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  1. "When an enemy makes an attack, the players have the option to defend against the attack. There are a few different ways this can occur: • A hero can use their basic defense power to defend against an attack. A hero must exhaust to use this power. The amount of damage dealt by the attack is reduced by the hero’s DEF value, and any remaining damage is dealt to the defending hero. • An ally can exhaust to defend against an attack. Damage from the attack is dealt to the ally. • If a player defends an attack (against another player) with a hero or ally they control, that player becomes the new target of the attack. • If no hero or ally is used to defend the attack, then the attack is considered undefended. • If a triggered ability is labeled as a defense—such as “Hero Action (defense)”—that ability can only be resolved by a player while they are the target of an attack." (Rules Reference P5-6)
  2. For me it's about consistency. You go through your deck more with fewer cards and in a game where you are pitching cards for resources, reshuffling often is a good thing. Also keeping the deck size low in construction forces you to ask the question, is this card really worth it? Having extra cards is fine as long as you don't draw emergency when you needed shield block.
  3. Martial Prowess - Aggression upgrade, 2 cost, Skill: Play under any players control. Max 1 per player. Resource: Exhaust Martial Prowess -> Generate a (strength) resource for an attack event. I love me some infinite resource. The limit isn't too restrictive, which is nice.
  4. How does it work? Hammer throw does 8 damage to an enemy and has overkill. Overkill states "If an attack with overkill defeats a minion, excess damage from the attack (damage beyond the minion's remaining hit points) is dealt to the villian. Loki states "Forced Interrupt: When Loki would be defeated, discard the top card of the encounter deck. If that card is a treachey, heal all damage from Loki instead." So am I right in assuming that all 8 damage goes on Loki and excess damage only moves to the villain if he doesn't flip a treachery?
  5. I somehow read right over that. Thank you.
  6. That isn't really a limiting factor in this case because they could have easily ruled that setup counts as part of the first round for once per round abilities.
  7. I'd go leadership/aggression for the avenger allies and i'd go a tad above 40 cards for avengers tower, triskellion, and hall of heroes.
  8. I have been playing She-Hulk against Klaw and was wondering if she can use her I Object ability durng setup? Here are the specifics. Step 1 of set up: place identity alter-ego side face up. In my case Jennifer Walters Step 10 of setup: resolve scheme set up. Klaw's main scheme 1A says to reveal the defense network side scheme. Defense network has a when revealed effect that places 1(per player) threat on itself, in addition to it's starting threat. "I Object" states: "When threat would be placed on a scheme, prevent 1 of that threat." I know that, in normal play, when a side scheme with that 'when revealed' ability comes out 'I Object' works. The question is, does it work in setup?
  9. Heres my guesses for the heroes. Yes i've read through this thread already. In order: Iron fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Night Nurse. I'm not too good with Marvel villains so i'm not even gonna try on that one.
  10. I was going to submit it officially, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something first.
  11. When during the attack does Makashi Mastery let me reduce my pierce value? Could I, for example, roll my dice, re-roll my dice, then choose to use Makashi Mastery? Direct quotes below for reference. The underlying question here is What is the timing of While. Makashi Mastery "Those who have masted the Makashi style have turned lightsaber dueling into a true art form. While a unit with the makashi mastery keyword performs a melee attack, it can reduce the pierce x value of the weapon with which it is performing the attack by 1. If it does, the defender cannot use the immune: pierce and impervious keywords."
  12. You weren't providing reasons. Saying something doesn't work isn't explaining why it doesn't work. You might as well have been saying nu-uh.
  13. Thank you for providing solid evidence unlike @Derrault.
  14. Why would Pepper Potts not use the text in this instance since that text is specifying how that card generates recources?
  15. The card text on Pepper Pots says. "Generate the recources of the top card in your discard pile." Notice it does not say "... The printed recources..." The Power of X cards say "Double the number of recources this card generates while paying for a X card. Heres the question. If Pepper Potts is used to generate the recources of a 'power of x' card to pay for an X card does it generate 1 recource or 2?
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