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  1. Skargoth

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Can someone share the base insert double sides for the ARCs?
  2. Skargoth

    What are people running on Ello?

    I’ve run T70s and RZ2s almost exclusively since Resistance release and I have to profess my love for Predator on the I5-6 T70s. Closed S-foils Focus to BR for double mod shots.
  3. Skargoth

    -less Talents

    FO - Relentless Resistance - Reckless (I know, quite different meaning from Heroic, but blanking dice is scary) Separatist - Heartless Republic - Dauntless (I know, Deci title, but seems to fit)
  4. Skargoth

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    I don’t mind the Pava card. Certainly like it more than anything PLR.
  5. Skargoth

    Double-Tap Vennie

    I’ve been running 4-5s in a lot of iterations, and the next I want to try swaps out a T70 altogether for Vennie: Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Heroic (1) Tallissan Lintra (35) Heroic (1) Vennie (62) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I’ve tried all sorts of missiles on the As and nothing satisfies me, so fitting this beef in almost feels like cheating. Again, haven’t set it to table just yet, but I have extensive 4-5 testing and Vennie in the mix looks like a gain. Tallie support for Vennie allows a potential 3 Evade result on Vennie with Focus. Also add Jamming Beam onto Ello in Extended.
  6. Skargoth

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.

    Tallie is great, especially when opponents target her in initial engagement and never get another shot on her all game. Bet You Won’t Tallissan Lintra (35) Heroic (1) Trick Shot (1) Homing Missiles (3) L'ulo L'ampar (38) Heroic (1) Trick Shot (1) Homing Missiles (3) Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  7. Skargoth

    Redesigning Flight Assist Astromech for v2.0

    Honestly, S-foils give me all the reposition I could reasonably imagine, especially the T70s. FAA in 2.0 would probably be too much.
  8. Skargoth

    Poe > Kylo

    Resistance converted a bit better to my tastes than my beloved FO. Four5s and ThreeT70 are my jam now.
  9. Skargoth

    The Grand Inquisitor question(s)

    Except for the $40 per upgrade card. ☹️
  10. Skargoth

    GenCon X-Wing 2.0 event about to start!

    I suppose that makes more sense. Maybe based on threat then?
  11. Skargoth

    GenCon X-Wing 2.0 event about to start!

    I’m not there, but I’m already not liking this. Apparently you salvo with your remaining ships if you don’t kill the entire opposition in time. Can someone confirm? No MoV?
  12. Skargoth

    Reapers too dang hard to kill (rant)

    I’ll have one of those.
  13. Skargoth

    PSA: no public MathWing / ship evaluation for X-wing 2.0

    I’ll never forget Juggler’s reaction to Contracted Scout point cost reveal. He was so right from the very beginning FFG should’ve hired him to consult two years ago.
  14. Skargoth

    Rebel Bias Conspiracy example #226

    The trick is to throw more U-wings at the enemy. Have you TRIED 5 yet?
  15. Skargoth

    Rebel Bias Conspiracy example #226

    So just run all 5 with Targeting Scrambler, right?