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  1. I just bought a collection off eBay and am ready to start learning this game. I have been reading a lot of threads on here to try and figure out exactly where I need to go from here. Here's what I got in my collection: 3x core sets 2x packs of every chapter pack in the first two cycles 2x of the first 3 Deluxe expansions I do plan on buying at least one of every chapter pack and Deluxe expansion because I'm a completionist. But my questions is, do I need 2x of every chapter pack? The collection I purchased came with two or more of everything, which makes it seem like a requirement. But back when I played the Star Wars LCG you only needed one of each chapter pack. If you only need one of everything, then I could sell my extra copies of the first two cycles and use that money to help me buy missing chapter packs! Also, should I keep all three core sets? I saw old posts saying you should always have two or three core sets. But I was wondering if that was still true with the card pool being so much larger now. I definitely want to build at least one deck of every faction so that when my friends visit they can all just grab their favorite house and we can play Melee. I don't ever plan on playing in a sanctioned event as I'm nowhere near a place (I guess FFG is 2 hours away) that holds events. When I had originally bought this lot my intention was to remove 1 of everything (1x core, 1x of each deluxe, and 1x of each chapter pack) and turn around and sell it to offset the cost of buying the lot. I'm throwing myself on your expertise! So to recap, here are the questions I need answered: With the now large card pool should I keep all 3 core sets keeping in mind I'll need to build decks for 4 people to melee? Should I sell my extra copies of the deluxe expansion and chapter pack expansions so I have some extra spending money for new cycles? Can I just buy single chapter packs of the expansions I'm missing going forward, or should I continue to buy two of everything? (Bonus question) Would the House Intro decks add anything to my collection that I don't already have? Or are they just reprinted cards from the Core and Expansions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Two left. Let's go detectives!
  3. But we do know they're scum.
  4. Stover, Johnson, Phua are the only lists we still don't know.
  5. So at least 2 of the Rebels made top 8 (Nand and Gerry). Not sure if the third Rebel list (Miranda/Dash) survived.
  6. Come on guys, only 4 left!
  7. I got most of them, does anyone know the ships that go with the rest of the top 16? 01 Nick Belle - Asajj/Palob/Fenn 02 Nand Torfs - Miranda/Biggs/Jess Pava 03 Mishary Alfaris - Asajj/Fenn/Contracted Scout 04 Marcel Manzano - Triple Contracted Scout 05 Wayde Stover - 06 Gerry Russell Biggs/Rex/Pava/Braylen 07 Andrew Bunn - Old Teroch/Fenn Rau/Manaroo 08 Travis Cooper - Asajj/Fenn/Manaroo 09 Duncan Howard - Old Teroch/Fenn Rau/Manaroo 10 Kevin Leintz - Old Teroch/Fenn Rau/Manaroo 11 Travis Johnson - 12 Justin Phua - Dengar/Tel 13 James Matchett - Dash/Miranda 14 Tyler Tippett - Rear Admireal Chiraneau/Whisper 15 Kyle Lehmbecker - Old Teroch/Fenn Rau/Manaroo 16 Jaren Foss - Old Teroch/Fenn Rau/Asajj
  8. Which one is the 2013 regional playmat? What picture is on it? Is it still available?
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