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  1. I'm going to buy enough to play 2v2 with the four year one factions. The new job with the bigger salary is going to be a God send but I doubt I'll tell my fiancé about all the purchases!
  2. I think I've decided to go for black and purple for my Daqan forces with gold metal. No idea how I'll do it without a colour guide from you though! Perhaps some useful stuff will come out of the upcoming BoW hobby weekend. Then I have no idea what to paint Waiqar who will be my main army until the Uthuk arrive. Hopefully I can work in pink or purple there though!
  3. Mixed feelings there as purple is my favourite colour but I can't wait to see what alternate colour schemes look like. The photo earlier in the thread where someone found the Daqan painted black and white looks terrific. Of course you're going to have to follow up on this with the Latari Elves and Uthuk Y'llan later this year!
  4. It's a budget store in the UK that sells a bit of everything. 😛
  5. That's disappointing. I'm sure it mentioned in the rules that were uploaded that suggested colour schemes could be found for the baronies in the lore guide. ☹️
  6. Sooo, are you going to spoil what suggested colour schemes for the baronies are described in the lore guide? Also what colour are you painting Waiqar?
  7. Now I'm confused as to what colour to paint my own units! Although seeing as I'll be going for all the factions it's probably best I stick with the established faction colours.
  8. Had to google that one, hadn't heard of them before. In reality walking through Scotland is just being bit by midges while seeing the odd stag and pheasant or foxes in the city itself. That said I was surprised in the local news yesterday to hear of a local creature for the first time. Back on topic, I'm looking forward to seeing all the painting guides from the BoW weekend. I'd have went if I knew for certain at the time I'd be free that weekend.
  9. @Elrad In microbiology we also had to read countless papers and books. I had to read a book on Java programming and another book on chaos and nonlinear dynamics. Nothing more painful as a biologist than learning mathematics and programming but I got there and built a clever experimental platform for my microfluidics using a Raspberry Pi to control the bipolar stepper motors.
  10. I love reptiles, we own a gecko and his name is Dr Horrible because I'm a full on geek. In fact I even have a Firefly tattoo to prove it. However, you guys don't have wild Haggis to chase through the heather filled fields so we have to beat there.
  11. I just handed in the final corrections for my doctoral thesis last week. While I enjoyed many aspects of my PhD it was also some of the worst times of my life. No holiday for four years, working up to 110 hours a week, the stress of getting the data to submit papers in time for deadlines and the sheer depression when experiments offer no good results for weeks on end where you know only failure. Anyway, all the best. It's certainly a journey! In fact, I got to meet a couple of NASA employees in London which was cool.
  12. Just for clarity I was meaning I'd like a Runewars lore-book to buy, the talk of buying rule-books is alien to me.
  13. I'd buy that Runewars book!
  14. Is the full blown miniatures gamers, which I admit I am not, that complain when you can't play a game without buying that games miniatures that gets me. As a boardgamer I've never thought 'why should I buy that game? I have dice and tokens from other games already'.
  15. These are my exact thoughts. The only alternative I can see is to have the upgrade cards completely separate from model packs and sold as a card only expansion. Perhaps the Command Pack will offer most of the upgrade cards?