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  1. I suggest focusing on abilities that focused character simply can't do. Suggestion: Space wizard Spieces: Gand. Stats: 222231 Career:commander Spec: instructor (although any which get discipline 2 will do), force emergent 20pts Talents: indistingishable, slight of mind, grit, touch of fate, force rating 75pts Force Powers: 55 pts i'd recommend move or influnce.
  2. Stun only blasters are half price, and can be a handy method of making the most of starting cash.
  3. You could put a weighted head on an electro-staff brawn+5/6 with linked and concussive should turn most things into paste.
  4. For a marauder in cortis armour or using the signature ability which reduces damage. This is pretty doable. Otherwise tanking first is going be easy enough, plenty of wounds from toughened and brawn. Second one though, not so much.
  5. The problem is he did pick a bad career. That is not players fault. Scholar is very specialized career which focus's on very limited role of limited use. This issue will be compounded by been force sensitive which is exp expensive. I'd suggest a rework and look at switching Archeologist offers simlair focus while having and more rounded (gets the well rounded talent as well) talent so they can be more useful the rest of the time. Or Sage (force and destiny). Again simlair focus, but more focus on the force (will also free up some exp for force powers.)
  6. While SEApocalypse does offer some excellent advice, soak 6 armour (assume a monster constructed using the custom armour rules) is something i'd avoid acknowledging the existance of, unless you want group wearing it.
  7. Based on the electro-staff and double sabres. Add unwieldy 3, linked 1 and increase the encumbrance 2 and double the cost.
  8. A blaster rifle or dare i a suggest a heavy blaster rifle.
  9. Imperial Light Blaster Pistol is in Dangerous Covents, the HH-50 is on Stay on Target
  10. If you can find GM, i'd be willing to play. Role-wise i'm thinking, the muscle.
  11. Solo enemies die pointless, quick and stupid deaths. Your suggestion does nothing to change this. Melee is plently scary, the abundance vicious, low crit weapons see to that.
  12. I'd point at them and laugh. Seriously tell they're been a tool/prick/asshat, quit it or sod off.
  13. Pressure Points all by its self is op, anything you tack on afterwards is overkill.
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