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  1. Take a look at this page. It can take awhile, but if you're patient, you don't need to be gouged by resellers.
  2. They've released several apps and two games, at least (iOS)
  3. I'm certainly a fan, but her art can feel a bit "samey" if that makes sense. Not including her as much might help to lessen the homogeneity of the art.
  4. I really wish FFG would sell these alternate art cards. Paying inflated prices on eBay for cards runs completely counter to the Living Card Game philosophy. FFG could make more money AND satisfy collector's like myself.
  5. If you can make peace with yourself and ignore errata, life is good.
  6. I play what's on the card and otherwise ignore errata. Less painful that way!
  7. There's going to be no "Aw shucks, you killed your dad in cold blood, but you were just confused. Welcome back!" He killed Han. He's Dark Side for good. He's going to come back as one ticked off hombre after being bested by a pre-Padawan nascent Force user, as well. it would be silly if he turned to the Light side at this point. If anything, we'll learn more about his past and what horrors he did that drove Luke to run away.
  8. Too many to chose from, but I keep coming back to this one as one of my favorites: And this one... Shoulda been the art for Durin's Bane...Oh well! And Dori!
  9. Just try them out! What have you got to lose? Sometimes, seemingly "worthless" cards are quite fun to play.
  10. Yeah, was hoping for a solo mode to match LotR. Oh well, maybe the next LCG...
  11. I have spares of Hummerhorns, Eyes of the Forest, Gimli, and Dwarven Axe that I could give away.
  12. Amazing article. I love reading your stuff! I want more! And if we needed even more reason to be in awe at Glorfindel.... As a side note, Tulikoura is amazing (had never seen his work previously)
  13. I just wish they would incorporate the story and AP rules and whatever flavor text on a series of cards. I can't stand the loose-leaf papers.
  14. Great job matching art to the cards. They look quite official.
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