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  1. I've got a feeling the Barghest are next for Waiqar as the faction starts to develop into a cavalary heavy one. I also think Uthuk will start to become a siege heavy faction.
  2. Will add an interesting option to get an early flank or block in to dictate the opening rounds. Can only bode well for Runewars that we are seeing so many different products released as it should make for ever varied lists at tournaments which makes for a more entertaining viewing and will help swell the community.
  3. I wonder how a Golem would turn out using those fancy Warhammer technical gemstone paints. Do you think it would make for a decent low effort Golem?
  4. That's a good point, I'll do that and maybe add some slight extras. As in scratched metal, blood splatter and mud. Although I'm wary on spending too much time per figure when I already have enough to keep me busy for months!
  5. That's true, I stuck to three base colours, a wash and a highlight with no weathering or final touches. Something which I think can be done in bulk with hopefully not too much issues. Only another 47 reanimates to go, 32 archers, four carrion lancers, eight infantry command models, Ardus, Maro and mounted version Maro. At which point I have all the humans to do but realistically Deathknights and Wraiths will arrive first! ?
  6. https://ibb.co/ksQHOa https://ibb.co/du843a Well, that's the first skeleton done prior to a coat of varnish and basing. It's not great but hey, as someone new to painting I'm happy enough with how it looks at a distance compared to unpainted plastic. I'm open to all criticism and advice on how to improve it before I lay down the varnish.
  7. Very minor but some of the rows are the wrong colour. This is seen on Kari and Hawthorne. Edit: Forget that. I've just realised how the rows are grouped now!
  8. I should have asked Sorastro for advice before I quickly painted a red reanimate before my nightshift today. Really wasn't happy with the contrast, I tried to do a dark metal by mixing leadbelcher and abandon black, only the brass chain mail and dark brown leather didn't pop against it. I wonder if using a black spray primer caused the colours to be a bit on the dull side, that or I added too much wash. It was my first time trying to paint something that wasn't following Sorastro's Imperial Assault video tutorials as I'm still very new to painting. I'm starting over tomorrow by buying the paints I'm missing to steal his Daqan colour scheme. If that works out I'm going to start binging all the Waiqar units. Although I'm not sure if using red as my main colour will make for silly looking wraiths?
  9. It's going to be expensive to keep on track of four armies! I myself plan to get multiples of everything Daqan and Waiqar but I wouldn't put it passed me buying another army or two once I've finished painting!
  10. Sooo, once I've learned how to strip paint I think I'll just follow Sorastro's colour scheme... Either I used too much wash, didn't pick contrasting enough colours or need to use a light coloured primer spray instead of black because my first rushed skeleton before work was terrible.
  11. However, if you have kids you can raise them into gamers to play with. If they don't want to play then they don't get their pocket money, job done!
  12. I'll be looking forward to seeing the painting contest entries.
  13. Equivalent of $492 I spent. That said I made more than that on my weekend shift so I think I deserve a big treat before I have to start paying for all the baby stuff!
  14. I'm sure they'll blast through expansions so that come the turn of the year all factions are on parity for numbers of units.
  15. I think she's caught on when she seen the amount of boxes that got delivered today. Now she's nagging about all the space it'll take up at a time when I'm supposed to be putting my boardgame collection into storage for the impending baby! ?
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