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  1. I hope @Sorastro has taken notice of this. 😛
  2. The Flesh Rippers look great. An interesting looking siege unit as well which is a welcome introduction to the Uthuk. Can't wait to see what further units look like for my favourite faction.
  3. Try a 12 week one. I've not even got to buy the game yet. ☹️
  4. Plus if they reveal a new faction we get to see more new unit's rather than just a single elf unit!
  5. Fantastic looking unit. Let's hope we hear about the Uthuk Y'llan soon and not just more elf units beforehand. Not that I don't like any new unit reveals regardless of faction!
  6. I'm in an 11 week training course down in York far away from home at present!
  7. I think my Uthuk will be pink or purple. 😛
  8. I was confident we would see the Uthuk Y'llan announced today. I at least hope when the Latari and Uthuk are released they have as many units as the Daqan and Waiqar. As they'll have three waves each I think.
  9. A great idea. Another alternative would be, if they can handle the balancing, to just flesh out neutrals into a full blown 'wild' or 'mercenary' faction. So you would have your blocks of Beastmen and Razorwings along side some Mountain Giant or Dragon siege units and some sort of Beastman hero. Although I would definitely prefer he Orcs and Dwarves to come out first and if they were to expand above 6 factions I'd still prefer some of the other factions from the lore. Another alternative would be to have a neutral unit as an objective or dangerous terrain piece. For example the first person to take out the Dragon or Razorwing caverns is rewarded X amount of points.
  10. While I like neutral mercenary units I worry that they may become a meta and make listbuilding between factions similar. I'd much rather see the factions each develop their own strength and weaknesses rather than filling the weaknesses out with neutrals.
  11. Blasphemy. April is the correct starting point and I believe if you search your feelings you will know it to be true.
  12. I'm guessing we'll get an update on the Waiqar expansions this Friday or Monday then hopefully the Uthuk announcement the following week. I really hope they arrive alongside the Elves with more units for all factions. I also hope the Orcs and Dwarves come too, I think 6 armies would be interesting and varied while still manageable for balance.
  13. I hope they do a late Friday Uthuk update, as other than Mondays that's when the Runewars articles seem to appear. I really can't wait to see how the Uthuk play, I'm sure they'll have some sort of blood token for their new mechanic.
  14. FFG/Asmodee have great customer service. My copy of Wiz-War was missing one of the small plastic clips for a dial. They shipped out a bunch of them all the way to Scotland for no charge, the shipping would have cost a lot more than the little plastic clip.
  15. I didn't realise anyone pronounced it differently. 🤔