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  1. I remember that blog as well, no idea where it was now though.
  2. Yup, I'm the exact same even down to the hard stop painting the IA figures.
  3. This isn't good for Runewars. As given the choice I'd probably opt for Star Wars myself and I wouldn't invest in two systems, especially when one is the 'newest and greatest'. ☹️
  4. No announcements yet but there's the Uthuk and Dread cavalry in the wild.
  5. It's all building up to releasing a big lore book I say.
  6. I wonder if we'll see Bone Horrors as cavalry seeing as Maro has one for his mounted sculpt.
  7. Alternate sculpts would be the best prize, however, I'd feel jealous knowing I'd never be able to get one. So I say they stick with alternative art and plastic tokens as, like others have said, you can quickly spray paint the Daqan blue instead of grey if that's all you want.
  8. I think the Wraiths will be a siege unit with some fun mechanic behind them. Either something new such as passing through enemy formations or maybe they are just downright terrifying and used to really crank up the morale tests (probably not though, as that seems to be the Uthuk territory).
  9. Oh, I hope there's a big lorebook filled with pictures and colour schemes!
  10. And the ranged unit. I hope there's more than just that though!
  11. It's this unit that makes me want to go Waiqar instead of my usual Uthuk.
  12. Showcasing the new, yet unannounced, content?
  13. I'm hoping the additional unit and hero for Uthuk are announced before Gencon and then at the convention they announce a wave consisting of 2 new units per faction. That would give each faction some much needed choice to make list building rather more interesting.
  14. I had the same, hence the crazy work hours to get the papers published. The last year was torture as I was repeating the same 13 hour experiment for about three months, seven days a week, until I finally sussed it and got it to work so I could publish the data. I now get to poke fun of my friend from the lab as he's going through the same ordeal, every time I text him to go to the pub he's still in the lab even if it's 11pm on a Sunday.
  15. I'm still undecided if Uthuk or Waiqar will be my main force when I buy in. I guess it'll depend on what my friend fancies for his faction as I'll buy two complete armies.