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  1. Orcdruid

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    That makes more sense. It's a syntax error.
  2. Orcdruid

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    This is not the post your looking for. Move along.
  3. Orcdruid

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    This translation seems wrong. The anakin card shows the front arc and bullseye arc symbols. When is a ship in your bullseye arc and not your front arc?
  4. Orcdruid

    Han Solo and Magva

    @meffo you must be fun at parties.
  5. Orcdruid

    [Blog] Before Setting Dials: A Turn Zero Guide. Part I.

    Vulture droids' struts work on debris too.
  6. Orcdruid

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    This is true so Defiance(2) would work with Diana but Counterspell would not. Because Counterspell cancels the draw of the token outright(as per the FAQ) while Defiance cancels only the effects.
  7. Orcdruid

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Sitting is all he'd be doing. That blaster was in the crew cab after all. https://goo.gl/images/eznBfp ? I like that Wullfwarro got a buff. IF you can find a way to slip damage under his shields, awesome. If not well, take r2d2 crew.
  8. Orcdruid

    Since When Was the TIE/it called the TIE/ca?!

    I think TIE/Pu fits better. I mean the ship is(in 1.0) a steaming pile of it.
  9. Orcdruid

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    Pilot suggestion Padme Amidala- aggressive negotiator Init 3, 1 [charge]^ After you perform an attck that hits you may spend 1[charge]. If you do, assign the Truce condition to the defender. Truce: You may not attack or be attacked by the ship that assigned this condition. If that ship assigns the Truce condition to another ship or if this ship is the last ship in your squad, remove this card.
  10. Orcdruid

    Will 2.0 have any ‘canon’ upgrades...

    See that's where you're wrong. What you call the Tie punisher is actually the Punisher's tie from that one rare MCU/Star Wars crossover comic from 5 years ago. And as the punisher is basically rambo, that many gunner slots, and accompanying guns are totes legit.
  11. Orcdruid

    Played my first one today finally

    I agree they could have added more dice, but you don't have to keep the results in your head because every die has the same four results. The surges aren't there to add character they are there to maximize variation. For example rebel troopers have a 50% chance to hit where rebel commandos(same weapon more training) have a 62.5% chance to hit.
  12. Orcdruid

    Legion Rules Clarifications FAQ

    What you described is luke using his charge for the first attack though right? Or am I reading that wrong?
  13. Orcdruid

    Proton Charge Saboteur

    Imagine if we get imperial demolitions as well. You get a bomb and you get a bomb and you get a bomb! EVERYBODY GETS A BOMB!!!!
  14. Orcdruid

    Do speeder bikes get cover 2?

    I don't know how we got here, but 1 hit only equals one wound.
  15. Orcdruid

    Legion Rules Clarifications FAQ

    Your friend was wrong. The wording for ion says "a vehicle" not "a vehicle mini". That means if the unit is wounded then the unit gets an ion token.