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  1. I'm down in Devon. Currently living between Bideford and Plymouth, and in september, Bristol.
  2. Got my first two games in with my girlfriend! It was pretty fun, though occasionally a bit eventless... Obviously, it's due to our inexperience, since our second game was much more fun than our first game. It seems that I need lots of practice maneuvering, but I also found that no one really got off any real damage; most dice rolls just ended up cancelling the other out entirely. In the second game my X-wing took out a TIE about 4 or 5 rounds in, and we were just taking pot-shots at eachother for the rest of the game, until an unlucky collision and a bit of good sport allowed my girlfriend to take me out. We said how it would clearly be much more fun with more ships, and more going on, but the starter set is only the tip of the iceberg right?!
  3. CaptainBoxman

    New Player

    http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/92960-new-guy-list-advice/ Check this thread! I asked it a couple of weeks ago when I was starting out. (Not that I'm not still starting out!)
  4. Since I now have 4 TIEs that I didn't think I would have before, I'm considering picking up a Firespray. I've got a fairly reasonable idea about what to do with Rebel squadrons now, but how would I set up the Firespray and TIEs?
  5. Luckily, I'm a psychologist....
  6. Well, I got my core set at the weekend, and a YT-1300 I picked up from a local bookshop. Today, I got my B-Wings! Oddly there was a second package.....oh crap! It's a second core set I got sent by accident I'm not sure whether this is awesome or not. If they don't ask for it, I might try and use it to get another friend into X-wing
  7. I was just being a good little community member! Alerting others to the preorder etc I definitely wont be buying it
  8. Preorders are up on Wayland for this! http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/fantasy-flight-games/x-wing/x-wing-starfield-gametile-kit/prod_23514.html "The X-Wing Starfield Game Tile Kit provides a vivid backdrop for the deadly dogfights of your X-Wing games. Duel above the planet of Alderaan, dodge laser blasts within the thick of an asteroid field, or maneuver your squadrons into position as you close in upon the Death Star. Whether you and your friends cooperate to design your battlefields or use the included rules for competitive setup, the Starfield Game Tile Kit form a bolder and more immersive play surface as you decide the fate of a galaxy far, far away.... Contents: Twelve double-sided tiles, each one-foot square. Durable 2.5 mm fiber board. Smooth, matte-finished card stock. Wide possible range of vivid Star Wars–themed scenes"
  9. Fantastic work I love the enthusiasm and creativity, not to mention lack of angsty behaviour in this community
  10. So, I didn't manage to get the core or B-wings in the shop with my magical free money card, but I did get the YT-1300 and ordered the core + B's on eBay. I'm ready to deal some death to the imperials
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures-Upgrade-Cards-Skill-Crew-System-Modifications-/171162453997?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&var=&hash=item27da13c7ed This seems useful...
  12. Yeah, fair enough. Need fewer questions, more dice rolling....
  13. Here's a new challenge then, since I'm new as new can be, and wont be buying dozens of miniatures to start Help me come up with a list with cards that would only come with Core, X-wing, Y-wing and B-wing sets please?
  14. Is anyone getting any ships in the UK?
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