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  1. I'm rather partial to HH-50 from SoT while its not got the 8 damage of DL-7H , it is linked and that goes a long way in my book.
  2. YYYG is a reliable crit or 2 which seems enough for unnamed royal guards. If you to buff them add couple of levels of feral strength and or lethal blows.
  3. God i hope they don't waste space on a Mandalorian stat block. Human put those non career skills in to the combat skills you didn't get from your spec (no one gets all of them). Done.
  4. You could use the word cliche instead.
  5. Frag that. Get out of the dungeon, leave behind those ideas. Give me a specialised group any day of the week. They really easy run for because you run adventures that require those skills to succeed. Also makes things **** sight easier to give them a common goal. You've got three stealthy types, run stealth missions/heists. If you had three fighting guys, you run more combat heavy, if you had three techs, i guess you'd run scrap-wars/McGuyver/A-team, three pilots top gun/ace combat. Run to there strengths and make them think around their weakness's.
  6. Working with what the group has. What book is the Krayt Gunship from?
  7. My group turned the HWK 290 into a gunship. Guess with a bigger ship you could stick bigger guns on it.
  8. I'm expecting Rigger from stay on target to be re-printed in the technician book.
  9. I give out 15. I let my players dole out 5 extra for roleplaying if they felt anyone earned it.
  10. Let them spend it. Because they will. Maybe they'll buy some armour, a new gun (for them selves or the ship) after that it'll be gone.
  11. I just let my players use them interchangeably. I feel nothing is lost.
  12. Food. Smuggle those bantha, screw quarantine, screw taxes.
  13. I'd assume hyperspace routes spend a lot of time in real space, mostly made up small relatively small jumps. Particularly smuggler routes (bypass all that imperial security) That and creating gravity shadows by moving rocks, asteroids etc.
  14. My groups marauder/gunner had soak 14 and close to 30 wounds before the game ended. He was tough as hell, but far from invincible.
  15. The core concept seems redundant, given the group. But i'd go with Gunner seeing as there is already a pilot.
  16. Wait, so i got this straight your ok with them killing people, but its wrong to steal off them afterwards. I agree with Daeglan, the excessive looting drops 3-4 session after character when combat wombat has their big fancy murderstick. Besides who has time for vendor trash.
  17. Even without pressure points, which isn't as bad as people think. Doctor has a lot grit and resolve which for low strain characters can be a godsend.
  18. I'd buy two stats to 3 then spend the rest on getting force exile and sense as it got the biggest bad for your xp and is the easiest to dismiss as a hunch.
  19. Common sense or empathy might as been as useful
  20. Seems to more about minion sweeping than Gunslinging Having not seen the class yet, my only question do any of those talents specify, pistols or do they work equally well with grenades?
  21. Why? That seems like the sensible thing to do when arguing rule disputes.
  22. Our group went the other way and turned it into a gunship. 3 Quad Medium Lasers (front, port and starboard turrets) Twin Linked Torpedo Launcher (front) Advanced Targeting Array (with ture aim and sniper shot mods) Punches well above its weight.
  23. Droids, i bet those imperials don't like people dealing in astromechs. Ship parts, bet those those are taxed heavily especially fighter parts. Pretty much anything that you'll need to fight a war is probably taxed and watched.
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