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  1. I had something very cool happen recently, I was playing as Serena, and as a Major Threat, the Serena lieutenant appeared, (with a guardian Ettin) and the text specifically mentioned the uncanny-ness of my clone appearing and the fact that she was, in fact, me. Very cool!
  2. Tracking regular campaigns with the RtL app! The way RtL handles shopping, items, relics, skills, etc. is so much better than having to keep track in another way, pen and paper, spreadsheet, or any of the dedicated apps fans have created. The way I imagine it, you'd select which campaign you're playing at the start of the game, you play the quests from the quest book, and simply tell the app who won (and in some cases some other details, like how many villagers survived or whatnot) and the app keeps track of the rewards, and shows you which quests you can pick next. A few changes would have to be made, like the ability say you drew a "Treasure Chest" card, and the app will tell you what it contains, and the ability for the overlord to buy cards. And a threat/fortune token counter. Of course it entails work for FFG, so it should be a paid DLC, but one that I think a lot of fans would gladly buy.
  3. Hey Chris, Thanks for the thoughts! Frodo in solo play might very well be broken, but in multiplayer, I definitely don't think he is. I've not felt comfortable using him every turn, because of things like Necromancer's Reach and the fact that you can't heal during staging. And you shouldn't *have* to get rid of every enemy, any player can easily handle one per turn. It's the Marsh Adders that need to avoided, so that's when you use his ability. Then again, you're probably an authority on what's broken and what's not! Regarding Legolas, the relation to Beravor is exactly as intended, you can go for 2 guaranteed cards and well-rounded stats, or you can go for a possible higher reward (3+ cards, divided amongst players in various ways) and a a strong attacker when you need one. It really depends on the quest, you obviously shouldn't use him in a quest with too few enemies. At 1 resource reduction, would you every pick this Aragorn over one of the other ones? At 2, I can see it work, Sword that Was Broken being the only one to still cost a resource, but at 1 resource, you're just missing out on one of his other possible abilities.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, again I'd like to respond and clarify some things! >Pippin: I don't really see where he would fit into my Hobbit deck He's not intended to be better, just for you to have more choice Also, quad-sphere hobbits are pretty sweet. >Frodo: ... Looks broken in solo play for me. You won't believe how much playtesting it took to get this right. But right now, I don't think he is. - He *requires* dedicated healing and probably a hit point increase. - Having him be committed to the quest adds to the danger, a lot of treacheries can damage him, there's no action window to heal him until after staging. - Shuffling the card back in only delays the problem. - He doesn't save you against Surge or treacheries. All in all, it is an ability that is dangerous to use, and using it for more than the worst enemies, locations or side quests is not recommended. >Legolas: Lore has so much draw, why would I use a 1 willpower hero to quest just to draw 1 Card? Because in 4 player, you might reveal 4 enemies, and draw four cards. Or have 4 players draw one card. Working around his "weak stat" is very much intentional, you either use him as a great attacker, or use him for card draw. Not recommended for games with less than 3 players. >All in all: Mostly cool heroes, some tend to the stronger side, but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily, if it really turns out to strong. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your thoughts, I'll reply to some of these! >Gandalf. Too strong. At the cost of not using any other version of Gandalf though! I'll agree he is very strong, but because this is his only ability, it has to be strong for him to be worth it. In play-testing, I never felt he was *too* good. >Merry. Nice but perhaps too strong. These sort of abilities are no brainers, I like those where you have to (at least sometimes) make some decision. As it is Merry will always quest and he will make some other hero very strong. I like he has a Rohan trait, but not if Pippin doesn't have Gondor trait. I think these be better saved for ally versions. which is exactly why I gave him another attack and threat, so this wouldn't be his only use. Questing successfully is also not something you can always do (though his ability helps). Regarding Rohan and Gondor, Pippin is not meant to represent the Hobbit in Gondor's service, or his ability would have been different. >Aragorn. Too strong. I know there are not many artifacts yet, but just with Sword that was Broken, this would make up for an ultra-powerful opening. With 3 copies of Sword that was Broken, there's only about a 55% chance of drawing it in your opening hand, and that's if you mulligan for it. (Edit: 78% percent if using my new Gandalf hero as well.) And like with Gandalf, you're not using another version of Aragorn, which are all very powerful. At best, he saves you 10 resources over the course of 5 turns, and he definitely takes some setup. I encourage you to try it, and hopefully you'll find they are not as broken as they seem But your feedback is very welcome!
  6. I'm proud to announce my first (of hopefully more) custom hero expansion! You can find it here. Enjoy!
  7. AZ: Sam BA: Frodo BB: Legolas BC: Beregond BD: Merry BE: Boromir BF: Aragorn BG: Théoden
  8. Can we please get some more spoilers? A low-res shot of all the player cards, just barely readable would be perfect!
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