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  1. While i respect your opinion, i do not agree with it.
  2. I'd advise against fringer as everyone, whose taken it as a primary has regretted, it in my gaming circle (its been often described as the class's that do nothing). For an all rounder who can do abit of everything, i suggest gadgeteer, it can pilot, has mechanics and a solid mix of skills. I'd also suggest taking some extra obligation buying up your brawn and starting with 4 3s (presence and 3 others agi, int seem like go to)
  3. Its a lot easier to recover strain, (you can just spend advantage on it) and the more damaging weapons don't have stun setting.
  4. Most of my group took on look at cash obligation and decided to "acquire in play", most of them took the exp anyway. Alot of stun grenades and stun only pistols to start with .
  5. Depends on how tooled the party is. In our weekly game i'd say go nuts (They have alot of cash and gear) In our irregular one we're closer to starting so probably a couple of minor pieces of gear would be in order.
  6. Thanks. Its only an 80 exp dip in doctor (including the buy in) and has some pretty good stuff on the way. Resolve to memory.
  7. That really is matter of pay-off now vs later. Saying that most my group bought stats, mostly 3's and 4s, then spent the rest in talents. Although our marauder took brawn 5 (now 6 thanks to dedication).
  8. We've always used equal of the player with the lowest exp.
  9. We have a Human marauder, Wookie Doctor and Twi'lek Mercenary Soldier.
  10. Doctor has Pressure Points which our doctor uses with often hilarious results. (Gamorrians apparently nap when bopped on the nose ) Marauder combined with Doctor would probably be the best way to go.
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