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  1. Well by the book you could give them a wayfarer. I suggest the Gozanti, for any large group of PCs. Its cheap, it's got enough guns and is massively flawed (slow engines, slow hyper drive, tiny guns for a ship its size) . Its a ship with an appetite. I also recommend removing its torpedo launcher at the start of the game further down grades will not be needed.
  2. That makes those Mod checks a lot less daunting. As installing hangers seems like one of those activities where i can justify a dozen people (or droids) assisting.
  3. I forgot is there an upwards limit on how many blue dice you can get from assistance?
  4. For those on budget, any sil 5 vessel with a retro fitted hanger can carry 3 sil 3 fighters.
  5. I second the Marauder Class, its my go to to pirate carriers.
  6. I recommend agility 3, it comes up too often not be used. Brawn is probably more skip able sure your going to miss soak and wounds so depending on group size you could get away with it. If you can I'd start with extra obligation for xp and start with Int 4 (drall), Agilty 3 and cunning 3 with the rest been 2s.
  7. I'd say go politico from the off, spend your off class skills on melee and ranged (either). Take 3 agility, brawn, presence and will. Head to scathing tirade and pick up the combat skills and specs if you feel you need to afterwards.
  8. Guns and a targeting system seem the go in my circles. Bumping the speed up to four is also popular.
  9. "Blah blah or i'll smash you face in" is probably one of the times where you should be rolling brawn instead of willpower. Should also be noted should only garner immediate co-operation.
  10. The gaming stores in Manchester have copies, if it helps.
  11. Might just be my group but exp tends to be spent on things that we were doing. And new specs tend to picked for similar reasons. I mean our marauder went doctor because he was the groups medic (he started with medicine one due to been human), which was probably the weirdest (and cheesy), but it made sense in game an he still hits things with his vibrosword and stun baton.
  12. After some thought i'm going to suggest the Skipray They are something the empire is is likely to have in a abundance, that they would normally scrap while modernizing to TIE and TIE carriers
  13. This doesn't work, you use your worst dice pool of the two weapons.
  14. Last time we had a force sensitive the consensus of everyone else was: "Ok but if we find out we're probably going to shop you. So don't let us."
  15. It's certainly nasty, but a few drawbacks: It uses Gunnery as its skill (as opposed to Ranged(Heavy)) Encumbrance of 9 Costs 6000 credits AND is restricted And the big one: Cumbersome 5 quality. Which means if your Brawn is not 5 (or higher), you're automatically upgrading the difficulty a number of times equal to 5 minus your Brawn. I'd argue the fact it uses gunnery is a bonus not a drawback, the fewer skills you need to buy the better and the fact you use the same skill vehicle weapons is a plus. Encumbrance is a pain but it is THE big gun, you could probably mitigate it with gear. Cumbersome is actually less of an issue than encumbrance as you can bring it down to 3 with a weapon harness. Not to mention it specifically states in the description that i comes with a tripod, that 3 ACTIONS are REQUIRED to set it up, usually by a team of 3 personal, and lastly if your not an Imperial soldier and are caught with it they will put you in an Imperial Prison for YEARS. Don't use the tripod. The HoB says it can be used without it although non Heavy characters will likely struggle. Please this is EoE pretty much everything you do will put you in jail for years. And yes its restricted but not banned i can think of several reasons why you would be allowed to own one (bounty hunting, mercenaries, etc). Mind for each one of those i can think of dozens of reasons it probably never see light of day. The question was "what is the best rifle?" I'm still gonna say Heavy Repeating Blaster The best ranged heavy unrestricted rifle? Heavy Blaster The lack of power creep on ranged heavy still makes it one most powerful man portable weapons. Fully modded with Augmented Spin Barrel it out performs the Sidewinder, potentially having 13 base damage accurate 1 and pierce 1 to go with its autofire while still have two hard points left. Honourable mention Bowcaster its mod options arn't quite as good as the Heavy Blaster and it lacks the extra HPs For stun damage ACP Repeater (if bought stun only purchasable at char gen) for autofire or raw damage the LBR-9 (expensive) or HBt-4 Hunting Blaster (if bought stun only purchasable at char gen) You not going to use any of them in polite society but honestly i shouldn't have to say that
  16. I think you can mostly use duty unchanged. Just replace Rebel Alliance with Merc Inc.
  17. I strongly recommend the "sense" power to any force user, not only is it subtle (and easy to rationalise) its **** effective.
  18. I'll save you time the "heavy repeating rifle" still the best man portable giant gun available. **** thing is even has crit 2 if for some reason you don't want to use autofire.
  19. Equivalent to weapon finesse? It's called a Pistol
  20. Note the lightstick is the least worrying thing when fighting seasoned force users. The fact they're goddamn space wizards, who can throw giant rocks (or people) and mind control people is scary part.
  21. I put mineral deposits on Tattooine, so there was a reason to go there other than seeing Jabba the Hutt.
  22. To be fair the HWK-1000 is going to get stopped anyway. A giant gun might make the authorities more likely to believe they are not smugglers, and are pirates or bounty hunters.
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