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  1. Just how far south of Brissy are you mate? I'm at Browns Plains (Hillcrest to be exact)I am in the same area (Logan Reserve) but I won't be free for gaming for a while. When things are less hectic I will drop a note here.Also, sorry for the delay in reply. ☺
  2. Awesome, I think it's always great to meet another local EotE gamer. There are a few of us getting together for a game in the coming weeks, I will message you the details. That way you can join us or start something else up. It seems Brisbane has a few willing GMs looking for players so there could be opportunity for a variety of roles. :-)
  3. I would be interested in tracking down or forming a group for EotE or AoR (or both), but I am quite far south of Brisbane.
  4. No, because he cannot perform the same action twice in one turn. So no double boosting. Silly me, of course. In that case would (boost) (Daredevil) (post firing free action barrel roll) work with Turr when equipped with experimental interface?
  5. I am curious. It is probably too situational to include but could you use Turr Phennir with ptl to boost, barrel roll and then boost as a free action after taking a shot?
  6. Thank you for reposting this. It gives me hope for the future of this forum.
  7. Thanks DraconPyrothayan, headhunting Wedge is my main concern, I may just swap him out. I like the idea of Roark sitting back with a Bwing with HLC, taking early pot-shots as the enemy close in, but I don't want the HWK to be a priority target for my opponent until later in the game. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback and taking the time to look this over for me. I can't wait for the chance to try it out ;-)
  8. Thanks for your comments StevenO, I was hoping for the extra damage output from the HWK. I had toyed around with Kyle, Garven and Vander for synergy but I just couldn't get the points to sit right without sacrificing a ship for upgrades.
  9. Greetings most excellent X-Wing Enthusiasts! This is just another new player post, looking for feedback and thoughts on my squad build that I just put together. My apologies if this list has been seen commonly before. I have lurked for a while and not seen it though. ------ Wedge Antilles (33) X-Wing (29), R2 Astromech (1), Push the Limit (3) Rookie Pilot (21) Rebel Operative (23) HWK-290 (16), Blaster Turret (4), Recon Specialist (3) Gold Squadron Pilot (23) Y-Wing (18), Ion Cannon Turret (5) The theory behind this build was to use Wedge & the Rookie are the assault spearhead, the two turreted ships lag behind and give them covering fire to take some pressure off after the first pass, punish any enemies trying to get in behind them and generally mess with the enemy formations. The only downside I can see is that Wedge would have a nice big target painted on his hull. The squad also needs a catchy title. Thanks in advance for your feedback on my squad.
  10. This is awesome, thank you for taking the time to create this!
  11. these videos are absolutely brilliant for newer players. Thank you for taking the time to do these and help the X-Wing community
  12. This is awesome. All of your long hours of modelling have paid off. Well done!
  13. I don't mean to sound snippy, but Jan is a fictional character. Was there ever a question in regards to this character's gender, and is gender relevant to a discussion of list building? I don't think so. I think your other points are quite valid though.
  14. Hello all! As another new player I thought I might jump in here too and say howdy. I have worked up two imperial lists that I would welcome feedback on. List 1: stress-free subjugation 31 points Captain Yorr, heavy laser cannon 27 points Turr Phennir, swarm tactics 18 points T/I Alpha squad pilot 12 points Academy pilot 12 points Academy pilot I was looking to make a force that could very quickly retaliate after an initial strafing run and give myself as much flexibility as possible for moving where I want. I included Turr because I am a huge fan of the post-attack action for getting out of firing arcs. List 2: I can't believe it's not Vader 20 points T/B scimitar squad pilot, proton torpedo 25 points T/A Tempest squad pilot, cluster missiles 30 points Turr Phennir, shield upgrade, adrenaline rush 12 points Academy pilot 12 points Academy pilot The theory behind this one is to fly the advanced and bomber together against heavy targets and strip shields with the cluster missiles then follow with the torps to hopefully deal out some Critical damage. The Academy pilots are there to harass and annoy and Turr would come in from further afield to clear out any harder targets. I am not sure that this force can hold up against a full TIE swarm, but I am very keen to hear any feedback on either list.
  15. I think I may have missed something. Which post were you referring to? I have to say I agree with you 100% regardless. Enjoy what you like and don't be down on anyone for liking something else or something different. People should express their own view but accept others. Enjoy the game for the reasons you enjoy it.
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