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    Muz333 reacted to Crabbok in Are conversions legal for Skirmish?   
    I'd expect the ruling to follow the X-Wing ruling.   Simply because they cannot make a rule that covers every possible scenario - sure you may do something small like toss a different blaster into Luke's hand... but then the next guy mods a royal guard champion to look like a stormtrooper, in hopes that you mistake one for the other...  
      So they'd have no choice but to do a blanket ruling saying mods aren't allowed.   That's my guess.  
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    Muz333 reacted to Rogue Dakotan in New Preview   
    Not a single bit of information in these previews left me feeling let down. 
    It's all really exciting. 
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    Muz333 reacted to dpb1298 in New Preview   
    I love the cantina map!
    Plus, Tuskens!!! I think the sculpts this time around are way better.
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    Muz333 reacted to calv in Dear FFG, please pick up the expansions!   
    You've got at least one guaranteed customer.  My wife loves this game, and I'll grab any chance to keep on playing…
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    Muz333 got a reaction from Gecimen in Sorastro's Painting   
    That's a huge improvement Ewok.  I wish I thought to practice on extra models first.  I done my officers last night, they only eed a spray of varnish before I head to work then the 'Ardcoat boots when I get home.
    These are my first figures that I'm 95 % happy with.  While struggling with poor lighting (it turns out Incubi Darkness and Stegadon Scale Green are a tiny bit different) I held the base of the figure on my knee and rested the wrist of my painting hand on my lower thigh.  This allowed me to hold the figure and brush a lot steadier than before.  As the knee is curved it also allows you to move the figure about to get different angles while keeping the figure steady and getting better light from above.
    So, here they are.  I'll to the finishing touches tonight and probably hold off on the AT-ST until the weekend.  With no grey spray primer it's going to obliterate my paint supply.  You'll need to get Darth Vader uploaded soon Sorastro, I'm catching up!
    I really need to get better at cleaning up the mould lines.  I have the Citadel mould line remover tool which doesn't seem idea for this type of plastic.  I think ideally I need a good file.
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    Muz333 reacted to Rumblefish2 in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    To elaborate a little, to me, the iconic sandtrooper look is of one holding a DLT-19.
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    Muz333 reacted to solmed411 in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    I talked to my friend (the one mentioned earlier at the show)... Tatooine is definitely in the campaign.
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    Muz333 reacted to Rumblefish2 in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    Maybe a 2 man sandtrooper card each with a heavier weapon than the stormtroopers. Would tie in to the visual look we expect and still make sense to field them with stormtroopers without feeling redundant.
    A three man scum group, something lighter/longer range woulld be great.
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    Muz333 reacted to Rumblefish2 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    After zooming in on a better screen he just has a regular Stormtrooper helmet.
    I'd be really surprised if Leia is hidden in the box. I bet she'll be a seperate expansion in conjunction with a future major/mini expansion.
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    Muz333 reacted to solmed411 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    My friend at the show confirmed that Tatooine was mentioned as part of the campaign... sandtroopers seem like a good bet.
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    Muz333 got a reaction from UnfairBanana in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    I need more info!  Also I need Boba Fett right this instant!
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    Muz333 got a reaction from UnfairBanana in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    It looks like a sand trooper to me.
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    Muz333 got a reaction from Jut in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    I need more info!  Also I need Boba Fett right this instant!
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    Muz333 got a reaction from Rumblefish2 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    I want to go one further, it looks like the 501 st Legion.
    Coming to think of it they have a coloured pauldron too.  However I'm still convinced this is a Sand Trooper.
    Just realised what I'm saying is these twin shadows are Boba Fett and a Jango Fett clone!  Perhaps anyway, would also make them sort of twins...
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    Muz333 got a reaction from solmed411 in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    Ah, are you thinking they will share the same base?  Effectively being one unit?
    You are talking about the mini campaign.  My bad!
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    Muz333 reacted to solmed411 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    According to someone I know at the show, he is supposed to be a rougelike trooper and a villain.
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    Muz333 got a reaction from solmed411 in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
    I need more info!  Also I need Boba Fett right this instant!
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    Muz333 reacted to solmed411 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
    There's an industry show in Las Vegas this week.
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    Muz333 reacted to KennedyHawk2 in Who is Kayn Somos?   
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    Muz333 reacted to patox in Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows   
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    Muz333 reacted to Fitzbaron in An hour a day keeps the med droid at bay   
    Hi all from Sunny (cold and wet) Nottingham
    Hope you are all well.
    I am enjoying playing Imperial Assault when I get a chance and find myself wanting to paint the miniature. Between the 9 to 5 grind, killing zombies (Dying Light), writing an assignment for my course, and the important family time, I don't have much spare in my daily schedule. But the pull of the force is strong (want to paint them) and I am trying to put in around an hour a day to get the mini's painted.
    So first night of painting has resulted in one completed Stormtrooper and about half way through a Nexu (see below). Found that painting black and white of the Stormtrooper more fun then it should be for a simple colour scheme. Though not sure if I am happy to leave the bases plain black.
    First lesson of the first painting session: cleaning the mold lines!....
    Apologies for the quality of the pictures using the phone to take the photos.
    Anyway back to work for me, critiques and comments welcome.

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    Muz333 reacted to EwokCompanion in Sorastro's Painting   
    Finished up some probe droids just in time for a campaign. I love the touch of gloss on the eyes to give it the eerie quality. All the models I've painted so far have been figures I bought off eBay just in case I messed up the ones that came with the game.

    Now that I've gained some confidence with painting the ones I bought off eBay, I went back to our stormtroopers to help identify them in the finale. Our imperial player is using the trooper boosting deck so I think he'll appreciate differentiating the four squads

    I'm not anywhere near a competent model painter, but I am happy about the progress I've personally made - especially paying more attention to details. Here's one of my first stormtroopers compared to one I just got done highlighting:

    They aren't perfect, but it is a blast to see them on the board!
    Keep up the awesome videos, Sorastro.
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    Muz333 got a reaction from andbern in Andberg's minis   
    Those elite Troopers look like they've seen some battles!
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    Muz333 reacted to Stromboli in My painted minis   
    Here are most of my painted minis. Boba Fett is from knight's models, IG88, elite imp commander, RGC, Han, and rebel troopers are touched up/repainted star wars minis, and the saboteurs are a combination of rebel bodies and Duros heads. The stormtroopers still need obvious work.

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    Muz333 reacted to nechromus in nechromus first painted mini - AT-ST   
    I have finished my first miniature for Imperial Assault. The minis are pretty good way above the usual boardgaming standard and that allows for some pretty cool results.


    Let me know what you think and if you like it vote for me in CoolMiniOrNot: http://www.coolminiornot.com/375226
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