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  1. Agilty 3 is fine, although in a group that size i'd be more tempted to specialise. I wasn't impressed with besalisk, if your looking for starting power you might be better looking else where.
  2. Seen both a twilek and nemoidian marauders in play. Had a toydarian mercenary soldier and a drall gadgeteer in the same game.
  3. I'd just apply the speed boost (I forget what its called) multiple times. It doesn't need to be maneuverable.
  4. Most blasters have stun setting and almost everything that has strain has a lot less than wounds, so stun is plenty effective.
  5. The core rules has the best heavy repeating blaster, dangerous covenants has some not quiet as good ones If your looking for unrestricted get a heavy blaster and mod it to hell.
  6. Its got the same armament as 3 of the 4 shuttles, that I've found. The other one is sil 5.
  7. Maybe i'm hugely unoriginal, but if I was building a laser bonk stick i'd probably use the casings of tools. Might be because I find the idea of a bright yellow or orange hilt funny.
  8. Its really good and in the core rules. Its heavily armoured (4 armour + rating 2 shields at the front), heavily armed (3 linked weapons, missile launcher and over sized tractor beam) and pilotable by small group.
  9. Bag for buck, my money is on the Kappa class shuttle. Its got two guns, loads of cargo, good armour, decent hyperdrive. As a gm god I love the citadel aka bad dudes piracy starter kit, it really has just everything a budding space pirate needs to be a menace to freighters.
  10. Take Ace, you can take ranged light as a career skill. And I second driver, it's got more versatility than pilot with most the goodies.
  11. I'd just take marshal and a couple levels ranged heavy and call it day. HK really wasn't that great at either role.
  12. The marauder has muiltple levels of leathal blows, combined with vibro weapon vicious, low crit (one), high dice pool (spec only uses brawn) leads to 100+ crits very quickly. Droid simply can focus more quicker. Linked is op, it costs nothing (expect advantage) anything the lets you hit more than once a turn should watched closely. Pressure points lets completly bypass soak and hit the usally mush shorter stun track. Fine on a standard doctor, high brawn, brawl focus characters not so much.
  13. Honestly i never liked obligation. I consider kicking players in their backstories, and beating them over the head with consquences of their actions to be part of my job as GM anyway.
  14. Nope i noticed it on wookiepedia, i assume it ties in with their religion.
  15. Less likly to found customers as well. From my experience all non fighter ships basically function as moblie bases anyway in play. But if you want a short list of big enough to store fighters/host a party or 2, while having small enough crew to for PC to mostly man. Gozanti (just add hangers) Consular Class Cruiser (agian still need hangers) Modified Minstrel Class Space Yacht (hangers for 6 fighters, 2 shuttles) 37 crew and 13 guns also is described as lavish.
  16. Pretty sure i remember Trandoshans having their own force tradition. Based around the scorekeeper and hunting.
  17. If you want to do it without upsetting them, let them trade it for something less problematic. Personally i'd wait abit then use it to drag them into something.
  18. Bought 4-5th hand with a loan. What? We're not always space hobos.
  19. Plan b

    Ship jacking

    I think it worth pointing ship security in starwars, seems to be pretty laugh-able. More i think about it, can't think of a ship that didn't get broken into. Even the stromtroopers could break in to the falcon and leave a tracking device.
  20. I've found a salvo of missles and hefty repair bill to be great encouragment for upgrading the ship. Convincing them to stay in the same one has been tougher, my players are like goddamn hermit crabs.
  21. Travelling man and Fanboy 3 in Manchester both have copies if it helps. If your ever looking to go force heavy get force and destiny, if not get rebellion.
  22. I've found an accurate gun and a point or two in the skill for the gun was usally enough hit most things. Maybe i'm just more willing point blank people than others.
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