium falcon title card vs. four Academy Ties. Newbie player gets Chewie first to learn fundamentals then if they want to go again, they get to fly the Ties. After all, what was the first small ship battle in Star Wars that we saw? At least those of us who saw the original in the theaters?The Falcon against four Ties.
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