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  1. I think it was 5th Edition D&D where the original release date for the DMG had to be delayed when they got the first print run and an entire chapter was somehow 'Lorem Ipsum'. Major printing errors happen. I would prefer FFG to come out and mention something about the delay, but they have to be extremely frustrated with whatever happened. I will continue to eagerly await both books. Considering they just posted another article on Fully Operational, I suspect there's some movement there.
  2. Well written. I tend to prefer three Wardens to Miranda and one Warden.
  3. I've fallen in love with the Marshal. Sure, Gunslinger and others are better combat specs. But Marshals can hold their own well enough. Plus they get some really neat out of combat abilities. Being immune to being lied to is awesome. And the ability to add a Despair to any failed attempt to deceive you is great. I'm in love with this spec and I'm currently writing up a Sathari Marshal for an ongoing campaign.
  4. Let me dig one out from my old bag of tricks. I've always enjoyed Immortal Ibti. Ibtisam + Sensor Jammer + Elusiveness + E2 + C-3P0 How this works is an opponent attacks Ibti. First, she changes a hit to an eye which cannot be rerolled. Then Elusiveness activates, allowing you to reroll an enemy die. Which cannot then be rerolled because it's already been rerolled. That gives you a stress. You guess 0 with 3P0. If you get 0, you add an evade result. Then you use Ibti's ability to reroll a defense die. If you roll that into an evade (or eye if you have a focus), you then end up with 2 evade results. Assuming everything goes to plan, Ibti with 1 evade die can avoid all damage from a 4 Hit attack. Doesn't always work, but it is hilarious when it does. Pair her with Wes to strip their focus and you are decently well off. Further, the Sensor Jammer and ibti Reroll work on subsequent attacks as well. It's way too many points to be competitive, but in a casual game, she can be a terror.
  5. I've done quite well with Galaxy Note 7. 32nd at Worlds, 2nd at Austin Regionals. The list is weak against lots of HP lists, like Quad TLT or Double Ghost Y-Wing. But it utterly destroys Palp Anything and Dengaroo. I will warn you, Galaxy Note 7 is a tough list to fly. You are playing an entirely different game than your opponent is. You have to be ready to think very differently. As a rule of thumb, if you need to add control to a list, you take Conner Nets. If you are using bombs as your primary offensive power, you take Cluster Mines. This has only been true since the change to Cluster Mines in the FAQ.
  6. Have you considered that maybe the frame on the TIE Striker is just really weak?
  7. Selonians are Space Otters. They are too stocky and thickset for weasels/ferrets. The thick, tapered tail is a dead give away.
  8. Shipping tends to take 7 to 10 days. It went 'Shipping' last week and today's 'New Products' article doesn't announce that it's out this week, so expect it next week.
  9. Because you use R3 BEFORE Accuracy Corrector. For example, you roll BLANK EYE HIT. You cancel the Eye to get an Evade with R3. Then you cancel the BLANK and HIT with AC to get HIT HIT. Then you get to Juke because you have an Evade when the role Defense Dice.
  10. You could always add Roark to Etahn, then he shoots at PS12. Solves your problem a bit. I've had many builds that almost but not quite worked. Many of them I've since forgotten. It's part of being on the cutting edge of the meta. Not everything will work the way you hope. Keep trying and occasionally you will create something potent.
  11. I'm the one that ran the Cluster Mine list at Worlds. They do really well, especially against aces and Defenders. Defenders are really predictable, so it's easy to hit them with all three when they K-Turn. Cluster mines are now an existential threat to pretty much everything in the game. Six unavoidable attack dice are seriously bad news for any ship in the game, even Decimators and Ghosts. I did well overall, going 6 and 2 and placing 32nd overall. Yes, Palp can save you from one hit if someone drops mines on your ship.
  12. My favorite: Kavil — Y-Wing 24 Daredevil 3 Blaster Turret 4 R4-B11 3 Stealth Device 3 BTL-A4 Y-Wing 0 Ship Total: 37 Dace Bonearm — HWK-290 23 Daredevil 3 Blaster Turret 4 Gunner 5 Ship Total: 35 Spice Runner — HWK-290 16 Blaster Turret 4 Gunner 5 Vectored Thrusters 2 Ship Total: 27
  13. I'll see about putting together a full write-up. To answer the question, no, I would not consider replacing a Cluster with Conner. Cluster is so much better against Defenders. Since I don't have turrets, there's no way I can capitalize on hitting a defender with conner net. With one Cluster Mine, I did 6 damage to a 5 health Vessery because I called his K-Turn. Had I not pinged him earlier, it would have one-shot him. I would have to have hit him with 3 consecutive Conner Nets to do the same damage.
  14. My round three opponent had a Countess Vessery Tomax list.
  15. Run it an let me know what you think! I tend to prefer FCS so you get the Target Lock on the second attack, but you might find it unnecessary. The article was written back in Wave 3, so Baffles and Tactician weren't out. Afterwards, I tended to do three with FCS, Gunner, Engine and two with Tactician.
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