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  1. Hello sexy space travellers, I'm looking for a daring group of heroes ready to bring their holy vengeance upon the galaxy. ... which is supposed to mean that I'm starting a play-by-post game over on rpol.net and looking for players! The game will be an open-world sandbox for the players to plow through. It will be heavily inspired by the movies of Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorcese, so be ready for violence, curses and quirky characters. The game will be largely in the style of EotE, but AoR is ok as well for character creation. If you're interested, be sure to click on the link below and read the Info & RTJ thread =) http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=61611&date=1413378241 Feel free to ask me any questions in this thread, but please only apply via rpol. Thank you for your attention! =)
  2. Getting a very Mass Effect-y vibe from this thread
  3. The Gand-culture is focused on personal achievements and fame. To even be worthy of using one's Surname or first name or even be allowed to speak of oneself using first person pronouns, Gands have to prove their individual worth. While the various ranks of the Findsmen culture and the related rituals are one way of representing these sort of achievements, I would argue that this idea of proving oneself could really be taken in any direction. In my mind a skilled Doctor, Engineer or Mercenary is just as viable to a community as a sort of Shaman/Justicar/Hunter would be. The same thing goes for politicaly active individuals or Merchants that bring important goods to their community. This could even be taken further with crazed Gands that see their personal obsession as a way to gain achievements and fame - for example a computer savy Gand that is obsessed with hacking the most dangerous and hard to crack systems or something of that sort. This is my interpretation of the Gand culture, hope you get anything out of it =)
  4. Here are the ones I use when I'm GMing: 1. iAnnotate PDF -> Imo best PDF reader/annotator (also has great Dropbox and Google Drive implementation!) 2. iBooks -> Amazing for reading those .EPUBs and other sourcebooks from the old WEG Star Wars game 3. Paper (by Fifty-Five) -> Awesome for drawing some simple, yet very beautiful maps 4. The Star Wars Dice App by FFG -> I love it for especially huge dice pools and doing the rare, yet important secret roll 5. MindNode -> It's somewhat expensive, but I already owned it. It's really great for making flowcharts for campaigns that utilize an open setting and where certain events can happen in different order
  5. I would go as far as saying that the "original" time frame is set precisely between 0 ABY and 4 ABY. Which ofc is not to say that every EotE Campaign has to be set in this time frame. I myself am toying with the idea of creating an Old Republic Campaign for EotE. Here are the three key references from the book: 1) The small "Read this first" pamhplet in the CRB says: "The rebels destroyed the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star! The loudest shot of the Galactic Civil War still reverberates through the galaxy." -> 0 ABY 2) The front page of the Skills-chapter shows Lando speaking into a Comlink in front of Cloud City. This suggests to me that the events of Episode V (3 ABY) are included in the time frame. 3) Palpatine is obviously still alive (see for example Page 366, first sentence), therefore the game must be set before Episode VI which takes place in 4 ABY.
  6. You are absolutely right. The point I was trying to make is that imo Ionization Blasters would present the bigger threat to a rigger-type character for the following reasons: - Ionization Blasters are cheaper than Heavy weapons and relatively easy to wield which makes them viable for even the smallest of smug - Ionization Blasters have the disorient 5 quality - Ionization Blasters deal the highest DMG of all Light weapons Furthermore I think that a disabled droid is something that baddies would love to steal from the PCs. I could even imagine them going out of their way just to get some of that shiny metal.
  7. Another thing I just wanna throw in because I don't think it was mentioned yet: Ionization Blasters. What good is an army of droids against 4 Troopers or other scum equiped with those? Of course in the begining of the PCs career such weapons are unlikely to show up, but as the PC grows and maybe gets a reputation for himself his enemies should become more likely of preparing themselves for the PCs style of action. Ionization Blasters are also a good tool if you feel like the PCs has become too strong. Don't overdo it though, imo feeling overpowered is the base of some of the greatest fun to be had with RPGs
  8. I would like to take part! I'm located in Europe, however time should not become a problem since I'm a lucky college student ;-)
  9. One general thing to keep in mind when creating NPCs: EotE is actor centric, so the dice are not balanced. Setback dice are weaker than boost dice, difficulty dice are weaker than attribute dice, etc. Therefore equally statted NPCs will always be worse than your PCs in Social Interactions or other opposed checks. Here's an easy way to make adequate Rivals that I use all the time: just create characters from scratch (i usually go with 5 obligation) and then give them an additional XP Bonus that is as big as the average amount of XP your PCs have received at the time of the NPC-creation. I find that Rivals created this way usually make for very interesting story characters and challenging - while fair - combatants. For Nemesis I usually look up some "general" Nemesis from the CRB like the Black Sun Vigos and then go for equally strong stats. Also a good thing to remember is that there's a great way to make any foe more challenging in combat, should there be the need for some last-minute-adjustments: the Adversary-talent. Hope this helps =)
  10. That is a good point, thank you! I changed it so that the AoE doesn't set in until Level 12. Wow, thanks for sharing! All the info I got on Dune Worms was from Wookiepedia and afaik there was no info on size or measurements there. I will absolutely include your insight in my game =)
  11. There are 4 things that I would consider: 1) Encourage the high-soak player to pick up the Bodyguard specialisation (if he doesn't have it already) and get the "Body Guard"-talent. That way this certain part of his PC becomes less of a ludicrousness and more of an actual roleplay-element: Maybe his character realizes that there's something especially sturdy and endouring about him that he wants to utilize to protect his friends? 2) The "Pierce" weapon quality comes to mind. This mechanic of the game is especially there to make soak less viable without influencing Wound. Let's say your players have to fight meele fighters with upgraded Vibroswords or -knifes (with crazy Pierce 5 or sth like that). While it would affect your high-soak player normally and probably be rather painful for him, your players with "normal" soak values would not be affected as much. Later on you could go for the "Breach" quality (though it's much more deadly). 3) Strain-DMG has a similar effect. Stun grenades can be very hard on PCs with low Willpower, while being less dangerous for characters that typically don't exceed in combat and damage-tanking. 4) Put that particular PC in situations that demand his amazing defensive abilities. It's not only a great story-element but also makes the player very happy about his particular attributes. Finally the Adversaries-chapter in the core rulebook gives the stats for a Rancor - 12 Soak / 40 Wound. So let's say that eventually he gets up to 10 Soak with heavy cloathing and then gets some modified armor that finally gets him to 13 or so soak. He could never reach 40 Wound. Ofc he's not a rancor either, but I would say that eventually, after many hours of gaming, your PCs SHOULD become incredibly powerful. After all that's when you can start running those ridiculously fun lore-altering campaigns Hope this helps =)
  12. Please excuse the consecutive posts, but I tried to come up with the specifics on how to level up that sand worm yesterday and I thought I'd put my ideas up for critique and insight. So as I said: comments and critique would be immensely appreciated!
  13. I absolutely love that catalogue. Next to the Species Menagerie I think it is the best unofficial resource for EotE Thanks for all the hard work and I'm really looking forward the new one!
  14. You're going to want to check out the "Free-Traders and Freebooters Catalogue" by Mr. Jegergryte here. There's a link in the compiled resources list. It's an amazing resource overall, but there is also a fairly extensive part on cargo and ship-storage in there =) /// EDIT: Just realized that it's not linked in the compiled resources... How can that be?
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