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  1. This news really rustles my jimmies.
  2. Kit Fisto (26pts) Luminara Unduli (23pts) 5x Delta-7 generics (17pts each total 85 pts) This comes out to exactly 134 squad points. Why is it a bad idea?
  3. Hyperwave boost doesn't let you get full activations with those squadrons. As it needs tokens to refresh, it is also effectively a one time use so you are going to get an alpha strike and that's it. That being said, if you build around it, you could get extra token generation for a steady boost to your squadron phase. you could also have multiple copies of hyperwave boost for a larger alpha strike, if you can use multiple copies at once.
  4. That sounds great in theory, but in practice I think you'll find that hyperwave boost will only be taken if you need the extra points or different command dials.
  5. could be worse. say want to run a full squad of gauntlet fighters.
  6. Clone Captain Zak will be able to be used on any ship. The Clone Gunners weapons team upgrade specifically says "clone only".
  7. You misunderstand me I don't want squadrons gone entirely, but right now it feels like you max out your squadron points and use the capital ships as support. The game should be the other way around. Squadrons should be one tool in your shed not the shed itself. For your first point see above. For your second point: The republic, being more of an elite army in wargame terminology, should have more units with rogue and other abilities mean they are effective without the squadron command. The CIS on the other hand are the swarm faction, the work from a hive mind, and should need squadron commands to be effective. That's why I think CIS should have the higher squadron(stat) values, as a balance mechanism.
  8. The articles are traveling at .5 past lightspeed from the star wars galaxy. Some may be waylaid en-route.
  9. I hope not, for two reasons. One, I hate squadrons, if I wanted to throw tie fighters against delta-7's I'd play x-wing. This game should be about capital ships duking it out in the vast ocean of space. Two, more importantly, after looking at the sepratist ship tiles They better have a good squadron game.
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