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  1. CP text: "When issuing orders, you may issue orders at range 4." Entourage rules: "Each Command Phase, during the Issue Orders step, a unit with the entourage keyword may issue an order to a friendly unit at range 1–2 that has the name specified by the entourage keyword. • Orders issued with the entourage keyword are considered to be issued by the unit that has the entourage keyword." Yes CP works with entourage. It also works with Coordinate if that interaction ever comes up. as far as the courage bubble: "If a unit is at range 1–3 of a friendly commander, it may use that commander’s courage value instead of its own when checking if it is panicked." CP has no interaction with courage or suppression.
  2. This is exactly what I was trying to say. In order for generics to be good they have to have a good chassis. Now when a pilot ability is attached to that chassis in order for it not to overshadow the generics it has to be weak enough to only be viable in certain situations/playstyles, like the ARC's, or priced high enough that taking it is a real choice that effects the rest of your list. I hope that explanation makes more sense than my previous one.
  3. The problem with the ace/generic balance issue, is in order to make generics viable you have to have weak pilot abilities or price them out of the market.
  4. One other thing to note is technically, you choose which bomb to detonate before measuring the range so it would go something like this. 1) Choose bomb A to detonate. 2) Measure range for bomb A. 3) Apply bomb A's effects. 4) Remove bomb A. 5) Repeat steps 1-4 for each other eligible bomb.
  5. If palp aces had to get down to half health before it could fortress it wouldn't have been a problem and there would be no anti fortressing rule. The empire was the NAZI's.
  6. Fun is subjective. Just because something isn't fun for you doesn't mean its bad design or bad for the game or not fun for other players, to play or to play against.
  7. @wurms in your example the escape for that Y-wing is to barrel roll back then next turn, bank out and barrel roll away. Assumong of course it doesn't have R4 astromech. If it does it's options open up considerably.
  8. They are not hooks nor are they claws they are struts. GRAPPLING STRUTS.
  9. If you want a good space combat simulator don't play a game based on Star Wars. A franchise that is essentially WWII in space.
  10. Bad for who's game? It takes a 3 card combo that requires you to get dangerously close to half points to even get working. Those points are on a ship that is half to three quarters of your squad.
  11. Where is Han getting the electronic baffle? Edit: He's getting it in extended.
  12. I would say more like 5-8maybe 10. Here's why Pros: 1.) You can get half points on low hull low shield ships(I.E. A-wing) 2.) You have the potential to ionize and disarm all ships and get shields as well on medium and small base ships. Cons: 1.) It needs a reload action, but can't be reloaded 2.) Your opponent has two activation phases to get clear of it. This means that your timing and positioning has to be spot on to get this bomb off. 3.) It's indiscriminate. This bomb has the same potential against your ships that it does against theirs. 4.) It relies on dice. This is HUGE! This means that it could roll all blanks on a ship with no shields or all crits on a ship that didn't have any shots. It could even get 1 less ion then was necessary to put that ship into your kill box and swing the game. Conclusion: This upgrade has a high ceiling but a rickety ladder. And it smells better than it tastes.
  13. That question is now in the FAQ section of the RRG. Page 26 "Q: Does a priximity mine, when dropped overlapping a ship in the system phase, detonate immediately? A: Yes. When an object is placed underneath a ship, that ship counts as overlapping that object."
  14. Our dice roll different. I either roll results or blanks eyballs are rare for me. I also prefer the option of the PS kill for aces.
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